16 Genius Taylor Swift Costumes For All The Swifties Out There

Looking for a unique costume that shows your huge love for Taylor Swift? Here are 16 Taylor Swift costumes you don’t want to miss!

Taylor Swift costumes

If you’re a true swiftie, you’re probably looking for your Taylor Halloween costume. With Halloween creeping up, we need to decide our costumes so we are prepared before time.

So we have prepared a range of Taylor Swift Halloween costumes for you from different eras, and how they can match your vibe on Halloween. So try them out, and ensure you have your own mini Eras tour at Halloween.


1. Versace Outfit at the 2016 Grammys

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A simple yet a colorful outfit; some people have also said how this outfit could’ve looked good on Taylor Swift only. An orange tube top with a pink slit skirt. This outfit might not seem like it was made by Versace but guess, Versace has something for everyone. This outfit would be a good last-minute fix for Halloween.

These two pieces can be easily purchased and it would be hard for people to not recognize that you are dressed up as Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift only has a few unique Taylor pieces and this is definitely one of them. Moreover, if you have a bob haircut, then this outfit was made for you. Lastly, who doesn’t love a Taylor Swift at Halloween?

2. REP Era Costumes

Taylor Swift halloween costumes
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This was probably the darkest time in Taylor’s music career when she was in an ongoing battle with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. But the album “Reputation” was an answer and a come back to all her haters and conspirators. Her makeup look was significantly dark as well; her red lipstick kept getting darker with time.

So, if you are going through something similar and can’t think of a comeback, this is one of the best Taylor Swift costumes for you. You can wear the most intense blond hair wig that you can find to add to the costume. You can wear any outfit that exudes darkness and revenge so this option could be good for a last-minute fix as well.

3. 2021 Grammys Dress by Oscar De La Renta

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This is one of the most recent Taylor Swift outfits. The outfit that screams sweetness and delicacy – that is what our favorite singer opted for Grammys 2021. The exact dress might not be the most reasonable option for Halloween but you can find a knock-off or a similar dress from any clothing boutiques.

But if you are in a fun mood, you can DIY the dress as well. Wearing this dress will make people feel as if you are extending an olive branch for friendship. If you are known as the sweet girl in your group, this dress could be “the one” for you.

You don’t have to go extra with the makeup look, but you can experiment with the hair and go with the same hairstyle as Taylor did.

4. «I Knew You Were Trouble» Music Video Outfit

Diy Taylor Swift costumes
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One of the outfits that is regularly seen as Eras Tour. This is one of the songs why Taylor Swift gained popularity. This song gained popularity because every girl could relate to it easily. But if you look at it, this is the easiest outfit to recreate; just grab a plain white shirt and write on it and voila, you are ready.

For added effects, you can add a black hat and red rimmed sunglasses and we have our Taylor Swift ready for Halloween. The brown-bold hair with the shirt and cap will easily help people recognize who you have dressed up as. Everybody has grown up listening to this song so it’s time to make it worthwhile for the fans.

5. «Lover Era» Dress

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Not only this is one of the cutest Taylor Swift costumes, but it’s also really easy to recreate.nThis era was all about colors and flowers and optimism. She wanted to tell people that the old Taylor is still alive so Taylor can be seen wearing colorful clothes on tours.

If you want to opt for this outfit, get your hands on a red shimmery dress but a plus point would be to have a big heart on it as well. The hairstyle should be something from the 80s or 90s to recreate Taylor’s look. If you are all about optimism, colors, and have a jolly personality, this is the outfit for you. Wear funky jewelry that can match your dress with shimmery shoes.

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6. Taylor’s Gold Fringe Dress

Taylor Swift outfit ideas
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This dress can be seen on Taylor during her Eras tour as well. This is a fun dress for when you want to dance the night away and the fringes dancing with you as well.

It could be a fun look for Halloween because you need to wear something light and flowy so you can dance all night. You can style your hair according to your preference and the makeup can be minimal too but a red lip is mandatory.

If you already have this dress in your wardrobe, think no more because we have decided your Halloween outfit for you. Halloween can be another version of a costume party and what’s better than dressing up as Taylor Swift – the icon?

7. «Reputation» Era Outfit

@fearlessfallon on Instagram

Another option from the Rep Era – we love it! Just wear an over-sized sweatshirt in a dark color, preferably blue or black. It can have puffy sleeves for an added effect. If you have been wanting to make a comeback, there’s no better option than this. Get this outfit with a red lip and beach waves and you are ready to face your enemies at the Halloween party.

Moreover, Halloween is primarily about scaring and intimidating people so this outfit can be a winner if you want to intimidate anyone. You can add the REP letters on the shirt so people know that you are donning the REP era dress.

8. Junior Jewels Costume

Taylor Swift eras costumes
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This will forever be one of the most iconic DIY Taylor Swift costumes. his outfit is from the music video of “You Belong With Me” and this is the best outfit if you want to make people feel nostalgic about the past. We have grown up listening to this song and what better way to honor it than wearing it for Halloween.

This can be the easiest Halloween outfit; all you need is the iconic Junior Jewels shirt and a pair of pajama pants. Write relevant things on a white shirt and hold a piece of paper with something written from the music video.

Moreover, you can add flannel trousers and a pair of glasses to look the part. A sweet memory might be awaken at Halloween and you might find other people dressed up from other eras.

9. Fearless Gold Dress at the Eras Tour

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The perfect gold dress and the perfect Taylor Swift costume you can recreate for Halloween. This is one of the most worn dresses by Taylor Swift herself during her Eras tour. It is fancy but it’s an easy and comfortable wear as well.

If you plan on wearing something fancy from the Eras tour, this should be your only option. This can be easily bought from any clothing boutique and can be worn on numerous occasions in the future as well.

You can add shimmery silver boots as well to add a touch of extra glamour to your costume and voila, you are ready to rock the Halloween party.

10. Folklore Dress at the Eras Tour

Taylor Swift heart dress
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This was Taylor’s indication to her fans that she can do so much more and that too in a different way. But this dress should be bought by everyone; not just people looking for a Halloween costume.

A purple flowy dress is all we need to recreate our singer’s costume. Don a dark lip with this and you’ll be ready for Halloween. This will be a comfortable wear and a good indication to your friends that you are worth so much more than they think. The dress should be extravagant so you can portray yourself as someone who has immense significance.

After all, you might be able to make your mark on everyone at this Halloween party.

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11. «Shake it Off» Music Video Cheerleader Costume

Taylor Swift outfits shake it off
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No one will question who you are for Halloween if you wear one of the most iconic Taylor Swift Halloween costumes. An ode to Taylor Swift would be by wearing her classic cheerleader costume. After all, being a cheerleader is the “it” thing in high school.

If you already are a cheerleader at school, you just need to wear sunglasses and you are ready for Halloween. You can wear this outfit with your group and we have a bunch of cheerleaders ready for Halloween.

Even if you don’t have this outfit, this costume can be easily purchased from any costume store. Lastly, this would be a fun way to make everyone reminisce their teenage years.

12. «Look What You Made Me Do»Music Video Outfit


It’s time to dress up as Taylor Swift from her iconic music videos. We have grown up watching such music videos so we know the costumes by heart now.

Grab thigh-high red boots and a long black sweatshirt and you can finish your costume with a red lip. As a prop, you can add a golden colored baseball bat and “trash” your enemies to pieces.

This music video is from her Rep era which exuded darkness and revenge. But this can be used if you want to send someone a message implying the hurt they caused you. After all, Taylor Swift has sent messages to people in her life through her songs.

13. Lavender Haze Outfit

Taylor Swift outfits to recreate
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If you’ve heard this song, you would know it is a sultry song which includes psychedelic elements as well. The outfit is a lavender colored dress with a fluffy open cape. You can add a dark lip as that is Taylor’s classic look.

But if you are wearing this dress, get ready for your crush to notice you because it will send the message you might be hinting at. This could be a last minute option as well because everyone has these two pieces available in their wardrobe.

Lastly, is it just us or are all Taylor Swift costumes an easy fix for Halloween?

14. Taylor Swift Country Outfit

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If you want to recreate the Love Story music video, go get this country outfit right now! No one should pass on this opportunity of dressing up as Country Taylor Swift. Wear this costume and then jam with your friends on Love Story and maybe get proposed as well.

You need to have a frilly dress for this costume and a country hat and you are ready for Halloween. You can add cowboy boots for an added effect as well. For the hair, you can get curls and if you know how to play a guitar, you can carry that too.

15. Taylor Swift’s Eras Group Halloween Costume

Taylor Swift halloween costumes
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Why choose one when you can have all the Taylor Swift costumes? You thought we wouldn’t have something for your group; time to prove you wrong! Everyone loves different versions of Taylor Swift so we shouldn’t restrict them to one era.

Wear whatever Taylor Swift costume you want to! It can be from any era or all from the same era, entirely different eras, or one from each era. This is your time to show everyone your fandom for Taylor Swift.

You can add red rimmed heart shaped sunglasses to show all are swifties because this accessory is her main prop at every tour show. It’s time to turn Halloween into a Taylor Swift fan fest.

16. Miss Americana Outfit

Source: Pinterest

What’s a better way to end this with an all rounder outfit? Taylor Swift shot this documentary when she was moving from the Rep to the Lover Era. This is the in-between transition of Taylor’s eras.

This outfit can be worn if you are going through a transition and your story resonates with Taylor Swift. She is an icon and there’s no better way than to honor her than this. An easy to find costume and a classic Taylor costume as well. Time to jam to Taylor Swift’s songs all night at Halloween.

This was all about the best Taylor Swift costumes!

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