16 Small Kitchen Decor Ideas on a Budget

Looking for unique ways to decorate a small kitchen? Here are 16 amazing small kitchen decor ideas you’ll love!

Small kitchen decor ideas

When it comes to decorating a small kitchen on a budget, creativity and resourcefulness are key. We will explore 16 inspiring ideas that will help you transform your kitchen into a stylish and functional space without breaking the bank. 

From clever storage solutions to simple DIY projects, these budget-friendly tips will show you how to make the most of your small kitchen without compromising on style.


1. Vintage Dining Chairs

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Vintage chairs are budget friendly to purchase and they look magnificent. Whether you opt for mismatched chairs or a cohesive set, vintage dining chairs can enhance the overall aesthetic of your space. 

Check out local thrift stores or online marketplaces for unique finds that fit within your budget. The timeless appeal of vintage furniture can bring character and warmth to your small kitchen without spending a fortune.

2. Mirrored Cabinets

Small kitchen kitchen decor ideas
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Mirrors make spaces look bigger. Mirrored cabinets are excellent small kitchen decor ideas to create the illusion of more space in a small kitchen while adding a touch of elegance. 

They can reflect light, making the room feel brighter and more spacious. Consider installing mirrored cabinets above countertops or as part of the kitchen island for both aesthetic appeal and functionality. Plus, the reflective surface adds a modern touch to your kitchen decor.

3. 3-Tier Fruit Hangers

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We all scream for fruits! Purchase this 3 Tier Fruit Hangers, it’s a practical and visually appealing addition to your kitchen. These hangers help save precious counter space while adding a pop of color and texture with your favorite fruits on display. 

Hanging fruit baskets can also act as decorative pieces, giving your kitchen a charming and organized look. Consider placing them near your work area for easy access to healthy snacks and to add a touch of vibrancy to your kitchen decor.

4. Pastel Kitchen Appliances

Small kitchen decor
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Pastel colors work wonders in small spaces, making them appear more spacious and inviting. Opting for pastel kitchen appliances can brighten up your small kitchen while adding a subtle yet stylish touch. 

From soft pinks to calming blues, pastel hues can create a soothing atmosphere and complement various decor styles. Choose appliances like toasters, kettles, or mixers in pastel shades to infuse your kitchen with a refreshing and cheerful vibe that doesn’t overwhelm the space.

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5. Pastel Crates For Storage

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You can also incorporate pastel colors in storage crates. Pastel crates offer both functionality and style in small kitchen decor.

Using pastel-colored storage crates can not only help you organize your kitchen and create storage friendly small kitchen design layout ideas but also add a touch of charm and softness to the space. 

Whether you choose to store ingredients, utensils, or cookware, pastel crates can blend seamlessly with your decor while providing a practical storage solution. Consider using them on open shelves or countertops to keep your small kitchen neat and visually appealing.

6. Multicolored Moroccan Tiles

Small kitchen upgrade ideas
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To add a pop of color and creativity to your kitchen, opt for multicolored Moroccan tiles. These vibrant tiles can instantly spruce up your kitchen backsplash or flooring, adding an exotic and artistic touch. The intricate patterns and bold colors of Moroccan tiles can transform a plain kitchen into a visually stimulating and lively space. 

Consider mixing and matching different tile designs to create a unique and eye-catching look that reflects your style and personality. Moroccan tiles are a budget-friendly way to introduce character and elegance to your small kitchen.

7. Ikea Raskog Utility Cart


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The ever famous Ikea Råskog Utility Cart continues to be a versatile and practical addition to any small kitchen. This iconic cart from Ikea offers ample storage space and mobility, providing an easy solution for organizing kitchen essentials or displaying decor items. 

The cart’s compact size makes it ideal for tight spaces, and its affordable price tag makes it a budget-friendly must-have. Choose a cart in a color that complements your kitchen decor and utilize it for extra storage and organization options.

8. Sticking Cute Prints To Your Fridge

Small kitchen design cabinets

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Small kitchen design ideas with island

Art on the fridge never gets old! Marking a playful touch in the kitchen, aim to stick cute prints and artwork on your fridge.

Small kitchen decor ideas don’t have to be expensive. This simple addition can inject personality into your space and create a charming focal point.

Choose colorful or witty prints that resonate with your style and add a fun element to your small kitchen decor. Have fun mixing and matching different designs or opt for a cohesive theme to tie your kitchen’s look together. Art on the fridge is a timeless and budget-friendly way to personalize your space!

9. Adding a Kitchen Runner

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Adding a kitchen runner can introduce color and pattern to your small kitchen while also providing a functional touch. Opt for a runner that complements your decor style and color scheme to tie the room together effortlessly. 

Not only does a kitchen runner protect your floors in high-traffic areas, but it can also add warmth and coziness to the space. Choose a durable and easy-to-clean material to ensure both style and practicality in your kitchen decor.

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10. Gold Bar Stools

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If vintage stools are not the one for you, Gold Bar Stools are an excellent option! It adds a more modern touch and can be a sleek addition to your small kitchen. The gold finish adds a luxurious and contemporary feel, elevating the overall look of your space. 

These stools can complement various decor styles and provide a sophisticated seating option at your kitchen island or counter. Opt for bar stools with a comfortable design and sturdy construction to ensure both style and functionality in your kitchen area.

11. Decorative Indoor Hanging Lights


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Decorative indoor hanging lights can enhance the ambiance of your small kitchen while providing both functional and aesthetic benefits.

Choose lights that complement your small kitchen decor and color scheme, whether you prefer modern and sleek designs or more traditional fixtures. 

Hanging lights can illuminate key areas like the island or dining nook, creating a cozy atmosphere for meal prep or dining. Consider unique lighting shapes or materials to add a touch of personality and sophistication to your kitchen decor.

12. A Small Plant Ladder

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Plants are an excellent way to enhance small spaces. Incorporating plants brings natural beauty indoors, purifies the air, and adds a refreshing element to the space. 

A plant ladder serves as a stylish way to display an assortment of indoor plants, creating a vertical garden effect in your kitchen. Consider placing the ladder near a window to allow your plants to thrive while enhancing the overall aesthetic of your small kitchen.

13. Hanging Plants

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If you do not have space to add a plant ladder, you can chose to purchase hanging plants! They are the easiest small kitchen decor ideas and can be hung from the ceiling or mounted on walls using decorative plant hangers. 

Hanging plants not only save precious counter or shelf space but also create a natural and organic look in your kitchen. Choose low-maintenance indoor plants that thrive in the kitchen’s environment, such as pothos or spider plants. The added green touch will bring life and freshness to your cooking area.

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14. Installing an Utensil Rack

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Get this utensil rack:

Installing an utensil rack in your small kitchen can offer both functionality and style. By hanging your cooking utensils on a rack, you not only save drawer space but also create a decorative element on your walls. 

Opt for a rack that complements your kitchen decor and consider adding hooks for easy access to your most-used utensils. This simple addition can keep your kitchen organized, efficient, and visually appealing.

15. Big Art Prints

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Small kitchen design layout ideas

Art prints are another way to add a pop of color to your kitchen. Consider adorning your kitchen walls with big art prints to infuse color and personality into the space. 

Large-scale artwork can serve as a focal point and conversation starter, adding an artistic flair to your small kitchen decor. Choose prints that reflect your taste and kitchen vibe, whether you prefer bold abstract designs, vibrant landscapes, or eclectic patterns. The right art piece can tie together elements of your kitchen’s aesthetics and create a visually captivating environment.

16. A Variety of Plants and Pots

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If you are a nature enthusiast, you can also let plants and pots be the art in your kitchen. Incorporating a variety of plants and pots in your kitchen adds a fresh and natural touch. Mix different plant sizes and pot styles to create an indoor oasis, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your space. 

Cluster plants together in corners or on shelves to bring life and vibrancy to your small kitchen. Consider using decorative pots or planters that complement your kitchen decor style, from modern ceramic designs to vintage terracotta containers.

This was all about the best small kitchen decor ideas!

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