20 Cute Last Minute Halloween Costumes For 2023

Are you always leaving things for the last minute and haven’t found a costume yet? Here are 20 cute last minute Halloween costumes you can recreate!

cute last minute Halloween costumes

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you’re still searching for the perfect costume, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with this list of 20 cute last-minute Halloween costume ideas for 2023.

Whether you’re looking to channel your favorite movie character, embrace a spooky theme, or showcase your creativity, these costume ideas will surely inspire you. 

So, grab your glue gun, face paint, and let’s dive into these amazing and easy-to-create Halloween costumes!


1. Belle From Belle and The Beast

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A classic childhood movie, Belle And The Beast was an excellent movie that the 00’s kids enjoyed thoroughly. To reminisce the good times, dress up as Belle from the movie for Halloween. All you will need is a blue ball gown ,a white apron, and a red rose as a prop. 

You can even tie your hair in a bun or wear a wig to complete the look. Quick and easy, it is the first option on our cute last minute Halloween costumes list.

2. Regina George From Mean Girls

Cute halloween costumes for ladies
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Dressing up as Regina George from «Mean Girls» is a fantastic last-minute Halloween costume idea. To achieve her iconic look, start with a plaid mini skirt in shades of pink, purple, or gray, mirroring her preppy style. Pair the skirt with a fitted white tank top, as Regina often sports this classic combination. 

Don’t forget to add a cardigan in a coordinating color to complete the ensemble. Regina is known for her perfectly styled hair, so consider adding some waves or curls to your locks, and if you have long, blonde hair, that’s even better! Finish the look with a touch of attitude, and you’ll be ready to rule the Halloween party!

3. Boxing Girl

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Who run the boxing arena? Girls! For a quick and cute boxing girl costume, grab a pair of black athletic shorts or leggings, a sports bra, and a robe if you have one. Tie a red or blue sash around your waist, put on some boxing gloves, and wrap your hands with white athletic tape. 

You can create a playful boxing name on a piece of cardboard to make a personalized boxing label, attach it to your robe, and wear sneakers to complete the look. Don’t forget to add some boxing moves to your costume for an extra punch of fun!

4. Piñata Costume

Cute halloween costume ideas
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Looking for cute Halloween costumes you can DIY?

Transform into a colorful and playful piñata with this simple costume idea. Start with a bright-colored dress or outfit. Attach long strips of crepe paper or streamers to your dress, making sure they hang down like the fringe on a piñata. 

You can also create a cone-shaped piñata hat using cardboard and more streamers. Paint your face with colorful makeup, add some fake candy to your outfit, and carry a small stick or bat as if you’re the piñata waiting to be «broken» at the party. This costume is not only cute but also a delightful conversation starter!

5. Witch

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A classic witch costume is always a great last-minute choice. Find a long black dress or skirt and top combination, and pair it with a witch hat, which you can easily make from black construction paper. 

Add a witch’s broom as a prop and get creative with green face makeup and a black lipstick to give yourself that spooky yet cute witchy look. Don’t forget to draw on a few moles and add some fake spider accessories for an extra eerie touch.

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6. Beer Costume

Cute easy halloween costume ideas
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Here’s an idea for those looking for cute last minute Halloween costumes to make with your partner.

Who does not love a cold can of beer? Start with a brown or green outfit to represent the bottle, and you can even add a label with a creative beer brand name or logo for some added creativity!

Craft a bottle cap hat using cardboard and paint it to match the color of your outfit. To complete the look, carry around a six-pack container with empty or fake beer bottles. This costume idea is sure to bring some laughter to the Halloween festivities!

7. Glinda The Witch

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Are you looking to add a touch of enchantment to your Halloween night? How about channeling Glinda the Good Witch from «The Wizard of Oz»? To create this charming costume, you’ll need a flowing pink or white gown, a sparkly tiara or crown, and a magic wand. 

Add some shimmering makeup, and don’t forget to sprinkle a little glitter wherever you go. You’ll be the embodiment of sweetness and magic as Glinda!

8. Peach and Daisy From Mario Bros

Halloween costumes last minute ideas
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Are you and your friend searching for cute and easy Halloween costume ideas? Why not go as Peach and Daisy from Mario Bros? To transform into Princess Peach, start with a beautiful pink dress that captures her signature look. Don’t forget to wear a shiny crown atop your head, as Princess Peach is royalty, and a pair of elegant white gloves. 

For Daisy, opt for an equally vibrant orange dress, matching her distinct style. Enhance your Daisy costume with a crown or tiara, just like the one she wears in the games, and complete the ensemble with white gloves. To make your costumes even more authentic, add matching accessories like earrings, necklaces, and even plush versions of Toad and Luigi as sidekicks.

9. Alicia in Wonderland Costumes

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Are you ready to take a whimsical journey down the rabbit hole as Alicia in Wonderland? This playful twist on the classic Alice in Wonderland character offers a fresh and creative costume idea. To become Alicia, find a blue dress with a white apron, similar to Alice’s attire.

Accessorize with a black headband or ribbon, a pocket watch, and a toy white rabbit as your companion. Don’t forget to draw a freckle or two on your cheeks to complete the look. You’ll be ready to explore Wonderland in style with this charming and unique costume.

10. Winx Club

Clever last minute halloween costumes
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Did you and your friends love the Winx Club when you were younger? Then these are the perfect cute last minute Halloween costumes for you!

To create a Winx Club costume, select a fairy character you love the most, whether it’s Bloom, Stella, Flora, Tecna, Musa, or Aisha (Layla). 

Emulate their signature style with colorful and sparkly outfits, matching wings, and unique hairstyles. You can also add some fairy-inspired makeup and accessories to enhance the magical look. Whether you’re the fairy of the Dragon Flame or the fairy of Nature, Winx Club costumes are a fantastic choice for group or solo Halloween fun!

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11. Minnie

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As an ode to the Disney’s oldest and most loved character, dress up as Minnie Mouse! Grab a hold of the Minnie hairband and pair it with a red and white polka dot dress or skirt. Complete the look with white gloves, black tights, and black Mary Jane shoes.

Accessorize with a Minnie Mouse ear necklace and carry a small Mickey Mouse plush toy for added cuteness. Don’t forget to draw on a black nose and whiskers with face paint, and apply red lipstick for that iconic Minnie look. You’ll be the epitome of Disney magic in this classic costume!

12. Superwoman and Wonder Woman

Simple last minute halloween costumes
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Another excellent dynamic duo outfit, dress up as Superwoman and Wonder Woman with your favourite girl! To become Superwoman, find a blue leotard or bodysuit and pair it with a red cape and yellow belt. Don’t forget the iconic «S» symbol on your chest! Add red boots and silver wrist cuffs to complete the superhero look.

For Wonder Woman, start with a red corset or bustier and pair it with blue bottoms. Attach gold star stickers or appliques to the bottoms for added detail. Wear gold wrist cuffs, a tiara, and a lasso of truth as your accessories. Finish the look with red boots and you’ll be ready to save the day!

13. Angel

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Costumes with normal clothes are the best when it comes to cute last minute Halloween costumes.

Start with a white dress or robe to represent the purity and innocence of an angel. Attach a pair of angel wings to your back, which you can easily find online.

Add a halo headband to complete the angelic look. For an added touch, carry a harp prop or wear a necklace with a small harp charm. With this costume, you’ll be spreading joy and positivity wherever you go!

14. Mia Thermopolis

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If you are a clumsy and fun loving girl, this should be your outfit of choice! To transform into Mia Thermopolis, the endearing protagonist of «The Princess Diaries,» you’ll want to capture her distinctive style.

Start by embracing her unruly and curly hair, which is a hallmark of her look. If you don’t have naturally curly hair, you can use styling tools or products to achieve those signature curls. 

Don’t forget to include glasses in your costume, as Mia is often seen wearing them. If you don’t wear prescription glasses, you can easily find faux glasses frames at costume stores to complete the look. With her iconic hairstyle and eyewear, you’ll be ready to step into Mia’s shoes for one day.

15. Cowgirls

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Yeehaw! Get ready to embrace your inner cowgirl with this next costume idea. To create a cowgirl look, start with a pair of denim jeans or shorts. Pair it with a plaid button-down shirt and a cowgirl hat. Don’t forget to add a belt with a big buckle and a bandana around your neck.

Complete the outfit with some cowboy boots and you’re ready to ride into the sunset. Whether you’re attending a Halloween party or going to a country-themed event, this cowgirl costume is sure to make you stand out. So saddle up and have a boot-stomping good time!

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16. Statue Of Liberty

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For a NewYork state of Halloween costume, why not dress up as the iconic Statue of Liberty? To transform into this symbol of freedom, start with a flowing green gown or dress. Add a crown or headpiece resembling the statue’s iconic crown with seven spikes. Don’t forget to carry a torch prop in one hand and hold a tablet with «July 4, 1776» written on it in the other hand.

Accessorize with a chain necklace and wear green face makeup to represent the statue’s natural patina. With this costume, you’ll stand tall and proud, embodying the spirit of liberty on Halloween night.

17. Strawberry Shortcake Characters

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If we’re talking about Halloween costume ideas, we need to include Strawberry Shortcake.

To become this beloved 80s character, start with a pink or red dress featuring white polka dots, reminiscent of strawberry seeds. 

Add a green bonnet or hat with a strawberry accent, and carry a basket of plush strawberries as props. Don’t forget to wear some white stockings and black Mary Jane shoes to complete the look. With a touch of red lipstick and freckles, you’ll be the spitting image of this iconic character.

18. Robin From Stranger Things

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Are you a fan of the hit series «Stranger Things» and eager to dress up as the intelligent and brave Robin Buckley? To create her look, wear a colorful 80s-inspired graphic tee, denim shorts, and a pair of Converse sneakers. Accessorize with a blue utility vest and carry around a clipboard with Russian decoding notes or a can of Scoops Ahoy ice cream for added authenticity. 

Finish the costume with Robin’s signature hairstyle, featuring a unique side-shave and wavy locks. You’ll be ready to solve mysteries and have an adventure in Hawkins, Indiana, as Robin from «Stranger Things.»

19. Fairy Costume

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Fairies are cute by nature, so they had to be on our list of cute last minute Halloween costumes.

Start with a flowing, pastel-colored dress made of lightweight fabric to create a whimsical and enchanting fairy costume. Opt for shades of pink, purple, or blue to capture the magical essence of a fairy. Accessorize with a pair of delicate, glittery fairy wings that match your dress. You can find wings at costume stores or make your own using wire and sheer fabric. 

Add a sparkling tiara or flower crown to adorn your head and complete the ethereal look. To amplify the fairy vibes, apply shimmery makeup in soft, iridescent hues. Use pastel eyeshadows, highlighter, and glitter to create a glowing, otherworldly effect. Don’t forget to add some temporary tattoos!

20. Violet Beauregarde From Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

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To transform into Violet Beauregarde from «Charlie and The Chocolate Factory,» start with a blue tracksuit or dress. This will represent Violet’s iconic outfit before she turns into a blueberry. Add white socks and blue sneakers to complete the look.

To capture Violet’s transformation, consider applying blue body paint or makeup to your face and body. You can also add a blue wig or temporary spray-in hair color to mimic her blue hair. Don’t forget to carry around a pack of gum as a prop to fully embody Violet’s character!

This was all about cute last minute Halloween costumes!

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