15 Personalized Graduation Gifts To Make Your Grad Feel Special

Looking for unique graduation gift ideas for a graduate? Here are 15 personalized graduation gifts you can’t go wrong with!

personalized graduation gifts

At some point in life, you will always find someone special in your life who is fast approaching their graduation date.

Whether high school or college has been easy and you have simply flown past all the hard work, or it has been difficult and you have found yourself to be dreading the long hours of studying, we can all agree that we were glad that we were moving on to the next stage of life.

It is only fair to celebrate and cherish this major milestone in the life of your loved one. What better way to do so than to savor the memory with a gift that they can hold onto forever? Here is a list of all of the personalized graduation gifts that would be perfect for your child, partner, or even a friend.


1. Clear Acrylic Graduation Caption

Sometimes, you might feel like the piece of paper rolled up in a ribbon and just one day wearing a graduation gown does not do justice to the day.

A clear acrylic set is the most perfect way to record the occasion in a set to last forever so you can always reminisce about the day you graduated. 

Think of it as kind of like a trophy to go with the accomplishment that your grad has worked hard to achieve in the past many years.

2. Custom Jewelry Dish

If your friend is a great lover of jewelry, especially rings, jewelry dishes are another way to go. They not only serve a practical purpose but also allow you to print their name and graduation year on the set.

Rest assured that for as long as your grad uses the jewelry dish, they are going to think back on their graduation day and the lovely gift that you gave them.

3. Initial Makeup Organizer

A makeup organizer with their initials is another way to go. For all those make-up lovers out there, that simply refuse to invest in a makeup organizer, and instead toss their makeup into the nooks and corners of their bag, this can be one of the best custom graduation gifts.

You can also go the extra mile and pair the makeup organizer with your favorite brands of makeup and make it tailor-fitted to their taste. This would be a sentiment to how well you know them and remind them that they always have someone they can count on!

4. Initial Big Tote Bag

A tote bag and a student share a special bond throughout their college days. It’s big enough to carry all the books, laptops, makeup, and whatever else they want to stuff in there, yet designed in a much more elegant and fashionable manner as compared to a backpack.

Most college students have worn out their tote bags just as much as their sneakers. When the day of graduation arrives, it might finally be time for an upgrade.

This tote bag will not only remind them of their college days but also continue to serve them as a giant fashionable bag of anything and everything you can think of.

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5. Graduation Gifts Box

Sometimes, it is almost impossible to think of personalized graduation gifts and you may not have the time to pick one out that is especially suited to your grad. 

No need to worry, we got you covered! A graduation gift box comes with scented candles, a card, a keychain, and many more beautifully designed things that are sure to let your grad feel special on one of the most important days of their life.

6. Custom Desk Lamp

Custom graduation gifts

Think of graduation as the day that grads get something they have aspired to for many years.

If your grad is especially passionate about their degree, then a customized desk lamp would be the perfect way to show how proud you are for them pursuing their ambitions. You can customize the lamp design into any symbol on the field of your grad’s study. No matter what symbol you choose, the result is likely to leave them stunned.

They can use the desk lamp at their office to give it a classy look or use it at home at their table side. Different people have different ways of styling their lamps but a customized lamp is sure to fit many themes and can serve as the perfect gift.

7. Personalized Vegan Leather Portfolio

Customizable graduation gifts

For all those environment lovers out there, it would be very thoughtful to get them a vegan leather portfolio. Vegan leather is known for its durability and variety of colors. It would give the portfolio a classy touch and ensure that it is durable and long-lasting. 

This can be specially helpful for art graduates that need to put together a portfolio of their work. Adding a vegan touch to a portfolio makes the gift so much more thoughtful and specific to the things that matter to your grad.

8. Acrylic Song Plaque

More likely than not, there are a few songs that have helped your grad make it through some of the most painful nights of college, that’s why music is one of the best personalized graduation gifts.

Whether they are part of the Bee-Hive or a Swiftie through and through, some songs simply speak to them in a way like no other. You want to treasure their love of this song and there is no better way of doing it than the gift of an acrylic song plaque.

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9. Custom Graduation Memorial Family Print

Custom graduation gifts for him

Graduation day is sometimes a reminder that you are growing up. You will have to start adulting and taking care of things that you never even thought of before. As a parent, you might want to remind your grad that no matter how old they are, they can always count on you. 

They can always fall back on their guardian angels in their times of need, and you will always be there to love and support them. A perfect way of doing this is through a family print memorial.

10. Custom Can Coolers

Another amazing present would be a custom can cooler. Your time in college was hard and sometimes you might definitely have used a couple of beers to smoothen things out. What’s better than recording your college days with what helped you through it most?

If your friend has been a jock or been big in sports, then that would be just another reason why this would be the perfect gift.

It allows them to reminisce about their glory days every time they pull a drink out of their freezer.

11. Engraved Bracelet

What to gift a graduate

If you’re going for elegance and class, engraved bracelets might be the way to go for you. Bracelets go with almost everything and you can engrave words of encouragement in it to help your grad remember to put in their best efforts in everything that they do in the future.

Life after graduation can be difficult. Keeping a message from a loved one with you always can be motivating and cute all at the same time.

12. Original Personalized Graduation Portrait

Most people are looking to get their own place right after graduation. You might want to gift them something that they would want on their brand-new wall to remind them of what an important part you have played in their life. A perfect way to do this is through a customized portrait.

You can tailor it to the graduation day, keep it simple and have it be just the two of you, or even keep it as an abstract piece of art that would help them design their new house through their imagination.

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13. Gift Money Holder

Personalized graduation gift ideas

If you want to collectively give a gift to your grad having a bunch of other people chip in, a money holder might be the way to go. Of course, you could just give them cash in an envelope but what significance does that hold to the special occasion?

Whether you’re looking for personalized graduation gifts for him or for her, money is always the most helpful option.

A money holder, on the other hand, would be a great way to allow them to spend money on whatever they like, while also keeping the money holder as a memory for when they reminisce about the day they had officially survived college.

14. Graduation Signature Guestbook Photo Frame

Looking for a gift to give collectively with other people? A signature guestbook photo frame is the way to go!

Your grad probably has a lot of people in their life, some of whom he or she might not see after graduation. You can always get them to sign a photo frame so a little part of them stays with your grad forever.

15. Amazon Gift Card

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t think of something that would speak to your grad on a personal level. Your heart is still in the right place, and you do want to give them something that helps them begin their new life, but you just can’t think of something that fits their taste. 

The next-best option is an Amazon gift card. It allows them to spend it on something that they will actually use and also makes them realize just how much you care!

This was all about the best personalized graduation gifts!

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