January has been my second month blogging, and the month I’ve made my first affiliate sale!

Now I can totally prove that you not only CAN make money as a new blogger, but you SHOULD be making it!

Because honestly, it’s the easiest thing ever. It just takes a little effort and absolutely everyone can do it. If you want to start a blog, I show you how to do it here. Two months ago I would have NEVER believed that I’ll be making money with my blog, but here I am!

In general, January has been a good month for me and for the blog. Traffic kept growing since I put more effort on Pinterest and writing new content. I wrote a long list with post ideas to have me covered for the next week (college classes start again!).

I also turned 20 years old on the 18th and it was the day I made my first affiliate sale. Guess it was the best birthday present!

But to be honest, I don’t think it was a gift, but the result of hard work and constancy.

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Us, college students, have a really bad reputation when it comes to eating habits.

Basically, we’re not famous for having the healthiest diets.

Let me tell you one thing:  it is possible to eat healthy when you are a college student.

“I don’t have enough time to cook” is something we’ve all said at some point of your lives. But it’s 2018! This is the era of fitness and veganism, so that’s not an excuse anymore.

You can eat well and even SAVE time! There are tons of easy and healthy recipes out there, just one click away from you.

When I started college I made the promise to myself to never eat “bad” again, or at least try to eat as healthy as possible.

This doesn’t mean I haven’t eat pizza in two years. OF COURSE I had (pizza is queen), but not on a daily basis. I mean, you can treat yourself occasionally (treating yourself is a healthy habit too) and still eat well.

Here are some of the tips that work for me to stay healthy while attending college:

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You clicked on this post, so I guess you’re at least a bit interested in starting a blog. New years are for new beginnings, so why not starting right from day 1? I feel that 2018 is going to be a big year for blogging.

Contrary to what it may seem, starting a blog isn’t complicated at all. You don’t even need to have a plan or the best writing skills. I have learned everything I know with experience, try after try, that’s just the best way to learn. In fact, you just need a little curiosity and motivation to write about something you love!

You can start a blog in just a few minutes, it’s super easy and fast. You don’t need previous blogging skills (you’ll learn with time) or spend lots of money (the host I use costs just a few dollars a month, so save some coins and you’re good to go) and you don’t have to post everyday -or even every week- to be successful.

But I want to be honest 100% with you, so I have to say starting a blog is easy, it’s what comes after that that takes more effort. You won’t earn 5000$ in your first month of blogging, it is a slow process and you’ll have to work hard, but it’s something totally possible to do and it’s also really worth it.

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We all know Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. But what has been the most wonderful trend of the year?

I’ll give you a clue: I’m wearing one in the picture above.

Yes, berets! I’ve been loving them since I got my first one at Twinkledeals.

To be honest, I never tried to wear berets before. I thought they wouldn’t look good on me, and it was also a bit difficult to find them in stores. But during the last year a lot of things changed, and it looks like berets are now a trend. It seems like every blogger and fashionista has her own collection of berets, so that kind of gave me confidence enough to get one. It feels like I’m in Paris!

What a surprise for me! I totally love it. Now it makes me kind of sad that I waited for too long to get one. I wear them to college all the time, and it makes me feel more intellectual (that doesn’t mean I am one though haha), so maybe I should add “wearing a beret” to  my tips to be a successful blogger while studying in college.

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Hello 2018!

2017 has definitely been a year of change, both good and bad.

It has practically been my first year of college, so it has also been the first year I’ve lived away from home. I’ve moved from a town to a big city.

And to be honest, it has been crazy. My life has totally changed in such a short period of time, but I’m not saying it in a bad way (even though some things didn’t go as planned…). To the contrary, it has been the most profitable experience ever and I still feel that I’m learning everyday.

So basically, 2017 has been a year of change and growth, personally and academically. Here are some of my favorite things of 2017:

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