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I feel like 2017 was a good year in terms of reading.

It was also a year of growth and lots of new experiences (both good and bad, but mostly bad), so I felt like I needed some help -or at least some answers-. Something to show me what path I should follow from there on.

As a bookworm that I am, I recurred to books.

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Us, college students, have a really bad reputation when it comes to eating habits.

Basically, we’re not famous for having the healthiest diets.

Let me tell you one thing:  it is possible to eat healthy when you are a college student.

“I don’t have enough time to cook” is something we’ve all said at some point of your lives. But it’s 2018! This is the era of fitness and veganism, so that’s not an excuse anymore.

You can eat well and even SAVE time! There are tons of easy and healthy recipes out there, just one click away from you.

When I started college I made the promise to myself to never eat “bad” again, or at least try to eat as healthy as possible.

This doesn’t mean I haven’t eat pizza in two years. OF COURSE I had (pizza is queen), but not on a daily basis. I mean, you can treat yourself occasionally (treating yourself is a healthy habit too) and still eat well.

Here are some of the tips that work for me to stay healthy while attending college:

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To be honest, I don’t consider myself a big fan of Christmas gift buying. I like to receive hugs more than gifts, but I also really like to help my readers find the perfect gift for those who love. For that sake, I created my first gift guide ever: 10 things under 20$.

I’ve made a selection of those cute things you can put in your Christmas stockings or under the tree for a really low price, and they’re all from Amazon so you can easily find them online.

In my case, as a college student, I can’t afford to get really pricey gifts for my friends and family, so I always look for this kind of details. I even have some of the things I show you on the guide, so I can give you a real opinion on them. I think the intention is what really matters. You don’t have to spend thousands on something to make someone happy or let them know how you love them.

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I have a blog and I go to college.
As strange as it may sound, sometimes it can be a bit hard to combine. If you go to university and you have a blog, then you feel me. If you go to college but you feel like starting a blog, go do it!
Because today I’ll give you some tips on how to do it successfully and not fail in the first try.
Soy blogger y voy a la universidad.
Por muy raro que pueda parecer, a veces se convierte en algo un poco difícil de combinar. Si vas a la universidad y escribes un blog, posiblemente ya sabes de que estoy hablando. Pero si vas a la universidad y estas pensando en abrirte uno, ni lo dudes!
Y es que hoy os voy a dar algunos (sencillos) consejos sobre como hacerlo sin morir en el intento.

blogging in college guide-2All photos by me. 

  • Is it your passion?
 The most important thing when you start a blog is to really feel passionate about it. Being excited to write something new, take some shoots for your next article and post it online is incredibly necessary. If you don’t have any motivation to do it, you shouldn’t even start a blog in the first place.
For that to happen it’s really important that you find your niche.
And what is a niche exactly?
A niche is basically the topic or theme of your blog. So everything you post will be, in some way, related to it.
Of course, you can write about everything you want (your blog should always be a reflection of who you are), but having a defined niche will help you get the attention from those who are as passionate as you about what you’re talking about.
For example, this blog’s main topic is fashion, but I try to adapt it to my other interests like film and photography, and it helps me create better content.
Writing a blog about something you love will help engage your audience, but also yourself.
  • ¿Es tu pasión?
Lo más importante cuando empiezas a escribir un blog es estar seguro de que realmente es tu pasión. Tener ganas de escribir algo nuevo, ir a hacer fotos para tu próximo post y colgarlo online es muy necesario.
Si no hay nada que te motive para hacer todo esto, no deberías empezar un blog.
Para poder encontrar esta fuente de energía que te mueva a crear contenido es muy importante que elijas bien tu “niche”, que se traduciría como tu “posición” en el mundo blogger.
Un “niche” es básicamente el tema o tópico que tratas en tu blog. Por lo tanto, todos tus posts estarán, de alguna forma, relacionados.
Obviamente puedes escribir sobre lo que quieras, pero tener un “tema” definido ayudará a captar la atención de aquellas personas que viven con la misma pasión que tu aquello sobre lo que escribes.
Por ejemplo, el tema principal de mi blog es la moda, pero intento adaptarlo a mis otros intereses como el cine y la fotografía, y esto me ayuda a crear mejor contenido.
Escribir sobre algo que realmente te encanta te ayudará a enganchar a tu audiencia, pero también a ti.
blogging in college guide


  • Time is your best friend and your worst enemy
“Prioritizing” is a word you mustn’t forget. Studying at college and posting more than once in a week on your blog is not that easy. But it’s all about strategy and some planning (schedules are your best friends).
My head is constantly divided in two: my college assignaments in one side, and my blogging to-do’s on the other. I love blogging, so I always keep in my mind, it lives with me. Anyways, if you’re not a full-time blogger, it’s understable that your priorities can’t always be about blogging.
You go to college, you pay for it, so it should be your priority.
If a certain week you post once instead of twice times, it won’t be a big deal, since you’re not getting an income from it you’re life doesn’t depend on it. Otherwise, if you miss all the classes during one week… good luck!
This is obviously my case and my opinion, but everyone is different! So make sure you know what works for you, experience is the best way to discover it.
  • Make the most of your blogging time
Okay, so you’re done with your three assignaments for the week and now it’s time for your blogging tasks.
When you put your hands at work and start writing (or editing photos, making collages, etc) it’s important that you have a clear idea of what you want to write about. Staring at your computer for two hours with no idea of what you want to do is not blogging, that’s just a waste of time that won’t go back. I’ve been there, and lacking out of inspiration is the most annoying feeling, but the best you can do in these cases is just start doing something else, and eventually the inspiration will come back.
If you really want to be a productive blogger, I recommend making lists and planning everything. That is what mostly helps me to keep organized.
This is how I do it: I write down in my notebook the names for the posts I want to write for the next week. After that, I plan on my weekly planner when am I going to upload those posts (I always try to post 2 to 3 times a week).
When I have that, I’ll start working: doing some research, writing, taking photos by myself or planning some shootings (it depends on the type of post), making collages and getting it all ready to be posted throughout the week.
I always make the posts one week before being posted, so I can focus in my college stuff.
To sum up…
I think blogging shouldn’t be something you feel forced to do, it should be a hobbie, something you like so bad you just can’t keep out of your mind.
I always carry a little notebook in my bag because I’m always thinking about my blog, so when an idea pops in my head I have somewhere to write it and keep it.
The best part is, if you’re capable of managing your time the right way (which is totally possible) you can do and enjoy both college and blogging the same way. If I can (and trust me, I’m a mess most of the time), so can you!
Just make what really makes you happy and have no regrets about it, everything will work.
  • El tiempo es tu mejor aliado y tu peor enemigo
“Priorizar” es una palabra que nunca debes olvidar. Ir a la universidad y subir más de un post a la semana no es tan fácil. Pero creedme cuando os digo que solo se trata de un poco de estrategia y mucha planificación.
Mi cabeza siempre se encuentra dividida en dos partes: mis prácticas para la universidad a un lado, y todo lo relacionado con mi blog en el otro.
Me encanta escribir este blog, así que nunca me lo quito de la cabeza, básicamente es algo que vive conmigo. Pero de todas formas, si como yo no eres un/a blogger a tiempo completo, tus prioridades no siempre pueden estar relacionadas con tu blog, y eso es totalmente comprensible.
Vas a la universidad y pagas por ello, así que eso debería ser tu verdadera prioridad.
Si no subes nada a tu blog durante una semana, realmente no va a haber serias consecuencias, ya que tus ingresos no dependen de ello y tu vida no se va a ver gravemente afectada. En cambio, si faltas a tus clases de la universidad durante una semana… !buena suerte!
Por supuesto, estoy hablando de mi caso y esta es mi opinión, pero todo el mundo es diferente! Lo mejor es que encuentres que estrategia funciona para ti, y la experiencia es la única forma de saberlo.
  • Saca el máximo partido de tu tiempo para el blog
Así que ya has echo tus 3 prácticas de la semana y ha llegado el momento de ponerse manos a la obra con el blog.
Cuando empiezas a escribir (o editar fotos, hacer collages, etc.) es importante que tengas al menos una idea sobre qué vas a escribir. Pasarte dos horas seguidas mirando al ordenador sin tener ninguna idea sobre que quieres hacer no es bloguear, es simplemente perder un tiempo que ya no recuperarás.
Esto me ha pasado, y carecer de inspiración es una de las peores sensaciones. Lo mejor que puedes hacer en estos casos es cambiar de actividad y buscar algo distinto, la inspiración volverá más tarde.
Si quieres ser realmente productivo/a, te recomiendo que hagas listas y lo planees todo.
Esto es lo que mejor me funciona para estar organizada.
Así es cómo yo lo hago: escribo en mi libreta los nombres de los posts que quiero escribir para la próxima semana. Después de eso, planeo en mi agenda cuando quiero subir los posts (siempre intento subir de 2 a 3 veces a la semana).
Cuando tengo todo esto listo, empiezo a trabajar: buscar por Internet y documentarme, escribir, hacer fotos yo misma o planear algunas sesiones (depende del tipo de post, y normalmente tengo la suerte de contar con la ayuda de mi hermana o un amigo), hacer collages y prepararlo todo para poder subirlo durante la semana.
Siempre preparo los posts con una semana de antelación, de esta forma puedo concentrarme en mis tareas de la universidad.
Para concluir…
Creo que tener un blog no debería ser algo que te sientes forzado a hacer, sino que debería ser un hobbie, una actividad que te encanta tanto hacer, que es imposible quitártelo de la cabeza.
Yo siempre llevo conmigo una libreta pequeña porqué siempre estoy pensando en mi blog. De esta forma, si se me ocurre una buena idea, en cualquier momento del día tengo un lugar donde escribirla y guardarla.
La mejor parte de todo esto es que, si eres capaz de gestionar tu tiempo (lo qué es totalmente posible), puedes disfrutar tanto de la universidad como de tu blog de la misma forma y llevarlo todo al día. Si yo puedo (y creedme, puedo llegar a ser un verdadero desastre), vosotros/as también!
Lo más importante es hacer lo que nos hace felices sin ningún tipo de remordimiento, a partir de aquí todo irá funcionando.

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Photo by me.

I think bloggers’ main purpose should be to inspire others.
When I find myself in the middle of a “lack of ideas” crisis, I always take a look at my favorite blogs. Not to copy them or what they post (that would be illegal), but to find inspiration in what they do.
I post my own original content, that means everything I write here comes from no one else but myself. So sometimes looking up to those who have more experience in the field can be so encouraging and a boost of energy.
As a blogger, I want to not just inspire people, but also to help them. Blogs are written in order to be read by people, so why not share with you all those tips I apply to my daily life to make yours better too?
Today I want to talk you about how I became a morning person in just 7 days. And trust me, if I did it, there’s no doubt you will be capable to do it too.
  • Go to bed early


This may seem a really obvious tip, but when it comes to the practic it’s something just a few ones do. We like to stay up late watching Stranger Things, or sometimes we have to because of work. Anyways, going to bed earlier means you’re going to be able to wake up earlier as well. So you will have the possibility to invest those extra hours in the morning to do the stuff you would normally get done at night.
  • Set just one alarm
Some people don’t like this, but it actually works for me pretty well. It’s like a mental game I play with myself. For example: if I set 3 alarms at 7:00, 7:05 and 7:10, I know I’m going to ignore the first two ones and wake up at 7:10 anyway. On the contrary, if I set just one alarm at 7:00am, I know this is the only chance I’m going to have to get up. Otherwise, I’m gonna fall asleep again and miss my college classes (and I’m not letting that happen, because one girl must pass the exams).
  • Get your outfit ready the night before
Choosing what you are going to wear the night before is always the better option. If you struggle with waking up early, don’t wait till the morning (you still asleep and you barely know what you’re seeing) to make a decision as important as this one. Otherwise, you could be making some decisions you’ll regret forever. Trust me, I have some experience at that. Make sure you have time enough to choose exactly the outfit you want to wear, so you won’t be in a hurry when you wake up and you’ll have time for more important things (like eating).
  • Find something that motivates you
This may seem really sad, like I don’t have any reason to live or something. But that’s not what I’m talking about, what I mean is that excitement can help us wake up early too. Feeling excited because there’s something you want to do more than sleeping will increase your desire to get out of bed the fastest possible. For example: maybe you’ve got a date and you have to get ready, or you have a really cool plan for the day, or you just want to get active and put your body to work. That can be the fuel that boosts your energy.
  • Think about breakfast
Whether I like it or not, food is one of my biggest desires when I wake up. Lately it has been working out and blogging too, but food is always my first priority. On a daily basis I’m hungry from minute 0 when I wake up, so the first thing I do is go to the kitchen and prepare my breakfast. Thinking about what I’m going to eat motivates me so much, maybe a little too much even. But breakfast is the most important meal of the day, kiddos, so it’s important not to miss it (or at least that’s what I tell to myself after eating a boul of cereal that’s bigger than my head).
Thanks for reading, 




Fall essentials
Fall essentials
Fall essentials
Fall essentials
Fall essentials

All photos by me.

Close your eyes and imagine this: a rainy day (or maybe a rainy night), the coziest spot in your house (a.k.a your bed) and lots of burning candles around you, with a cup in one hand and a cup of the most delicious coffee in the other.
Sounds good, right?
Well, now that you have created the most perfect scenario for the most perfect idea of a lazy day at home, it’s time to find the name for that book you are holding in your hand!
Here’s a bunch of books that will definitely make your life better:
1. Harry Potter by J.K.Rowling
No matter your age or genre preferences, the Harry Potter series will always be a classic and a must read. Everyone should have at least one copy of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” in their shelves. I picked up the 6th book of the series for the photoshoot, but I also have the 1st one and “Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them” in my little collection. They are some of my most beloved books, as well as the characters (even the bad ones, you kind of end up loving them after all).
2. Carrie by Stephen King
This girl is my all-time idol. Yes, she may look a bit weird but the book is no disappointing at all. I love the main character, Carrie White, and the way she evolves during all the plot. I feel like she’s someone everyone has been able to feel identified with at some point of their lives (and to a certain extent, of course). With Stephen King as its author, is no surprise that “Carrie” is a horror book, but I would consider it more like a creepy and mystery one, since it is not as scary as I expected. If you want to fill your lazy days with stories about strange powers and teens from the 70s, this is your book.
3. The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness
This is a completely different story. It is set in another world and another society, where women don’t exist, more specifically in a town called Prentisstown. What makes a difference between this distopy and the other ones, is that in Prentisstown you can here everyone else’s thoughts, and they can hear yours as well. The plot revolves aroud Todd Hewitt, a normal guy who casually discovers the town’s darkest secret, and that is like turning up a bomb that could wipe up everything he has always believed to make the truth known.
Till next time,

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