20 Taylor Swift Bracelets You Should Make For Your Next Concert

Are you planning to make some friendship bracelets for your next concert? Here are the best Taylor Swift bracelets you should see!

taylor swift bracelets

Attending a Taylor Swift concert is always an unforgettable experience. From her powerful vocals to her catchy lyrics, Swift knows how to put on a show.

If you’re a die-hard fan looking to show off your love for Taylor, what better way to do it than with a DIY bracelet? Here are 20 amazing Taylor Swift bracelet ideas that you can make and proudly wear to your next TS concert. 

Whether you’re into beaded bracelets, charm bracelets, or even leather cuffs, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in and get creative with our Taylor Swift-inspired bracelets!


1. “It’s Me, Hi, I’m The Problem” Themed Bracelet

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Recreate this idea:

Capture Taylor Swift’s bold and unapologetic attitude with this statement bracelet. Use vibrant colors and bold lettering to showcase the iconic line, creating a bracelet that reflects the fearless spirit of Taylor’s music. 

Add personalized touches such as charms or beads that resonate with the empowering lyrics, making it a unique accessory that stands out at the concert. This bracelet is a perfect choice for fans who appreciate Taylor’s candid and outspoken personality.

2. Violet Starry Beads

Taylor Swift eras tour bracelet
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Recreate this idea:

Channel the enchanting vibes of Taylor Swift’s celestial themes with this violet starry beads bracelet.

Select a mix of violet and silver beads to represent the night sky, and intersperse them with star-shaped charms or beads to capture the magic of Taylor’s cosmic-inspired visuals. 

This elegant accessory will not only complement your concert outfit but also reflect the dreamy and whimsical elements often found in her music and performances.

3. Using Nacar Star Beads

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For more enchanting and celestial themes, try using nacar star beads in your bracelet design. If you want to match with your friend, these are the best Taylor Swift bracelets to make.

These beads have a beautiful iridescent quality, resembling the shimmering stars in the night sky. Mix them with other beads in different shades of blue or silver for a celestial-inspired look.

You can also incorporate the themes from different albums, such as Folklore or Lover. Consider adding charms or beads that represent the songs or symbols from those eras, creating a bracelet that pays homage to Taylor’s evolving musical journey.

4. Beachy Themed “Snow on the Beach” Bracelet

Taylor Swift bracelets concert
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Recreate this idea:

Draw some beach-themed inspiration for Taylor’s famous song “Snow on the Beach”. You can incorporate soft blue and sandy beige beads reminiscent of ocean waves and sandy shores. Add snowflake charms to represent the unexpected, creating a unique blend that captures the essence of the song. 

This bracelet is a delightful mix of summer and winter vibes, mirroring Taylor Swift’s ability to blend contrasting elements seamlessly in her music. Wear this bracelet to your next concert and let the beachy nostalgia flow!

5. Red Bracelets with Heart Beads and Pearls

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Create your own Taylor Swift bracelet ideas based on Red! Red is Taylor’s signature color and it is only right to have a bracelet with that color.

Use vibrant red beads to create a striking base, and add heart-shaped beads and lustrous pearls for added elegance and femininity. The heart shaped beads will represent the love and emotional depth of her art and the pearls will be a timeless expression of her elegance!

6. Using Gold Beads and Charms

Taylor Swift bracelets light up
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Recreate this idea:

Elevate your Taylor Swift concert bracelets with a golden elegance. Craft a dazzling accessory using gold beads and charms that reflect Taylor’s glamorous and sophisticated side.

Choose a mix of gold beads in various shapes and sizes, creating a rich and textured base. Integrate charms that resonate with Taylor’s career milestones or iconic symbols from her music videos. 

Consider adding charms shaped like microphones, music notes, or even tiny replicas of her albums. Let the golden shimmer on your wrist be a tribute to Taylor’s golden moments in the music industry.

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7. “Anti-Hero” Bracelet

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For those whose favorite song is “Anti Hero,” this should be the perfect bracelet! Create a bracelet that embodies the rebel spirit and defiance of societal norms.

Use a mix of edgy beads in dark shades like black and silver, and incorporate rebellious symbols such as skulls, spikes, or lightning bolts. 

This bracelet will be a representation your rebellious side and your ability to break free from expectations. Wear this bracelet proudly to the concert and let it be a reminder of the strength and independence. Be the «Anti Hero» and rock this bold and empowering accessory.

8. Botanical Theme With Leaf Beads

Taylor Swift bracelet concert
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Recreate this idea:

Perfect for nature enthusiasts, the botanical themed bracelet is a beautiful way to incorporate «Poison Ivy» into your concert attire.

Use leaf-shaped beads in vibrant green shades to emulate the lush foliage of a garden or forest. Add flower-shaped charms or beads to further enhance the botanical aesthetic.

9. LGBTQ+ Flag Themed For a “CalmDown” Bracelet

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Celebrate inclusivity and diversity inspired by Taylor Swift’s «You Need To Calm Down» with an LGBTQ+ flag-themed bracelet. Incorporate the vibrant colors of the pride flag into your bracelet design, using beads or charms that represent the LGBTQ+ community. 

Add a touch of sparkle or shine to capture the uplifting and joyful spirit of the song. This bracelet not only reflects your support for the LGBTQ+ community but also pays homage to Taylor’s advocacy for equality.

Wear it proudly to spread a message of love, acceptance, and unity at the concert.

10. Using Purple Letter Beads

Taylor Swift friendship bracelets kit
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Recreate this idea:

Create a personalized message bracelet using purple letter beads, paying homage to Taylor Swift’s songwriting prowess. If you’re an OG fan, your Taylor Swift bracelets should include some purple!

Spell out your favorite Taylor Swift lyrics, song titles, or even a message that holds special meaning to you. 

Choose shades of purple for the beads to add a touch of sophistication and mystery. This bracelet serves as a unique and sentimental accessory, allowing you to carry a piece of Taylor’s poetic expression with you.

11. Junior Jewels Theme

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Continue showcasing your love for TS’ early work with a Junior Jewels themed bracelet. Use colorful beads in vibrant shades reminiscent of Taylor’s early album covers, such as pinks, blues, and yellows.

Incorporate charms or beads that represent symbols from her early days in the music industry, like guitars, stars, or even a tiny replica of her first album cover.

This bracelet is a nostalgic tribute to Taylor’s journey and will bring back memories of her early hits.

12. Eras Tour Bracelets With Little Flowers

Taylor Swift bracelet Inspo
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The Eras Tour was a significant time in every Swiftie’s life! As reminiscent of this tour, what better to do than create some bracelets? The bracelets can be made with a variety of flower beads in different colors, sizes, and shapes.

Each flower bead can represent a different era in Taylor Swift’s career, from her country music days to her pop breakthrough and beyond.

Choose flowers that resemble the blooms of that era. For example, for the «Fearless» era, you can use daisy-shaped beads, while sunflower beads can represent the «Lover» era. Incorporate other charms or beads that symbolize memorable moments or songs from each era.

13. “To The Moon and Saturn” Friendship Bracelets

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For those looking for Taylor Swift friendship bracelets, we got you!

Some friendships are extremely special! To celebrate them and show your appreciation for your closest friend, create matching «To the Moon and Saturn» friendship bracelets inspired by the song «Daylight.» Use celestial-themed beads in shades of blue and silver to represent the moon and Saturn.

Add small star-shaped charms or beads for an extra touch of magic and friendship. These bracelets will serve as a beautiful symbol of your unbreakable bond and a reminder of the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

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14. Pink “Lover” Beads

Taylor Swift bracelet ideas
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Celebrate the era of «Lover» with a bracelet adorned in shades of pink, capturing the romantic and whimsical essence of Taylor Swift’s album. Use a variety of pink beads to create a visually appealing base, and intersperse the design with heart-shaped beads or charms to represent love. 

This bracelet is a perfect accessory to showcase your affection for the romantic side and the vibrant energy of the «Lover» era. Wear it proudly as you sing along to your favorite tracks at the concert.

15. Using Multiple Shades of Blue

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Taylor’s songs are all about the varied emotions! Using different shapes of blue represent these sea of emotions through your bracelets. Select a range of blue beads, from deep navy to serene aqua, to create a captivating ombre effect. 

Experiment with different textures and shapes to add depth and complexity to the design. This bracelet is a visual representation of the various emotions expressed in Taylor’s blue-themed songs. It will be a symbol of the emotional journey you’ve shared with Taylor through her music.

16. Crystal Beads in White and Blue

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Recreate this idea:

Create an ethereal and elegant bracelet by incorporating crystal beads in white and blue tones. The combination of these two colors will evoke a sense of purity and tranquility.

Her 1989 era will require you to make specific Taylor Swift bracelets for it. Experiment with different bead sizes and shapes, interspersing crystals to add a touch of glamour. This bracelet not only reflects Taylor’s grace and sophistication but also adds a touch of sparkle to your concert ensemble

17. Trying a Wavy Shape

Taylor Swift friendship bracelets
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Break away from traditional bracelet designs and experiment with a wavy shape, mirroring the unpredictability and creativity in Taylor Swift’s music.

Use beads in various sizes and colors to create a dynamic and flowing pattern, symbolizing the twists and turns in Taylor’s songwriting. 

The wavy shape adds a playful and artistic touch to the bracelet, making it a unique and eye-catching accessory. It can be a representation of the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of Taylor Swift’s musical journey.

18. Classic Taylor Swift Bracelets With Pearls and Letter Beads

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Recreate this idea:

Create a timeless and elegant bracelet by combining pearls with letter beads, paying homage to Taylor Swift’s classic style. Use small, round pearls in a creamy white color as the base of the bracelet, interspersing them with delicate silver or gold letter beads.

Spell out Taylor’s song titles, lyrics, or even her initials to personalize the bracelet and showcase your admiration for her artistry. You can keep it basic and simple so you can keep wearing it after the concert.

19. Mixing Green and Black For Reputation

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Embrace the edgier side of Taylor’s discography with a bracelet that combines green and black beads, representing the iconic «Reputation» era. This era is perfect to get creative with your bracelets!

Mix dark emerald green beads with sleek black beads to capture the rebellious and mysterious vibe of Taylor’s music during this era. Experiment with different bead shapes and sizes to add visual interest and depth to the bracelet.

Incorporate charms or beads that symbolize key elements of the «Reputation» era, such as snakes or lightning bolts. This bracelet is a fierce and bold accessory that perfectly embodies the spirit of Taylor’s empowerment and resilience.

20. Doing One Bracelet For Every Era

Taylor Swift jeweled bracelet
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Continue to celebrate Taylor’s incredible career by creating one bracelet for each era of her music.

Each bracelet will represent a different album and capture the essence of that era’s sound and style. Use delicate silver beads and charms to represent the young and innocent vibe of this era.

For the «Fearless» era, create a bracelet using a combination of daisy-shaped beads and sparkly accents to capture the country-pop crossover that marked this album. For the «Speak Now» era, incorporate a mix of bold and vibrant colors to reflect the emotional depth and storytelling found within her songs.

This was all about the best Taylor Swift Bracelets!

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