24 Unique White Elephant Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love

Looking for unique gift ideas for White Elephant this year? Here are 25 amazing White Elephant gift ideas everyone will love!

white elephant gift ideas

Whether you’re attending a holiday party or participating in a gift exchange with friends or coworkers, finding the perfect white elephant gift can be a fun challenge. In this post, we’ve curated a list of creative and unexpected white elephant gift ideas that are sure to bring laughter and excitement to any gathering. 

From quirky kitchen gadgets to hilarious novelty items, there’s something for everyone on this list. So, let’s dive in and discover some truly memorable and unique gifts!


1. Cheese Board

Elevate your entertaining game with a cheese board. Crafted from natural wood, it includes a set of cheese knives and serving tools.

The spacious design accommodates an array of cheeses, charcuterie, and snacks, making it perfect for parties and gatherings. Its timeless look and practicality make it a great gift for hosts and food enthusiasts. Enhance your next wine and cheese night or dinner party with this elegant cheese board.

2. Custom Nail Polish DIY Kit

White elephant gift exchange ideas $20

Here’s a unique gift for the friend in your life who loves nail art and is always getting their nails done. This gift is extra special because they can create their own nail polish with this DIY kit. It includes everything you need to make vegan colored nail polish.

It’s a delightful and engaging present that invites experimentation, making it an ideal choice for crafty and style-conscious individuals. And maybe this is the perfect excuse to get together and enjoy a nail art session together!

3. Mini Waffle Maker

Add a sprinkle of excitement to breakfast with a compact mini waffle maker. This kitchen gem swiftly conjures up delicious, crispy waffles in a matter of minutes.

Its convenient size makes it a great fit for any kitchen and a versatile tool for creating delightful meals. Whether it’s for a leisurely weekend brunch or a quick weekday treat, this is one of the best under $25 white elephant gift ideas that promises to satisfy taste buds and ignite culinary creativity.

4. Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

Help your friends to capture moments in an instant with the Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 instant camera. This delightful and nostalgic gadget allows users to take photos and share them with friends and family immediately. It’s a charming way to create lasting memories, whether you’re attending special events, traveling, or just enjoying everyday life.

This instant camera makes for a thoughtful and creative gift that encourages the preservation of precious moments, delivering tangible memories in the age of digital photography.

5. Murder Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle

White elephant gift ideas $25

A murder mystery puzzle is some serious fun! This unique and engaging gift presents a double challenge, where you must not only piece together the puzzle but also solve a captivating murder mystery.

As you assemble the intricate puzzle, clues and secrets gradually unveil themselves, providing a thrilling experience for puzzle enthusiasts and mystery buffs alike. Perfect for game nights or solo adventures, this murder mystery jigsaw puzzle adds an exciting twist to traditional puzzling.

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6. DIY Donut Kit

Who doesn’t love some donuts? Whether you’re looking for kids or adult white elephant gift ideas, this DIY donut kit that promises hours of delicious fun. This delightful gift includes all the ingredients and tools needed to whip up your own scrumptious donuts at home.

Whether you prefer classic glazed, chocolate-covered, or something more exotic, this kit allows you to explore your culinary creativity and satisfy your donut cravings. It’s the perfect gift for anyone with a love for baking and a sweet tooth that’s hard to resist.

7. Care Package

White elephant gift ideas for $50

Life can get tough, so show your thoughtfulness for loved ones with a well-curated care package! This versatile gift option allows you to assemble a collection of goodies tailored to the recipient’s preferences.

Whether it’s a mix of snacks, self-care items, or personalized treats, a care package is a heartfelt gesture that brings comfort and joy. Ideal for any occasion or to simply let someone know you care, this gift is a tangible expression of your affection and consideration. It’s a thoughtful way to brighten someone’s day and make them feel appreciated!

8. Gift Mask Set

For all the skin care lovers, elevate their mask-wearing game with a stylish and practical mask set. This set includes a variety of high-quality face masks, ensuring both comfort and protection while making a fashion statement.

With different patterns and styles to choose from, this gift offers versatility and a touch of personal flair. Whether you’re dressing up for an event or simply running errands, these masks combine safety and style for a thoughtful and useful present. A gift that’s both functional and fashionable- the perfect combination!

9. MiGoals Sand Wellness Journal

White elephant gift ideas adults

Mental health is vital, and the MiGoals Sand Wellness Journal is here to support it. This beautifully designed journal provides a space for reflection, goal setting, and self-care practices.

With prompts and exercises focused on mindfulness, gratitude, and personal growth, it encourages a positive mindset and helps establish healthy habits. Give the gift of self-care and encourage a daily practice of self-reflection with this thoughtful journal.

10. Tea & Chocolate Pairing

Chocolate and tea are both among the best gifts you can give to someone, so this is one of the best gifts if you’re looking for white elephant gift ideas for $50. To indulge in this ultimate sensory experience, this delightful gift brings together the flavors of fine teas and artisan chocolates, allowing you to explore the harmonious blend of tastes.

From soothing herbal infusions to rich and decadent chocolates, this pairing offers a luxurious treat for the senses. Treat yourself or someone special to this exquisite gift and elevate their tea-drinking experience!

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11. Crescent Moon Gua Sha Tool

Adult white elephant gift ideas

This Crescent Moon Gua Sha tool is a must-have for anyone wanting to enhance their skincare routine. This stylish and ergonomic tool is designed to massage and sculpt the face, promoting lymphatic drainage, reducing puffiness, and improving circulation.

Made from high-quality, natural materials, it provides a luxurious and soothing experience. By incorporating this tool into your skincare regimen, you can achieve a more radiant and youthful complexion. Treat yourself or someone special to the transformative benefits of the gua sha and elevate their self-care routine.

12. I Am Everything Affirmation Card Deck

Sometimes we all need an affirmation that we are enough! This deck includes a collection of uplifting affirmations, designed to inspire positivity and empowerment. Each card features a powerful affirmation that can be used as a daily reminder of one’s worth and potential.

Whether used for personal reflection or shared with others, these affirmation cards serve as a powerful tool for cultivating self-love and inner strength. Give the gift of empowering words with the I Am Everything Affirmation Card Deck and help someone embrace their true potential.

13. Tile Mate Keys Finder

This is one of the best white elephant gift exchange ideas $20 for the friend who always losses their keys.

With a simple press of a button on your smartphone, the Tile Mate emits a loud ring, making it easy to find your misplaced keys. It’s a perfect gift for anyone who often finds themselves frantically searching for their keys before leaving the house. Never lose your keys again with the reliable and convenient Tile Mate keys finder.

14. Tarot Rider Waite

White elephant gift ideas diy

We all have that one friend who loves to dive into the mystical world of tarot cards. The Tarot Rider Waite deck is a classic and popular choice for both beginners and seasoned tarot enthusiasts.

This deck features vibrant and intricate illustrations that enhance the reading experience. Whether used for personal insight, guidance, or simply as a fascinating conversation starter, the Tarot Rider Waite deck offers a unique and thought-provoking gift for those with an interest in divination and self-reflection.

15. iPhone Lens

Do you have a photography lover in your life? Then this is for them!

This compact and portable lens attachment enhances the capabilities of your iPhone camera, allowing you to capture professional-quality photos. Whether they’re interested in wide-angle shots, macro photography, or zooming in on distant subjects, there’s an iPhone lens for every creative need.

With easy attachment and compatibility with various iPhone models, this gift opens up a whole new world of photography possibilities.

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16. Book Nook™ Reading Valet

A book nook is a perfect gift for avid readers. This innovative and stylish accessory holds your book open, allowing you to read hands-free.

With its compact and portable design, the Book NookTM Reading Valet is ideal for reading in bed, on the couch, or even on the go. It eliminates the need to hold the book and keeps your pages in place, ensuring a comfortable and uninterrupted reading experience!

17. Custom Soy Candle

White elephant gift ideas that are useful

Soy candles are the best present for an environmentally friendly candle lover! Soy candles are made from renewable soy wax, which is a sustainable alternative to traditional paraffin wax.

These custom soy candles are hand-poured and can be personalized with a name, message, or design of your choice. They come in a variety of delightful scents, such as lavender, vanilla, and citrus. Treat yourself or someone special to the comforting glow and fragrant ambiance of a custom soy candle.

18. Watermelon Chess

Looking for unexpected white elephant gift ideas that will surprise your friend? Then you might consider a watermelon chess.

This unique and fun twist on the classic game features watermelon-shaped chess pieces that are sure to delight players of all ages. The vibrant colors and playful design add a fresh and cheerful touch to any game night. Whether your friend a chess enthusiast or simply looking for a charming and entertaining gift, this watermelon chess set is a delightful choice.

19. 12 Cheese Knives Set

Teleport yourself to Europe on a casual Sunday morning with your favorite cheeses and the 12 cheese knives set. This set includes a variety of knives specially designed for different types of cheese, ensuring that you have the perfect tool for every cheese on your platter.

The set comes with a beautiful wooden box for storage, making it a great gift for cheese connoisseurs and hosts who love to entertain. Elevate your friends cheese tasting experience with this 12 cheese knives set.

21. Handmade Ceramic Mug

White elephant gift ideas $5

Ceramic mugs are the cutest addition to your utensils collection! Ceramic mugs are not only functional but also add a touch of charm to your morning coffee routine.

This handmade ceramic mug is crafted with love and attention to detail, making each piece unique. It’s perfect to tell a friend or loved one how special they are. Whether you’re having a cozy morning at home or want to bring a little joy to your office desk, this ceramic mug is a delightful choice.

21. Rechargeable Milk Frother

The rechargeable milk frother is a must-have kitchen gadget for all the coffee and tea lovers out there. This handy tool allows you to create creamy and frothy milk for your favorite beverages with just the touch of a button.

It’s rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries, and it’s easy to clean with its detachable whisk. Whether you’re making lattes, cappuccinos, or hot chocolates, the rechargeable milk frother will take your white elephant gift ideas to the next level.

22. 300ml Color Changing Glass Diffuser

White elephant gift ideas office

Maybe your friend is redecorating their home or would love to create a unique ambiance in their house. This unique diffuser not only fills your home with your favorite scents but also adds a touch of color to any room.

With its elegant glass design and automatic color-changing feature, it creates a soothing and relaxing ambiance. It’s super easy to use: simply add water and a few drops of your favorite essential oils, and let the diffuser work its magic!

23. Sushi Making Kit

A sushi making kit is among our top fun white elephant gift ideas because it can lead to your most memorable culinary experiences.

With this kit, you can make your own sushi rolls right at home. It includes all the tools and ingredients you need, such as a bamboo sushi mat, rice paddle, and nori seaweed sheets. You can experiment with different fillings like fresh fish, vegetables, or even fruit for a unique twist on traditional sushi.

24. Satin Heatless Curling Set

This satin heatless curling set is a game-changer for those who love styling their hair without heat damage. This set includes satin-covered rollers that are gentle on your hair and help create beautiful, long-lasting curls.

Simply wrap your hair around the rollers, secure them with the included clips, and let them set. The satin material helps reduce frizz and breakage, leaving you with soft and bouncy curls.

This was all about the best White Elephant gift ideas!

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