20 Best 2024 Halloween Costumes You Should Wear This Year

Looking for a Halloween costume that will impress everyone this year? Here are the best 2024 Halloween costumes you need to see!

2024 Halloween costumes

Whether you’re planning spooky festivities or simply love Halloween, finding the perfect costume can make or break the occasion. Dive into the latest trends to make sure you stand out at any event. 

From classic monsters to trendy pop-culture references, we’ve got you covered with this ultimate list of costume ideas.

Embrace your creativity and get ready to impress with these carefully curated suggestions that are sure to make you the life of the party.


1. Princess Belle

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Recreate this idea:

Channel the elegance and charm of Princess Belle from Disney’s «Beauty and the Beast.» This timeless costume features Belle’s iconic golden ball gown, adorned with intricate details and a flowing skirt that will make you feel like you’ve stepped straight out of the enchanting fairy tale. 

Add a pair of satin gloves, a delicate tiara, and a classic red rose to complete the look. Don’t forget to style your hair in Belle’s signature updo for that authentic touch.

Perfect for embodying the grace and beauty of this beloved character, the Princess Belle costume will have you feeling like royalty and turning heads at any Halloween event.

2. Megan Fox in Jennifer’s Body

2024 halloween costumes couples
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Recreate this idea:

Transform into the sultry and sinister character of Jennifer Check, played by Megan Fox in the cult classic «Jennifer’s Body.» This costume captures Jennifer’s edgy and seductive look, featuring a cheerleader outfit splattered with faux blood, a leather jacket, and knee-high boots. 

Enhance the ensemble with dramatic makeup, including smoky eyes and dark lipstick, to channel her vampiric allure. Don’t forget a fierce attitude to complete the transformation. Perfect for those looking to blend horror with style, the Megan Fox in Jennifer’s Body costume will make a striking impression at any Halloween event.

3. Lady Bird

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Recreate this idea:

Step into the world of Christine «Lady Bird» McPherson from the acclaimed film «Lady Bird.» Girl costumes will take these 2024 Halloween costumes ideas.

This costume embodies the unique and rebellious spirit of the character, portrayed by Saoirse Ronan. Capture Lady Bird’s eclectic style with a mix of vintage-inspired pieces, such as a plaid skirt, a graphic tee, and a thrifted denim jacket. 

Complete the look with a pair of worn-out sneakers, layered necklaces, and a confident, carefree attitude. Perfect for those who love coming-of-age stories and want to showcase their individuality, the Lady Bird costume will make you stand out at any Halloween gathering.

4. Space Cowgirls

Halloween costume ideas 2024
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Recreate this idea:

Combine the best of the wild west with the final frontier by dressing up as Space Cowgirls. This futuristic twist on a classic theme features metallic cowboy hats, fringe jackets, and holographic boots.

Add some space-themed accessories like star-shaped earrings, a laser gun, and a shimmering belt to complete the look. 

Don’t forget to add some glitter makeup and bold face paint for that extra cosmic flair. Perfect for those looking to mix genres and create a truly unique costume, the Space Cowgirls will have you ready to wrangle some fun and adventure at any Halloween event.

5. Princess Peach

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Recreate this idea:

Princess Peach is the regal and beloved monarch of the Mushroom Kingdom, known for her grace and warmth. This costume features Peach’s iconic soft pink dress with puffy sleeves and a ruffled petticoat, perfect for bringing out your inner royalty.

Accessorize with a sparkling crown, white gloves, and a heart-shaped pendant to embody Peach’s royal essence fully.

Style your hair in a glamorous updo and add a sweet smile for the ultimate Princess Peach transformation, ideal for fans of classic video games.

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6. Maxine from X

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Recreate this idea:

Tthe enigmatic and fierce character of Maxine from the hit series X has become an icon, so no wonder why she’s in within the most popular 2024 Halloween costumes.

This costume captures Maxine’s mysterious and powerful aura, featuring a combination of leather jackets, combat boots, and intricate accessories. Embrace a darker color palette with edgy details to embody her rebellious spirit fully. 

A confident attitude and strategic makeup will help you nail the look. Ideal for those who appreciate strong, complex characters, dressing up as Maxine will set you apart at any costume event.

7. Promising Young Woman

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Recreate this idea:

Step into the shoes of Cassie Thomas from the critically acclaimed film «Promising Young Woman.» This costume captures the bold and striking look of Carey Mulligan’s character as she embarks on her quest for justice. 

Start with Cassie’s signature nurse outfit, featuring a pastel-colored uniform with a white apron and a medical cap.

Enhance the ensemble with bold makeup, including bright pink lipstick and dramatic eyeliner, to mimic her unforgettable look. Carry a small, eye-catching purse and add some platform heels for extra flair.

8. Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries

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Recreate this idea:

For the most chic and classic costume of the evening, highlight Anne Hathaway’s iconic look as Mia Thermopolis in «The Princess Diaries.» Embrace elegance and sophistication with a transformation into the charming royal figure. 

Recreate Mia’s refined style with a white mini dress, a sparkling tiara, and gloves, embodying grace and poise. Add a touch of whimsy with quirky accessories and a radiant smile to capture the essence of this beloved character.

Perfect for those looking to channel regal vibes and make a memorable impression at any Halloween celebration.

9. Fantastic Mr. Fox Costumes

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Recreate this idea:

Bring the charm and wit of Wes Anderson’s «Fantastic Mr. Fox» to life with a costume inspired by the clever protagonist. For Mr. Fox, start with a dapper ensemble featuring a corduroy suit in earthy tones—preferably a brown or orange jacket and matching trousers. 

Add a white shirt and a patterned tie to complete his sophisticated look. Enhance the costume with a fox mask or makeup, including a painted-on fox nose and whiskers. Don’t forget the bushy tail and furry ears to capture his full fox persona.

Perfect for fans of this beloved stop-motion film, the Fantastic Mr. Fox costume will have you looking sharp and ready for any Halloween adventure.

10. Fairy

Popular 2024 Halloween costumes
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Recreate this costume:

What’s better than entering the magical realm with an enchanting fairy costume? This whimsical look features a flowy, ethereal dress in soft pastel colors like lavender, mint green, or baby blue, adorned with sparkling sequins and delicate floral accents. Complete the ensemble with a pair of translucent, glittery wings that catch the light with every movement. 

Add a flower crown or a tiara, and accessorize with a wand and shimmering makeup, including glittery eyeshadow and highlighter. Finish the look with ballet flats or dainty sandals.

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11. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

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Recreate this idea:

Channel the timeless elegance of Holly Golightly from «Breakfast at Tiffany’s.» This classic costume features Audrey Hepburn’s iconic black sheath dress, paired with long black gloves and a statement pearl necklace.

Add a sparkling tiara and style your hair in a chic updo to capture Holly’s sophisticated look. 

Don’t forget her signature oversized sunglasses and a cigarette holder for that extra touch of glamour. Perfect for those who appreciate classic Hollywood style, the Breakfast at Tiffany’s costume will make you feel effortlessly chic and ready to dazzle at any Halloween event.

12. Freaky Friday Costumes

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Recreate this idea:

Celebrate the fun and chaos of «Freaky Friday» with costumes inspired by the iconic body-swap film. For Lindsay Lohan’s character, Anna Coleman, and her friends, opt for a rock-chic look with a punk-inspired outfit featuring a graphic tee, plaid skirt, and fishnet stockings.

Add a leather jacket, choker necklace, and combat boots to complete her rebellious style. 

Now that we’re getting a part 2, this is one of the best 2024 Halloween costumes to go for!

13. Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd

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Recreate this idea:

Embrace the glamorous and enchanting personas of Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd for your next costume duo. Reimagine Lana Del Rey’s iconic style with vintage-inspired dresses, statement jewelry, and retro hairstyles. 

For The Weeknd, a sharp suit, dark shades, and bold accessories embody his distinctive vibe. Play up their on-stage chemistry with confident poses and dynamic expressions. Ideal for music enthusiasts looking to embody the essence of these legendary performers at any Halloween celebration.

14. Tooth Fairy

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Recreate this idea:

For a classic Halloween costume with a whimsical twist, consider dressing up as the Tooth Fairy. This enchanting character is known for her sparkling wings, magical wand, and a sack full of lost teeth. 

Create a look that blends fantasy with charm by wearing a tiara, a tutu, and glittery accessories. Don’t forget to craft a captivating smile and a sprinkle of fairy dust for that extra touch of magic that will delight both children and adults alike.

15. Gone Girl Inspired Costumes

Best 2024 halloween costumes
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Recreate this idea:

Step into the twisted world of «Gone Girl» with costumes inspired by its complex characters. Embody Amy Dunne’s dual nature with a pristine «Perfect Wife» look, featuring a pastel dress and pearls, and a disheveled «Disappeared Amy» ensemble, complete with fake blood and a distressed demeanor. 

For Nick Dunne, go for a casual, stressed look with jeans and a plain shirt that features the message «missing Amy». These costumes capture the essence of the film’s psychological drama, perfect for those looking to add a dark and intriguing twist to their Halloween celebration.

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16. Patrick Bateman from American Psycho

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Recreate this idea:

Become the cunning and stylish Patrick Bateman from the haunting world of «American Psycho.» Immerse yourself in Bateman’s precise and meticulous persona with sharp designer suits, sleek grooming, and an air of calculated sophistication. 

Pair your ensemble with a trendy business card holder as the finishing touch, reminiscent of his obsession with status symbols. Radiate a blend of charisma and menace for a transformative and unforgettable portrayal at any costume gathering.

17. Coraline

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Recreate this idea:

The whimsical and eerie world of «Coraline» with a costume inspired by the adventurous young girl from Neil Gaiman’s beloved story had to be in this list of 2024 Halloween costume ideas.

Capture Coraline’s distinctive look with a yellow raincoat, blue jeans, and matching yellow rain boots. Don a blue wig styled in a bob to mimic her signature hair, and add a dragonfly hair clip for that authentic touch. 

Carry a small messenger bag and, for an extra spooky effect, include a pair of button eyes to complete the look. Perfect for fans of this dark fantasy tale, the Coraline costume will make you stand out with its unique blend of charm and creepiness at any Halloween event.

18. Dorothy from Wizard of Oz

Halloween costume ideas 2024
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Recreate this idea:

Transport yourself to the magical land of Oz with a classic Dorothy costume from «The Wizard of Oz.» This timeless look features a blue gingham dress, a white blouse, and ruby red slippers that sparkle with every step.

Complete the ensemble with a pair of white socks, a wicker basket, and a small plush dog to represent Toto. 

Style your hair in two braids tied with blue ribbons to capture Dorothy’s iconic appearance. Perfect for those who love classic cinema and want to evoke nostalgia, the Dorothy costume will have you ready to follow the yellow brick road and charm everyone at any Halloween gathering.

19. Romeo + Juliet

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Recreate this idea:

Bring the iconic romance of Shakespeare’s «Romeo + Juliet» to life with a costume inspired by Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 film adaptation. For Juliet, a flowing white dress with angel wings captures Claire Danes’ ethereal look from the famous costume party scene. 

Add a delicate tiara, simple jewelry, and soft curls to complete the ensemble. For Romeo, Leonardo DiCaprio’s character can be represented with a sleek knight’s armor or a stylish Hawaiian shirt paired with jeans for a more modern take. Perfect for couples looking to embody timeless love and passion, the Romeo + Juliet costumes will make a dramatic statement at any Halloween event.

20. Fast and Furious Costumes

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Recreate this idea:

Get ready to hit the streets with Fast and Furious-inspired costumes that showcase the high-octane style of this popular franchise. For Dominic Toretto, channel Vin Diesel’s tough persona with a black tank top, jeans, and a silver cross necklace. Add some muscle car-themed accessories like driving gloves and sunglasses. 

For Letty Ortiz, embrace Michelle Rodriguez’s badass look with a leather jacket, fitted tank top, and combat boots. Don’t forget to accessorize with fingerless gloves and a bold attitude.

Perfect for fans of the action-packed series, these Fast and Furious costumes will have you feeling like part of the family at any Halloween event!

This was all about the best 2024 Halloween costumes!

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