15 Trendy Friendsgiving Decor Ideas Your Friends Will Love

Looking for new ways to surprise your friends on Thanksgiving? Here are 15 trendy Friendsgiving decor ideas you can use!

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As Friendsgiving swiftly approaches, you may find yourself wrapped up in planning what’s on the dinner menu. But, don’t forget about the all-important ambiance that will make your gathering truly special. This year, let’s go beyond the typical pumpkin centerpieces. 

We’ve compiled a list of 15 trendy Friendsgiving decor ideas that will stir up conversations and have your friends reaching for their phones to share the elegant holiday moments on social media. Read on to create a Friendsgiving event that is both memorable and Instagram-worthy!


1. Use Pinecones As Name Card Holders


To create these pinecone name card holders, gather a selection of pinecones and ensure they are clean and dry.

Using a small piece of paper or cardstock, cut out rectangular name cards or tags, and write your guests’ names on them. Attach these cards to the pinecones by using a small dab of hot glue or double-sided tape.

Place the pinecone name card holders on each plate or at the center of your table for a personal and decorative touch that will impress your friends.

2. Small Pumpkins as Centerpieces

Decorations for friendsgiving

For some extra creativity, consider using small pumpkins as centerpieces. Pumpkins are a classic Friendsgiving decor, but don’t just place them casually on the table; involve some colour coordinating into the mix!

Paint the pumpkins to match your serving utensils, or spray them with metallic colors to add a touch of shine. Depending on the pumpkin’s size, you can also hollow them out and use them as candle holders for your centerpiece.

3. Go For a Neutral Look With Beige and White

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For an elegant friends giving decor, one cannot go wrong with a neutral palette.

Incorporating tones of beige, white, soft brown, and similar hues create a warm, cozy atmosphere, yet maintains a touch of sophistication.

Consider white candles, beige table runners or tablecloths, rustic wooden placemats, white china, and sparkling clean glasses. In this way, your table will appear fresh and serene, but still elicit that festive holiday feeling.

4. Get a Balloon Arch

Thanksgiving decor for table
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The perfect idea to bring out your inner child! Construct a balloon arch to spruce up your Friendsgiving decor.

Choose fall colors like burnt orange, deep red, and gold or keep a sober palette with whites or metallics – complementing your decor theme altogether. Use various sizes and create a blend to make it more gorgeous.

Place this balloon arch at the entrance or over your dining table. This joyous decoration will certainly light up your Friendsgiving evening and make it enjoyable for everyone.

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5. Mix Green With Blue Accents

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Recreate this idea:

To venture out of the traditional autumnal color schemes, mix soft green shades with splashes of striking blue for a fresh Friendsgiving decor.

Consider blue-trimmed plates paired with green cloth napkins, or a green table runner accentuated with blue candle holders. Not only does it reflect innovativeness in your decoration but it also echoes the transition from autumn to winter.

This combination will create a refreshing aesthetic, marrying gracefully with the warm ambience of Friendsgiving. Let these serene, vibrant hues charm everyone present at your gathering.

6. Go For a Witchy Look With Dark Red and White

Thanksgiving decor outdoor
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Incorporate halloween into your Friendsgiving decor for table! Pair dark red with soothing white shades in order to channel a subtle witchy aesthetic.

Red velvet tablecloths contrasting with white candles and plates would set a striking stage. If you want to add a touch of mystery or magic, sprinkle pomegranate seeds on the table or place some red apples in a glass bowl as a centerpiece.

These unconventional decor choices can provide a surprising but festive twist to the usual Friendsgiving decorations. 

7. Set Up a Friendsgiving Picnic

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Setting up a Friendsgiving picnic outdoor is a unique take on celebrating the holiday indoors.

Skip the typical indoor setup and take your Friendsgiving celebration to the backyard or local park for a more personal and informal setting. Here’s what you need: a large warm blanket, cozy cushions, small tables or crates, glass jars with led lights, neutral colored throw pillows, mini grills, and a basket full of your delicious treats.

You can create a magical atmosphere among falling autumn leaves, perfectly encapsulating the spirit of the fall holiday season.

8. Friendsgiving Balloon Banner


For some twist to your balloon decor, create a Friendsgiving balloon banner. This can be achieved with large mylar letter balloons that spell out «Friendsgiving» and secure them on a strong string or invisible twine.

As a way to elevate this look, attach clusters of matching balloons at either end or intersperse some smaller decorative balloons along the banner.

Put it over the dining area or next to the food and drinks station and it will become one of your top decorations for Friendsgiving.

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9. Set Up a Cocktail Cart

Thanksgiving decor door

Establish a cocktail cart to add a fun and interactive aspect to your Friendsgiving décor. Including a cocktail cart not only serves a practical purpose, but it can also become a lively showpiece with a bit of creativity.

Adorn it with a fall-inspired runner, a decorative seasonal sign or chalkboard listing the «Cocktail of the Day», and vibrant cocktail napkins. Stock the cart with your favorite spirits, mixers, cocktail accessories, and glassware, and watch as it becomes a hotspot for conversation.

10. Use Gold Balloons as Centerpieces

Thanksgiving decor for home
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For some more balloon marvel, consider using gold balloons as centerpieces. Whether you choose helium balloons floating above the table, side-tied displays, or a middle of the table arrangement of balloons wrapped around weights, gold balloons can offer a whimsical yet elegant twist.

They can add a magical sparkle to your tablescape when combined with soft candlelights and lush foliage as table runners. Guests will surely admire your finesse for evoking simple beauty through surprising elements for the Friendsgiving decor.

More Friendsgiving Decor Ideas You Will Love:

1. Thanksgiving Party Decoration Set

If you want to make your Friendsgiving decor planning even more convenient, consider this Friendsgiving Party Decoration Set.

This set may include a variety of items like banners, balloons, tableware, and more, all coordinated to match the Friendsgiving theme. It’s a time-saving and cost-effective way to ensure your Friendsgiving gathering looks cohesive and festive.

2. Friends Themed Photo Booth

A Friends-themed photo booth kit typically includes props, backdrops, and other accessories that will transport you and your friends straight to Central Perk.

You can expect items like photo frames with famous quotes, cutouts of your favorite characters, Central Perk coffee cups, and more. It’s a fantastic way to encourage your guests to take fun and memorable photos during your Friendsgiving gathering.

3. Hanging Paper Lanterns

Introduce a floating canopy of lights with these Hanging Paper Lanterns to enliven your Friendsgiving decor ideas.

They can be hung in a neat group, varied in sizes and heights for visual depth, over both your dining and sitting areas. This selection of paper lanterns offer a warm, cozy ambiance with their soft glow, whether indoors or outdoors.

Not only do they provide cost-effective decoration, but also they can be used again for numerous other festive occasions. Transport your guests to a dreamy landscape right at your Friendsgiving gathering with these charming paper lanterns.

4. Friendsgiving Bingo

Delight your guests with an engaging and interactive Friendsgiving Bingo game.

This game, with its Friendsgiving-themed terms, adds a playful component to your celebration. Whether as a casual fun during the meal or as a dedicated game session post-turkey, it’s sure to incite plenty of smiles and laughter.

By the end of the night, you can even award a themed prize to the Bingo champion, creating more enduring memories of this Friendsgiving gathering. Apart from entertainment, these themed Bingo cards incidentally add to the joyous Friendsgiving decor on each table.

5. Gold Balloons

Add a splash of luxury to your Friendsgiving décor with these Gold Friendsgiving Balloons. The set comes with lettered balloons that spell out «Friendsgiving» and they are excellent for creating your balloon banner or as standalone centerpieces.

Float them over your Friendsgiving dining table or arrange them at the entrance to welcome your guests with cheerful vibes. These shining elements can be combined with other décor pieces for a fun mix, making your Friendsgiving party aesthetically delightful and unforgettable for all guests.

This was all about the best Friendsgiving decor!

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