20 Funny Couple Halloween Costumes That Will Surprise Everyone

Looking for a new Halloween costume idea to try with your loved one? Here are 20 funny couple Halloween costumes everyone will remember!

Funny couple halloween costumes

If you’re in a couple, why not go for a hilarious and attention-grabbing costume that will leave everyone laughing? We’ve gathered a list of 20 funny couple Halloween costume ideas that are sure to surprise and entertain. 

From pun-filled ensembles to iconic duos from pop culture, there’s something for every couple. Get ready to turn heads and create unforgettable memories with these unique and humorous couple costume ideas. Let the fun begin!


1. Mario and Peach

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Step into the whimsical world of the Mushroom Kingdom with this charming Mario and Peach couple costume. Mario, with his iconic red cap and blue overalls, radiates the spirit of adventure, while Peach, in her elegant pink gown and crown, epitomizes royalty. 

Together, they capture the essence of timeless love and heroic journeys. Whether you’re battling Bowser or simply strolling through your Halloween festivities, this classic couple costume is a playful nod to gaming nostalgia and a heartwarming symbol of togetherness.

2. Gardener and Flowers Costume

Funny couple costume idea
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Get ready to bloom with love in this delightful Gardener and Flowers costume: one of the easiest funny duo Halloween costumes. One half of the pair transforms into a skilled gardener, complete with overalls, gardening tools, and a sun hat. 

The other becomes a vibrant bouquet of flowers, radiating color and beauty. This charming ensemble symbolizes the nurturing love between a gardener and their blossoming garden.

3. Pirates Couple Costume

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Embark on a thrilling voyage with the Pirates Couple Costume. One partner takes on the bold persona of a pirate captain, complete with an eyepatch, tricorn hat, and a cutlass. The other assumes the role of a daring pirate wench, dressed in a spirited pirate outfit and adorned with a bandana. 

Together, you’ll evoke the essence of high-seas romance, treasure hunts, and hidden coves. This timeless costume choice allows you to navigate your way through Halloween festivities with charm and panache, infusing the occasion with a dash of pirate allure and excitement.

4. Space Cowgirls

Funny couple costumes
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Set your sights on the cosmic frontier with the Space Cowgirls Costume. In this imaginative ensemble, you will take on the role of a futuristic cowgirl, blending classic Western elements like cowboy boots, hats, and fringe with a touch of space-age flair, featuring metallic accents and futuristic accessories. 

This unique costume choice allows you to bring a blend of Wild West charm and interstellar adventure to your Halloween celebration, ensuring a memorable and out-of-this-world experience.

5. Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love

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The Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love couple costume pays tribute to the iconic ’90s rock and grunge era. One partner embodies the legendary Nirvana frontman, Kurt Cobain, with a disheveled grunge look, flannel shirt, vintage t-shirt, and his iconic white sunglasses. 

The other channel’s the wild and expressive style of Courtney Love, complete with a punk-rock dress, messy hair, and dramatic makeup. Together, they capture the spirit of rock rebellion and artistic passion that defined the era. This funny couple costume idea is a nostalgic nod to music history and a great way to make a statement at any Halloween event.

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6. Hannah Montana and His Security Guard

Funny couple halloween costume ideas
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A classic 00’s choice, the Hannah Montana and His Security Guard costume continues the trend of paying tribute to pop culture icons. One partner transforms into the famous teen pop star, Hannah Montana, with a blonde wig, sparkly skirt, and microphone in hand.

The other partner takes on the role of Hannah’s loyal security guard, dressed in a suit, sunglasses, and an earpiece. Together, they recreate the dynamic duo that captured the hearts of fans worldwide. This costume choice is a playful throwback to the heyday of Disney Channel and a fun way to relive the nostalgia of the early 2000s.

7. High School Jock and Cheerleader

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Funny couple costumes can be really easy to recreate.

Relive the glory days of high school with the High School Jock and Cheerleader couple costume. One partner transforms into a confident and athletic jock, dressed in a varsity jacket, sports gear, and a winning smile.

The other one becomes a spirited cheerleader, donning a cheerleading uniform, pom-poms, and a contagious enthusiasm. Together, they embody the spirit of teamwork, school spirit, and youthful energy. This classic costume choice is a great way to show off your athleticism and relive the excitement of high school sports. Let the cheerleading chants and pep rallies begin!

8. Cinderella and Her Prince

Funny pregnant couple halloween costumes
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Transport yourselves to a fairy tale world with the Cinderella and Her Prince couple costume. One partner becomes the enchanting Cinderella, adorned in a beautiful ball gown, glass slippers, and a tiara, exuding elegance and grace. The other partner transforms into the dashing Prince Charming, wearing regal attire with a royal cape. 

Side by side, you and your partner will recreate the timeless romance of a fairy tale love story, complete with the magical charm that Disney’s Cinderella has captured hearts with for generations

9. Eleven and Dustin From Stranger Things

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Drawing your inspiration from the ever famous TV series Stranger Things, one of you becomes the telekinetic Eleven, dressed in her iconic pink dress, white sneakers, and a blonde wig. The other onetakes on the role of the lovable Dustin, sporting a trucker hat, curly hair, and a vibrant shirt.

This costume choice is a perfect way to celebrate the nostalgia of Stranger Things and become a part of the thrilling sci-fi story.

Technically they aren’t a couple, but they will make one of the best funny couple Halloween costumes.

10. Convict and Police Officer

Easy funny couple halloween costumes
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Embrace the theme of law and order with the Convict and Police Officer couple costume- a classic couple’s choice! All you need is a pair of orange overalls, and you can complete the outfit with handcuffs and a prisoner ID number.

The other partner takes on the role of a fearless police officer, dressed in a uniform, badge, and carrying a baton. Dressed in this costume you will create a dynamic duo that represents the eternal struggle between justice and crime!

It is a great way to add a touch of suspense and excitement to your Halloween festivities.

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11. Twins From The Shining

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Infuse and unsettling vibe into your Halloween celebration with «The Shining» twins couple costume. One partner takes on the chilling appearance of the ghostly twins from the iconic horror film, dressed in matching blue outfits and wearing haunting expressions. 

This costume choice pays homage to horror cinema and is a nod to one of the most unforgettable moments in cinematic history, sure to give everyone a good scare and create an atmosphere of suspense and intrigue at any Halloween event.

12. Cowboy and Cowgirl

Funny couple halloween outfits
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Saddle up and embrace the Wild West with the cowboy and cowgirl couple costume. One of you becomes the rugged cowboy, dressed in a cowboy hat, boots, and a trusty belt with a large buckle, while the other embodies the essence of the cowgirl, donning a cowgirl hat, boots, and a fringed western outfit. 

Together, they create a perfect picture of Western charm and adventure, ready to ride off into the sunset. This classic costume choice is a timeless favorite when it comes to funny couple Halloween costumes.

13. Rally Couple Costumes

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Are you a couple who is always down for some adventure? Then, look no further from the rally couple costume, which will allow both of you to collectively channel and embrace your adventurous side! One partner can dress up as a race car driver, complete with a jumpsuit, helmet, and racing gloves.

The other partner can embody the role of a race car mechanic, wearing coveralls, a tool belt, and holding a wrench. Together, you will create a dynamic duo ready to take on the track and show off your love for speed and excitement. Get ready for a high-octane experience!

14. Amy Winehouse and Freddy Mercury

Funny homemade couple halloween costumes
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Draw your inspiration from the all time iconic stars Amy Winehouse and Freddie Mercury! One partner can transform into the soulful and talented Amy Winehouse, with her signature beehive hairstyle, winged eyeliner, and retro clothing.

The other partner can embody the energetic and charismatic Freddie Mercury, with his iconic moustache, flamboyant stage outfits, and microphone in hand.

Through your halloween costumes, you will pay tribute to two music legends and create a costume that captures the essence of their unique styles and incredible talent. Get ready to rock the stage and bring the spirit of Amy Winehouse and Freddie Mercury to your Halloween celebration!

15. Morticia and Gómez Addams

Funny couple halloween costumes
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If you’re looking for funny couple Halloween costumes that are currently trending, this is the one for you!

To embrace their style, one of you can transform into the elegant and mysterious Morticia Addams, with her long black hair, pale skin, and flowing black gown. The other partner can embody the passionate and charismatic Gomez Addams, with his slicked-back hair, his iconic striped suit, and charming demeanor.

They embody the dark and eccentric love that defines the Addams Family. This costume choice is perfect for those who want to embrace their inner goth and add a touch of macabre elegance to such a special day.

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16. Scarecrows Couple Halloween Costumes

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If you want a funny couple costume idea that can also be scary, the scarecrow costume is for you.

Is there anything more romantic than being creepy/funny scarecrows with matching outfits for Halloween? I don’t think so.

There are so many ways you can pull this off, but one of the easiest ones is opting for a base of black jeans and boots, and then topping that with the scarecrow costume accessories you can easily find on Amazon.

17. Switch Console Costume

Funny couple costume idea
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For all the gamer couples out there, a Switch Console costume is the perfect choice! One partner can dress up as the left Joy-Con controller, complete with colorful buttons and joystick, while the other partner can dress up as the right Joy-Con controller.

Together, you will symbolize the joy and fun of playing video games together, and showcase your love for gaming. This costume choice is a great way to show off your shared interests and bring a playful and interactive element to your Halloween celebration. Get ready to press start and level up your costumes!

18. Rihanna and Rocky ASAP

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They have been one of the most iconic couples for the past years, so why not take inspiration from them to create funny pregnant couple halloween costumes?

Celebrate the music industry’s power couple with the Rihanna and Rocky ASAP couple costume. One partner can channel the iconic Rihanna look, known for her bold fashion choices, featuring a statement outfit and accessories that exude style and confidence. The other partner can embrace the cool and fashionable style of ASAP Rocky, with a trendy ensemble and distinctive flair.

This costume will let you embody the dynamic and trendsetting spirit of this celebrity duo, paying tribute to their influence on music and fashion.

19. Ventriloquist and His Puppet

Funny couple costumes
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Bring a touch of vaudevillian charm to your Halloween celebration with the Ventriloquist and His Puppet couple costume. One partner becomes the talented ventriloquist, dressed in a suit or classic entertainer attire, holding a ventriloquist’s dummy or puppet. 

The other partner transforms into the puppet itself, with a puppet-like costume that mirrors the ventriloquist’s outfit. Create a whimsical and theatrical duo that captures the magic of live entertainment!

20. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

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Recreate this idea and you’ll be wearing one of the cutest couple ideas for costumes: Peter Pan and Tinkerbell! 

Embark on a magical journey to Neverland with these iconic characters from our childhood. One partner can become the adventurous Peter Pan, donning a green tunic, hat with a feather, and a playful spirit. The other partner can transform into the mischievous and radiant Tinkerbell, with a sparkly green costume, fairy wings, and a sprinkle of fairy dust.

Bring to life the enchanting world of J.M. Barrie’s beloved characters, filled with imagination and wonder. Fly away to Neverland and create unforgettable Halloween memories!

This was all about the best funny couple Halloween costumes!

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