20 Nursing Graduation Caps That Will Inspire You

Are you a nurse graduate and need some cap inspiration? Here are 20 amazing nursing graduation caps you should try!

nursing graduation caps

Graduating from nursing school is a remarkable accomplishment that deserves to be celebrated in style. With the right graduation cap design, you can make a powerful statement about your dedication and passion for nursing.

From classic nursing symbols like the caduceus to heartwarming quotes and personalized designs, there are endless possibilities to express your creativity and individuality. 

We will showcase 20 inspiring nursing graduations that will motivate and inspire you as you embark on your nursing journey. Let the celebration begin!


1. Mulan Themed Cap

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Featuring the beloved Disney character Mulan, this graduation cap design makes a heartfelt tribute to the bravery and heroism that a nursing career embodies.

The quote «My lil baby off to save people» adds a personal touch, showing the pride and admiration for those entering the field of nursing. 

With colorful illustrations and a touch of whimsy, this Mulan-themed cap design is sure to draw attention and serve as a symbol of motivation for any nursing graduate.

2. Knowledge is Addictive!

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@customcouturebyemiah on Instagram

Indeed, knowledge is addictive! Over the last few years, you have spent countless days and nights trying to gain this knowledge. Today, when you are finally graduating , it’s a testament to your hard work and dedication.

This graduation cap design features a quote that perfectly captures the significance of the knowledge you have attained. 

With its bold font and attention-grabbing message, this design is sure to make a statement at your graduation ceremony. As you step into the world of nursing, let this powerful quote remind you of the impact you can make with your knowledge and skills.

3. «It’s a Beautiful Day To Save Lives»

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Nursing is all about saving lives! In this graduation cap design, the quote «It’s a Beautiful Day To Save Lives» truly encapsulates the essence of nursing.

Every day, nurses save lives and make a positive impact on the world. This design serves as a constant reminder of the noble and selfless nature of the nursing profession.

With its simple yet powerful message, this cap design will inspire both the wearer and those around them to recognize the importance of their work. Nursing is a calling, and each day presents an opportunity to make a difference.

4. Thanking Your Parents

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You did not get this far all by yourself; your parents were there with you every step along the way! Nursing graduation caps are the best to show your gratitude to your parents with a heartfelt message.

They have been your unwavering support system throughout your nursing journey. This design serves as a tribute to their love, sacrifice, and encouragement. 

Whether it’s a simple «Thank you, Mom and Dad» or a more personal message, expressing your appreciation on your graduation cap will remind you of their incredible role in your success. Let your cap design be a symbol of your gratitude for their endless support.

5. Use Nursing Themed Stickers

Nursing graduation cap decoration
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If you want a simpler design for your graduation cap, consider using nursing-themed stickers. There are a variety of stickers available that feature nursing symbols, such as stethoscopes, syringes, and medical crosses. 

These stickers can be easily applied to your cap, adding a touch of nursing flair without the need for any artistic skills. Whether you opt for a single sticker or create a collage of different nursing-themed stickers, this design idea is both easy and effective.

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6. «It’s a Beautiful Day To Graduate»

Source: Pinterest

What’s a better time to graduate than now? With your nursing journey coming to a close, this graduation cap design reminds you that it’s a beautiful day to graduate.

Celebrate this achievement in style with a design that captures the joy and excitement of reaching this milestone. 

Whether you incorporate vibrant colors or elegant lettering, let your cap design reflect the sense of accomplishment and pride that comes with completing your nursing education. Embrace this new chapter with enthusiasm as you embark on a fulfilling career in nursing.

7. «Psycho» Pun Hat

Nursing graduation cap designs
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Express your unique sense of humor with this «Psycho» pun hat design for your graduation cap, perfect for those who are looking for funny nursing graduation cap ideas.

By twisting on words in a fun way, this design adds a lighthearted touch to your nursing graduation. «I choose the psycho path» is a clever way to show your dedication to the challenging and mentally stimulating field of nursing. 

With its witty message, this cap design is sure to bring smiles and laughs to your fellow graduates and those in attendance at your ceremony. You and all the people around you can enjoy a laugh!

8. Trauma Queen Funny Graduation Cap

@haleygilbert346 on Pinterest

Another way to inject a dose of humor and a touch of wit into your graduation day with the «Trauma Queen» funny graduation cap.

This playful and clever cap design embraces the challenges and triumphs of working in high-stress environments, showcasing your resilience and ability to find humor even in intense situations. 

The juxtaposition of the term «Trauma Queen» with the celebratory context of graduation adds a lighthearted and memorable element to your cap, making it a standout choice for those who love a good laugh.

9. «ICU Later»

Graduation caps nursing
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Bring a touch of clever humor to your graduation day with the «ICU Later» cap design.

This witty play on words not only adds a lighthearted element to your attire but also showcases your resilience and positive outlook as you step into the next phase of your nursing career. 

The ICU, or Intensive Care Unit, is a challenging yet crucial aspect of nursing, and this cap humorously acknowledges the demanding nature of the profession while expressing optimism for the future. Wear this cap proudly to symbolize both your ded

10. Heart Beat Drawing

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This drawing is a classic and timeless symbol represents the lifeblood of healthcare! It shows the pulse and rhythm of compassion, dedication, and care, and it proves that nursing graduation caps can be funny too!

This design not only resonates with the core values of nursing but also adds a visually striking element to your graduation attire.

As you wear the heartbeat cap, let it serve as a constant reminder of the vital role you play in the lives of those you serve, making it a meaningful and heartfelt addition to your graduation celebration!

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11. Pink Nursing Graduation Cap

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@julieyiling on Instagram

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A pink nursing graduation cap is a vibrant and stylish choice to showcase your feminine side while celebrating your nursing achievement.

This design incorporates elements like nursing symbols, quotes, and personalized touches in a chic and fashionable way. 

The color pink represents compassion and empathy, which are key traits for a successful nurse. By choosing this cap design, you will not only stand out during the graduation ceremony, but also express your unique personality and dedication to the nursing profession.

12. Playing With Words

@jdbilinski on Pinterest

Add some creativity into your graduation cap design with a playful twist on words. Consider incorporating puns or clever phrases that reflect your nursing journey. You can even make matching nursing graduation caps with your friends!

For example, you could play on the word «medication» and create a design that says «Prescribing Graduation Medication.»

This fun and clever design will showcase your sense of humor while highlighting your accomplishments in the nursing field. Let your graduation cap serve as a unique expression of your personality and journey over the years!

13. The Incredibles Inspired Cap

Nursing grad caps ideas
@kd_kupcake on Instagram

«The Incredibles» inspired cap design brings a dash of superhero inspiration to your graduation day. With the quote «Leave saving the world to men? No thank you!» this design empowers and celebrates female nurses who are true superheroes in their own right. 

Featuring iconic elements from the beloved animated film, this cap design is both fun and empowering. Let it serve as a reminder that you possess skills and abilities that can truly make a difference in the world. Graduation is just the beginning of your heroic journey as a nurse.

14. “In My Graduate Era” Taylor Swift Cap

@kaylakuntzmann on Instagram

How can you forget Taylor Swift on your big day?  Show your love for Taylor Swift and incorporate her lyrics into your graduation day with the «In My Graduate Era» Taylor Swift cap design.

This creative play on words captures the excitement and nostalgia of your graduate era while adding a fun and musical touch to your cap. Nursing graduation caps that involve any of your passions and hobbies are way more personal and unique!

By intertwining Taylor Swift’s music with your nursing journey, this design showcases your unique personality and reminds you of the memories and experiences that have shaped you into the incredible nurse you have become.

15. Custom Nurse Cap

Nursing graduation caps ideas
@mintpapier on Instagram

Dive into the realm of personalized flair with this customized graduation cap, a standout choice for those looking to add a unique touch to their graduation ensemble.

This cap, available at the provided link, allows you to infuse your individuality into your nursing graduation attire. Choose colors, add personal touches, or incorporate symbols that resonate with your nursing journey. 

Whether it’s a special symbol, your name, or a heartfelt message, this custom cap lets you express your identity as you step into the next chapter of your nursing career. Elevate your graduation day with a cap that reflects your unique spirit and the dedication you’ve poured into your nursing education.

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16. «At Your Cervix» Funny Quote

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For some nursing humor, write «At Your Cervix» on your graduation cap. This playful and witty cap design, capturing the essence of medical humor, is perfect for those who appreciate a lighthearted touch.

Combining a clever play on words with the significance of the moment, this cap not only showcases your sense of humor but also highlights the compassionate and caring nature of nursing. Clever nursing graduation caps are the best!

Stand out in the crowd with a cap that brings smiles and laughter, making your graduation day memorable not just for your achievements but for the joy you bring to those around you. Embrace the lighter side of nursing with this amusing and delightful graduation cap design.

17. “Taking Care of The Tinniest Humans” Pediatric Nurse Cap

Nursing graduation cap ideas
Source: Pinterest

Being a pediatric nurse is no easy work and it requires a special kind of compassion and care. This cap design embodies the dedication and compassion that pediatric nurses bring to their work.

The vibrant and caring spirit reflected in this design is a tribute to the unique challenges and joys of pediatric nursing. 

Wear this cap proudly as you embark on your journey to care for the tiniest members of our communities, leaving an indelible mark of love and healing. Let this cap be a source of inspiration and pride as you graduate into the rewarding world of pediatric nursing.

18. Use a Motivational Phrase

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Another option for your graduation cap design is to use a motivational phrase that inspires and uplifts you. Choose a quote or saying that resonates with your journey in nursing and encapsulates your aspirations and dreams for the future. 

Whether it’s a famous quote from a nursing icon or a personal mantra that has guided you throughout your education, incorporating a motivational phrase on your cap will serve as a reminder of your strength and determination as you embark on this new chapter.

19. Decorate if With Flowers and Rhinestones

Nursing graduation cap decoration
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If you want to add a touch of elegance and glamour to your graduation cap, consider decorating it with flowers and rhinestones. This embellishment creates a visually stunning and feminine look that enhances your overall aesthetic. 

Choose flowers that symbolize growth, beauty, and new beginnings to represent your journey as a nurse.

The delicate sparkle of rhinestones adds a touch of luxury and sophistication. With this decorative element, your cap becomes a true reflection of your style and personality.

20. Write an Inspiring Message

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This could be a phrase or quote that helped you get through the tough days during nursing school! Words like “the best way to find yourself is to loose yourself in the service of others” or «Nursing is a work of heart» or «Every patient is a testament to our dedication» can remind you of the impact you will have on others’ lives.

Let your cap serve as a source of inspiration not only for yourself but also for those around you!

This was all about the best nursing graduation caps!

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