The Best College Apartment Inspiration For 2024

Looking for some ideas to decorate your college apartment? Here is the best college apartment inspiration you’ll find!

college apartment inspiration

Moving into college apartments is one of the most exhilarating experiences of your entire life.

For some of us, it might be the first time we get a complete say in how we decorate our rooms. We want to personalize our space while minimizing how much we spend on the room.

The items we buy need to seem authentic to our taste, beautiful, and also not something that gets in the way. Here is the trendiest college apartment inspiration for you could consider when decorating your college apartment!


1. Matching Art Prints

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Remember, matching art prints can create a personalized and stylish look in a college apartment. You should explore the different types of art prints available like abstract, landscapes, and photography.

Choosing prints with similar color palettes or themes can tie the room together and create a harmonious visual aesthetic. You can easily source affordable art prints through online marketplaces or local artists, and then you can explore creative ways to hang them. Our top picks would be using gallery-style arrangements or vintage frames.

Over the course of your college career, matching art prints often bring about an emotional attachment to them. If you are sharing your apartment with a roommate that you have grown to love, don’t be surprised if the two of you want to split the art pieces to take a little piece of college back home.

2. Get a Round Mirror

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Using a good clear round mirror in a small living space can be more useful than you would’ve thought. Its curved shape can soften the lines of the room and create a sense of flow.

Different sizes and styles of round mirrors, such as sunburst or minimalist designs, can complement various apartment layouts. Also, explore the functionality of mirrors in reflecting light and making the space appear larger, and look into placement ideas to maximize your impact.

You might want to try keeping the mirror in a few different settings before getting it permanently fixed.

3. Decorate Your Space With Pastel Colors

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Pastel colors are ideal for establishing a beautiful environment in your living space, and the trendiest idea when looking for college apartment inspiration. They are not only aesthetic but they also have a relaxing impact.

Think of well-liked pastel color schemes like blush pink and mint green or lavender and gentle blue. To bring some peace to your room, use these pastels on not just your walls, but also your furniture and accessories. Remember to balance pastels with neutrals or contrasting flashes of color to get a more well-rounded design.

4. Cute Throw Pillows

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You might want to buy a nice selection of throw pillows to give your space some added comfort. Combine various sizes, textures, and patterns to make your sitting space warm and cozy.

With a little extra effort, you can think of do-it-yourself projects like sewing or pom-poms to add some personality and coziness to the throw pillows. You can also use dark colors to add a more classy touch. Otherwise, explore a combination of bright colors to add a hint of joyous sunshine to your apartment.

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5. Clear Chairs

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If your area is limited, choose transparent chairs to give it an appearance of openness and visual lightness.

Select from types made of polycarbonate or acrylic to match various décor trends. Clear chairs are adaptable and may be utilized with different kinds of tables and design styles in a variety of settings, such as the desk or dining room.

It would never hurt to have more chairs in your apartment especially when you expect to have constant company over at your place for parties or just general hangouts.

6. Get a Bar Cart

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A bar cart represents both style and functionality for storage in a student flat. It turns into a multipurpose center for glassware displays, kitchen basics organization, or ornamental displays.

Dress up the bar cart with a beautiful arrangement of books, plants, or decorative trays to increase its visual appeal and functionality. These components may be carefully arranged to create a welcoming, useful area that expresses your unique tastes.

The decorated bar cart uses the available space in your dorm room effectively and also adds a touch of elegance. It may be used as a meeting place for friends or as a cozy place it study. With so many applications, a bar cart is something you definitely want to have in your apartment

7. A Green Velvet Couch

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college apartment bedroom

Lighten up your living room with the classic green velvet couch. The couch adds a touch of elegance and warmth to the space.

With just the right combination of colors in the wall paint, it can become a focal point in your room and give new life to your entire interior design.

You can also go the extra mile and style the couch with textured pillows and throws, and place it right in front of a photo wall with some of your most cherished memories from back home.

8. Rolling Cart For Storage

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A rolling tray is a flexible way to maximize storage in a small space while still maintaining style. You can select from a wide variety of designs that complement your interior outlook. If space optimization is an important factor of your college apartment inspiration, this is for you.

You can go for the classy woven patterns, more modern metal finishes, or anything else that speaks to you.

Rolling trays can be used to store a range of items, like workplace supplies, everyday use makeup, or drinks in an organized manner. Because of its mobility, you can easily reposition it to fit in various settings or be used as a handy workspace to further help you keep your room organized.

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9. Add a Papasan Chair

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You can also look into adding a papasan chair to your college apartment for convenience and style. College work can require you to spend a lot of time at your desk.

Excellent back support is provided by the ergonomic design of a papasan chair for extended study periods or light reading. Remember to select the ideal cushion to improve both comfort and style and take pleasure in the homely, carefree atmosphere that it creates.

10. Decorate it With Flowers

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Add real plants to your apartment’s interior design to enhance your mood, the quality of the air, and your general well-being.

To add a little beauty and nature to your college flat, try experimenting with different flower arrangements and low-maintenance houseplants that go well with diverse interior designs. Feel free to change your selection and combination of flowers to completely change the look of your apartment.

11. Tufted Seats in Your Living Room

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Tufted chairs will elevate and add a classy touch to your living space. The entire look of the space is enhanced by the skill and attention to detail in the tufted upholstery.

To match your lifestyle and preferred style, select from a variety of tufting designs and materials. The walls often complement the color of the tufted seat and liven up the place. Remember to make sure your seat is colored in a way that stands out, yet complements the rest of the room.

12. Get a Big Rug

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In your college flat, define and anchor your area with a large rug that brings warmth and is a wonder to the eye. Get a unified style by taking into account elements like rug size, location, and material choice.

For lifespan and practicality, clean your rug properly and follow rug pad recommendations. This can also be a great gesture to ensure that the people living below your apartment are not disturbed if you are heavy-footed.

13. Decorate With Fairy Lights

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Use fairy lights to offer soft, ambient lighting to different parts of your college flat and create a wonderful and cozy atmosphere. Nothing screams more «college apartment inspiration» than fairy lights.

Take advantage of LED fairy lights’ cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency by exploring do-it-yourself projects for original installations. If you plan to throw a lot of parties, you can even get the fairy lights that change colors or come with an in-built speaker.

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14. Set Up a Make Up Vanity in Your Bedroom

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Get this vanity mirror:

A cosmetics vanity may liven up your bedroom while also adding flair and practicality. To achieve the best possible cosmetic application and grooming procedures, arrange beauty supplies in a tidy and well-lit area. Add chic mirrors, ornamental trays, and a cozy seat to personalize your vanity space.

15. Put a Clothing Rack Next To Your Bed

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Get a clothing rack:

Make the most of the space in your bedroom by putting your favorite closet items on show with a clothing rack with open storage. Make sure you choose a rack design that complements your room’s general outlook, and add hanging shoes or accessory organizers to utilize the rack as much as possible.

But remember, an open clothing rack is very convenient but you must keep it tidy and organized. Clothing racks are the best college apartment decorations when it comes to functionality because they can be used both as storage and decor.

16. Stay Organized With Pastel Crates

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Get pastel crates:

Using pastel boxes to help you organize your apartment is a peak college experience and is both practical and appealing. They will help you make the most out of your available space and will definitely be seen as a clever storage solution. The crates can be used to store clothing, books, and other random things. You can also arrange them in different ways depending on your needs.

The combination of style and functionality results in a stylish, well-organized, and aesthetically pleasant living area that is ideal for your college life.

Some of these ideas may appeal to you and some won’t. Feel free to explore your horizons and experiment with different designs and outlooks for your room until you realize what you like best. Good luck with your college experience!

This was all about the best college apartment inspiration!

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