15 Thanksgiving Table Settings That Will Impress Your Guests

Are you looking for unique ideas for Thanksgiving table decorations? Here are the best Thanksgiving table settings you can try!

Thanksgiving table settings

With Thanksgiving round the corner, you might be stressing about the different decorations you can do around your Thanksgiving dinner. You might be looking for options for an outdoor or an indoor dinner.

You can also be someone who strives for perfection and wants to impress their guests in the first minute. We have a bunch of a different options for you – some will be regarding the cutlery, extra elements you can add, table setting, or the theme. So keep reading on to find the perfect Thanksgiving table settings for you.


1. Include Blue Accents

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You can opt for an all-white look and choose a darker color to add some contrast. For instance, you can add blue candles alongside blue drinking glasses so the accent can be set.This will help your dinner table look lively yet minimalistic as well.

Moreover, we have always seen white candles at dinners so we believe it is time to change the trends. Thanksgiving always falls in the winter season which is the season of dark colors. In that case, blue would be the most suitable option as it exudes warmth as well.

2. Use Tangerines as Place Card Holders

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We told you we had an option for everyone. If you want to do something different and unique at your Thanksgiving dinner this year, you should definitely opt for tangerines as place card holders.

Thanksgiving is the season of tangerines so you can use dried tangerines as place card holders. If you opt for dried tangerines, there will be a nice fragrance around the dinner table as well. It’s a nice way to add a pop of color that’s also natural and environmentally friendly.

3. Garlands as Centerpieces

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Your Thanksgiving table settings should always include at least one natural element. One ide is to place small garlands as centerpieces on the dinner table. You can opt for greenery garlands as that would suit well with any accents flowing around.

These can be easily purchased as well but they do have a short life so ensure you don’t buy them in greater advance. You can place simple cutlery with these garlands and your dinner table will stand out regardless. After all, you can never go wrong with garlands.

4. Prioritize Warmer Tones

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Considering Thanksgiving lies in the fall season, you should include warm tones for your as part of your Thanksgiving table decor. Some options can be brown, off-white, beige, dull pink, etc. You can place white colored cutlery and experiment with other accessories.

You can opt for brown colored candles, off-white napkins, warm toned drinking glasses, warm toned table mats, and a dull pink bouquet on the table. With the weather being cold, you need to ensure your guests feel comfortable and warm in your house for the dinner. Lastly, if your house has a modern minimalistic interior, this table setting will match the aesthetic easily. 

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5. Get Mini Velvet Pumpkins For Your Thanksgiving Table Settings

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Mini velvet pumpkins are getting more and more popular amongst Thanksgiving table settings. These can be placed in the middle of the table or you can give each of your guests one mini velvet pumpkin.

They can be used again for other occasions as well for example, Halloween. You can have different sizes of these mini velvet pumpkins and combine them with other elements like candles and even real pumpkins.

6. Set Your Table Outdoors


Your Thanksgiving dinner should be placed outdoors because the weather calls for it. With such a pleasant weather, you can easily perfect the dinner. You can light a bonfire close to the table to celebrate Thanksgiving with passion.

Being outdoors will give you different ideas to decorate your patio or garden. You can add fairy lights to create a sweet atmosphere. Moreover, you can place lanterns in a few corners for this dinner. If the odds are in your favor, you might be able to have dinner with a starry sky.

7. Dry Sliced Oranges and Pine


If you’re looking for rustic Thanksgiving table settings that can also be elegant, there are two elements you might consider: dry sliced oranges and pine.

The fall season brings with it a specific color theme, fruits, and smell as well. When we think of the fall season, the first thing we think about it is oranges and pine. You can place dry oranges over pine leaves.

Those pine leaves can be placed in the center of the table. With pine exuding a dark smell and color, you wouldn’t have to any further colors or smell. The natural fragrance of pine and oranges will freshen the environment.

8. Mix White and Gold Accents

Thanksgiving table setting ideas

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There are two colors that no Thanksgiving table scapes should be missing: white and gold.

Thanksgiving dinners are known for having a mix of white and gold accents because that trend has been working for everyone for ages. This trend never goes out of the chart. You just need to add white plates with gold cutlery. You can have gold colored card holders to add some glamor and exquisite taste to it.

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9. Harvest Thanksgiving Decor With Tons of Tartan Patterns


Tartan patterns are available in every household because of how much they’re used every day. But what most people didn’t know is that this pattern is the main pattern found at Thanksgiving dinners. You can have tartan pattern table cloth, table mat, napkins, etc.

You can experiment with different colors but that will depend upon your aesthetic. You can ensure that you use warmer tones for tartan patterns and not bright tones. But these patterns can be used on other holiday dinners as well because of how versatile their look and feel are. So what do we say – tartan your dinner away!

10. Use Mini Pumpkins as Place Card Holders

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Confused how to place card holders or what to place them on? We have just the right option for you. Considering the theme of Thanksgiving revolves around pumpkins, you can use mini pumpkin holders. These would suit the aesthetic of the dinner and can be used at Halloween or in your Christmas tree as well.

You can opt for white or gold mini pumpkins to ensure your dinner table doesn’t exude darkness and dull tones. These can be later used as decoration pieces as well. So what are you waiting for? Go get your mini pumpkins and “carve” them with your name!

11. White Candles and Wooden Candle Holders


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If there’s a thing we know for sure about Thanksgiving table settings, it’s that white and wooden textures can’t be missed. For candles, you can opt for white candles with a woody candle holder.

For the dinner table itself, you can place food on a wooden table with a gray tone. These tones will match the Thanksgiving aesthetic because it falls in the winter season.

12. Include Big Pumpkins

Simple thanksgiving table settings

You must have heard ‘Go big or Go home’; the same phrase can be applied here. You should opt for big pumpkins as décor because this holiday is all about going all out. You can use fake pumpkins for décor but it would be better if you can use real ones and then reuse them for Halloween.

To avoid ruining your table cloth, you can place them in a wooden box so they don’t stain anything. That box can be used a table center piece. One big decoration piece would be sufficient for the dinner table.

13. Hang Thanksgiving Wreaths

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No Thanksgiving table decor is complete without a Thanksgiving wreath. These wreaths will bring the fresh nature and beginning in your safe space.

You can hang two wreaths on the wall and and link them with a banner, or you can keep it more simple and minimalistic. It can be a nice extra touch to create a feeling of coziness in the room and make your guests get in the Thanksgiving mood.

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14. Mix Greens and Oranges

Thanksgiving table scapes

Green being the color of pines and leaves and orange being the main fruit in the fall season; mixing these two elements would make the dinner seem complete.

The natural freshness they exude would bring the fragrance to your dinner table. You can add minor pieces of both elements to ensure you are following all the Thanksgiving traditions.

15. Get a Thanksgiving Banner


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Are you someone who has a separate table for each course? For your dessert table, we have an option for you to decorate: a Thanksgiving banner!

You can place a Thankgiving banner on that table so that table will also be in sync with the rest of the decor.

This was all about the best Thanksgiving table settings!

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