15 Insanely Good Taylor Swift Graduation Cap Ideas

Are you a Taylor Swift fan looking to showcase your love for her at your graduation? Here are the best Taylor Swift graduation cap ideas!

taylor swift graduation cap

Here are some creative and inspiring Taylor Swift-themed graduation cap decoration ideas that will make your big day even more memorable.

Whether you’re a Taylor Swift fan or simply appreciate her music, these designs are perfect for adding a personal touch to your graduation cap. 

From song lyrics to album artwork, these ideas are sure to make your cap stand out in the crowd. Get ready to show off your love for all things Taylor Swift on graduation day!


1. TS Starlight Song

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These Taylor Swift-themed graduation cap decoration ideas range from incorporating her song lyrics and album artworks to capturing the essence of her music. These designs are not only creative but also add a personal touch to your cap. 

Whether you’re a devoted fan or simply enjoy her music, these suggestions will undoubtedly make your graduation day more memorable. Showcasing your love for Taylor Swift on your cap is a fantastic way to stand out during the ceremony!

2. «Long Story Short I Survived»

Quote Taylor Swift graduation cap
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Getting to the point where you are now is tough! There’s no lies there. But today is all about celebrating your success and what you have achieved. Consider adding a quote like «Long Story Short I Survived» to your graduation cap to mark this milestone. 

Expressing your love for Taylor Swift through your cap design will surely make you stand out and create long-lasting memories of your graduation day.

3. It’s Been a Long Time Coming

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You have been waiting for this day for so long! Express your anticipation and excitement by decorating your graduation cap with a nod to Taylor Swift’s lyrics or artwork. Commemorate the journey that led you to this momentous occasion with a design that reflects your admiration for TS.

Whether you’re a loyal fan or simply admire her talent, incorporating her essence into your cap will undoubtedly make your graduation day unforgettable. Let your cap serve as a tribute to the perseverance and determination that brought you here.

4. Speak Now Themed Graduation Cap

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Whether you resonate with Taylor Swift’s empowering lyrics or admire her musical talents, incorporating her essence into your graduation cap is a creative way to express yourself on this significant day. 

Capture the spirit of celebration and achievement by infusing your Taylor Swift graduation cap design with elements inspired by her songs or albums. By showcasing your love for her artistry through your graduation cap, you’re likely to make a lasting impression and craft unforgettable memories of your academic milestone.

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5. “Long Live” Song Quote

Graduation Taylor Swift
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By incorporating a quote from Taylor Swift’s song «Long Live,» you can add a touch of nostalgia and appreciation to your graduation cap.

Showcasing your admiration for her work through thoughtful design elements will undoubtedly make your cap a standout piece during the ceremony. 

Whether you’re a dedicated fan or simply enjoy her music, these Taylor Swift-themed decoration ideas provide a unique way to express your gratitude for the journey that led you to this memorable milestone.

6. «On To The Next Era»

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Life is all about new adventures and never having a dull moment! Embrace the excitement of new beginnings by incorporating a quote like “Onto The Next Era” into your graduation cap design.

Celebrate the spirit of growth, change, and endless possibilities that lie ahead as you embark on the next chapter of your life. Whatever you want to do next, …remember to carry the inspiration instilled by Taylor Swift with you. 

Reflect on the emotions her music evokes and let it fuel your drive towards new accomplishments. Whether you’re a dedicated Taylor Swift fan or simply admire her creativity, infusing your cap with elements inspired by her music will undoubtedly make a statement and leave a lasting impression on your graduation day.

7. «22» Song Quote

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Celebrate the essence of youth and the carefree spirit of being 22 by incorporating the iconic Taylor Swift song quote into your graduation cap design. Embrace the joy of the moment and the excitement of endless possibilities that await you in the next phase of life. 

22 is an exciting age and as you turn this time into a moment to cherish and remember always. Channeling Taylor Swift’s uplifting energy through your cap decoration will undoubtedly make a bold statement on your special day.

8. Using Butterfly Decorations

Taylor Swift graduation cap designs
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Using butterfly decorations can offer a whimsical and elegant touch to your graduation cap design.

Symbolizing transformation and growth, butterflies can represent the journey you’ve had during your academic pursuits and the changes you’ve undergone, which makes them an essential part of your Taylor Swift graduation cap.

By incorporating butterfly motifs into your cap decoration, you can infuse it with a sense of grace and beauty. These delicate creatures can add a unique flair to your overall look, helping you express your individual style and personality on your big day.

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9. «You’re on Your Own, Kid» Song

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Embrace your strong, independent boss girl era by including elements inspired by Taylor Swift’s empowering song lyrics.

Let your graduation cap design reflect your confidence and determination as you step into the next phase of your journey. You may be by yourself for sometime, but everything you need is within you! 

Showcasing your admiration for her message of empowerment through your cap decoration will undoubtedly make a bold statement on your special day. Channel her powerful energy and inspire yourself to conquer new challenges as you embrace the adventures that lie ahead.

10. Folklore Taylor Swift Graduation Cap

Taylor Swift graduation cap speak now
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Entering a whimsical world inspired by Taylor Swift’s «Folklore,» your graduation cap becomes a canvas for storytelling and fantasy. Infuse your design with elements reminiscent of the ethereal and poetic essence of her album. 

Capturing the enchanting allure of mythical tales, folklore, and dreams, channel your love for the queen’s artistry into an enchanting cap decor that sets you apart. Let the magic of creativity and imagination flow as you celebrate your academic achievement with a touch of whimsy.

11. Add Photos of Your Memories

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Celebrate and cherish the memories you have made over the years! Remember to include photos of your favorite memories on your graduation cap to reflect on the meaningful moments that have led you to this point.

Personalize your cap with images that hold special significance, whether they capture friendships, achievements, or experiences that have shaped your academic journey. 

By incorporating photographs into your Taylor Swift graduation cap, you can create a unique and sentimental piece that tells the story of your time in school and the milestones you’ve reached. It is also an opportunity to appreciate everyone who has helped you get here! They deserve all the love.

12. Fearless Themed Grad Cap

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Embrace your inner fearless spirit by creating a graduation cap theme inspired by Taylor Swift’s album «Fearless.» Use design elements that symbolize courage, strength, and the willingness to face new challenges without hesitation. 

By infusing your cap with the essence of fearlessness, you can convey a powerful message of confidence and resilience as you embark on the next phase of your journey. Let your cap serve as a reminder of your ability to conquer obstacles and embrace growth with unwavering determination.

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13. «Midnights» Album Themed

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Capture the enchanting essence of night under the moon with a «Midnights» album-themed graduation cap. Especially if you are graduating from college, midnights deserve a special recognition.

Those long nights before exams or the parties where you met your best friends, let your design be a reflection of the captivating allure of moonlit moments and the memories created during late-hours studying or unforgettable gatherings. 

It does not matter whether you’re a night owl or simply appreciate the beauty of the midnight hour, embracing a «Midnights» theme in your graduation cap decoration will add a touch of enchantment to your special day. Celebrate the essence of nighttime magic as you embark on this next chapter.

14. Blank Space Graduation Certificate

Taylor Swift graduation cap ideas
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Reflect your creativity and individuality by considering a «Blank Space» graduation certificate. This theme allows you to play with the idea of opportunities and leaving room for exciting future endeavors. 

Let the simplicity of a blank space symbolize endless possibilities waiting to be filled with your unique experiences and achievements, so fill the blank in your cap with with your name! Stand out by embracing the open canvas of this theme and making it your own.

15. Whimsical «Midnights» Decorations

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Whimsical «Midnights» decorations on your graduation cap can add a touch of magic and nostalgia as you commemorate this milestone. Whether recalling late-night study sessions, memorable campus gatherings, or quiet moments under the stars, infusing your cap with these themes celebrates the essence of nighttime adventures and shared experiences. 

Let your design reflect the enchanting allure of moonlit memories and the bonds forged during nocturnal escapades, creating a whimsical tribute to the journey that brought you here. Its been a complete whirlwind but you are here now and that’s all that matters!

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