15 Ways To Achieve The Ultimate Dark Academia Aesthetic

Are you looking to incorporate a touch of dark academia aesthetic in your life? Here are 15 easy ways you can do it!

Dark academia aesthetic
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Embrace the refined elegance of dark academia by incorporating these 15 tips into your daily life. From fashion choices to interior design, immerse yourself in the atmospheric world of intellect, art, and mystery. 

Discover how to curate a wardrobe that exudes old-world charm, create a home library that inspires creativity, and adopt habits that cultivate a scholarly mindset. Let’s delve into the enchanting realm of the dark academia aesthetic together.


1. Combine Dark Tones With White

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White serves as an excellent contrast to darker tones. Some popular dark colored tones are grey, black and maroon. Make sure to pick the color that suits you best! You can wear a dark coloured sweater vest over a white button down shirt.

Consider layering a dark-colored blazer over a white blouse or pairing black trousers with a crisp white shirt. 

Experimenting with this color combination allows you to showcase your discerning taste and attention to sartorial details, elevating your dark academia style to new heights.

2. Include Floral Patterns

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Floral patterns may not be your first choice when thinking about this aesthetic, but incorporating them into your attire and bedding adds a unique touch. Opt for muted floral designs on blouses, skirts, or bedding sets to subtly infuse a vintage charm into your aesthetic. 

The juxtaposition of delicate florals against the backdrop of rich, dark hues creates a captivating visual contrast. Use floral accents strategically to enhance the romantic and nostalgic aspect of your dark academia style.

3. Set a Typewriter in Your Bedroom

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Typewriters are essential in a dark academia aesthetic room! To add a touch of the aesthetic in your bedroom, consider setting up a typewriter on your desk or a vintage writing desk to create a nostalgic atmosphere.

The sound of the typewriter keys clacking can inspire a sense of creativity and intellectualism in your space. 

Display old books, a desk lamp, and a few personal items to complete the vintage look. By incorporating a typewriter, you can fully immerse yourself in the charming world of dark academia and enhance your living space with a touch of retro elegance.

4. Classic Paintings in Gold Frames

Dark academia aesthetic room
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You can purchase classic paintings from local art galleries to hang in your living space. Chose paintings that feature academic or vintage themes to tie in with the overall aesthetic.

To complement the essence of dark academia, opt for paintings in gold frames that depict scholarly or historical scenes. 

The gilded frames add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your living space, enriching the overall aesthetic. Hang the paintings strategically to create focal points that capture the eye and stimulate the imagination.

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5. Take Film Photos

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The age of film photos is back! Ditch your DSLR and experiment with film photography to capture moments in a vintage and nostalgic style.

Film photos offer a timeless aesthetic that perfectly complements the dark academia vibe. Invest in a quality film camera and explore different settings and film types to achieve the desired mood in your photographs. 

Embrace imperfections and the unique color tones that film photography offers, enhancing the authenticity and depth of your dark academia visual narrative.

6. Wear Tartan Patterns

Dark academia vibe
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Tartan patterns never go out of style! Integrate tartan designs into your wardrobe for a timeless addition to your dark academia aesthetic.

Consider wearing a tartan skirt paired with a vintage blouse or a tartan scarf to add sophistication to your dark academia aesthetic outfit. You can even chose tartan pants and pair them with plain button down shirts. 

The distinct pattern evokes a sense of tradition and refinement, perfectly aligning with the elegant and intellectual essence of dark academia. Embrace the versatility of tartan patterns to enhance your overall style and make a statement with a classic touch.

7. Romanticize Your life With Coffee Dates

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Who doesn’t love coffee and books? Embrace the simple pleasures of life by romanticizing your days with coffee dates and books.

Find a cozy corner in a cafe, sip on your favorite brew, and dive into the pages of a captivating novel. This will effortlessly allow you to embrace this beautiful aesthetic in your life! 

You can also choose to read gothic novels and philosophical treatises, delve into works that resonate with the intellectual depth and emotional richness of dark academia.

8. Always Carry a Book With You

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Create a reading list that combines literary masterpieces from different eras, allowing you to expand your knowledge and appreciation for timeless storytelling.

It will not only add to your dark academia aesthetic but also nurture your intellectual curiosity. Having a book with you at all times allows you to steal moments throughout the day to delve into its pages and escape into different worlds. 

Whether waiting at a cafe, commuting, or taking a break, a book is your constant companion. Select works that resonate with the dark academia ethos, exploring themes of mystery, intellectual pursuits, romance, and complexities of the human experience. Keep your mind engaged and your style refined with this timeless accessory.

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9. Wear Hair Ribbons

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For dark academia aesthetic accessories, hair ribbons are the answer. They are a charming addition to your dark academia style, effortlessly enhancing the elegance of your outfits. Opt for velvet or silk hair ribbons in deep, rich colors that complement your overall aesthetic. 

Tie them around a low ponytail or weave them into a braid for a touch of sophistication. The timeless appeal of hair ribbons adds a nostalgic touch to your look, embodying the romantic and intellectual essence of dark academia. Enhance your style with this classic accessory.

10. Get a Pair of Mary Janes

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Get a pair of Mary Janes to effortlessly elevate your dark academia look. These classic shoes with their timeless design and vintage charm are a perfect addition to your wardrobe. Pair them with tartan patterns, floral skirts, or vintage dresses to enhance the sophistication of your outfit. 

Mary Janes offer a blend of elegance and tradition that seamlessly align with the intellectual and refined aesthetic of the dark academia style. Let these shoes be the finishing touch to your classic ensemble.

11. Use Gold Jewelry and Chokers

Dark academia aesthetic outfit
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Gold Jewelry and chokers are an easy and simple solution. Choose pieces in timeless designs and delicate frameworks to complement your aesthetic seamlessly. 

Opt for intricate details and vintage-inspired motifs that echo the sophistication of the dark academia vibe. With the addition of gold jewelry and chokers, you can elevate your look with a touch of understated luxury and classic allure.

12. Wear Socks and Ballerinas

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Socks and ballerinas are a charming addition to your dark academia style. Wear delicate socks with your ballerina shoes to add a touch of vintage flair. Opt for lace or patterned socks that enhance the elegance of your footwear. 

The combination of socks and ballerinas exudes a classic and refined look that complements the intellectual essence of dark academia. Allow these small details to further enrich your overall aesthetic and elevate your style effortlessly.

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13. Use Vintage Accessories

Dark academia aesthetic clothes
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Ditch your backpack and opt for a briefcase! This vintage accessory adds a touch of sophistication to your ensembles. Choose a sleek, old-fashioned briefcase to elevate your dark academia style while serving a practical purpose. 

The timeless appeal of vintage accessories like briefcases complements the intellectual and refined essence of the aesthetic. Incorporate this classic piece into your daily attire to effortlessly exude a sense of tradition and elegance.

14. Include Maxi Skirts in Your Outfits

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Not sure what to wear with plain tops? Maxi skirts are a unique and versatile clothing item that can easily elevate your dark academia aesthetic clothes. Pair them with a vintage blouse or a cozy sweater for a sophisticated yet comfortable ensemble. 

Opt for flowing fabrics and dark, rich colors to align with the aesthetic essence of dark academia. Whether you’re attending a lecture, exploring a library, or simply enjoying a peaceful moment outdoors, maxi skirts offer a timeless and elegant choice for your outfits.

15. Wear Long Hair and/or Get Bangs

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Leave your hair long for a romantic and classic touch to your look. Embrace loose waves or opt for polished straight hair to complement your outfits. Bangs can also add a hint of vintage charm and sophistication. 

Experiment with different hairstyles to enhance the elegance of your look. Let your hair be a defining element of your dark academia aesthetic, reflecting the timeless beauty and intellectual depth synonymous with this style.

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