Welcome to It’s Claudia G!

My name is Claudia Gonzalez and I’m a 21 year old blogger and student from Spain. I’m currently studying Media and Communications at college.

It’s Claudia G was born when I was 14 years old in order to learn and enjoy all the things no one was teaching me in high school. I loved writing, fashion and photography, so this was my way to approach to what I was really passionate about. Little did I know, that this small project of mine would evolve to what it is today!

As the years went by, It’s Claudia G became not only one of my biggest passions, but also my side hustle.

I started seeing my blog as more than just a hobbie and I discovered my love for film, what pushed me to start a Communications degree. Fitness also became a really important part of my life. It helped me to overcome my anxiety and switch into a healthier lifestyle.

Today, I take advantage of all my experience to help young students to achieve a healthy and successful lifestyle. Here you’ll find college advice, blogging tips and tricks, sustainable fashion, style guides & more!

Join me on my journey and let’s start creating things together!

Want to collaborate with me or just say hello? Feel free to contact me here.