24 Group Halloween Costumes You Should Try With Friends

Looking for unique costumes to match with your friends? Here are the best group Halloween costumes you should see!

Group halloween costumes

Halloween is a time for fun, creativity, and dressing up with friends. If you’re looking to make a bold statement this year, why not try a group Halloween costume?

Not only will you and your friends stand out from the crowd, but you’ll also create unforgettable memories together. From classic movie characters to iconic pop culture references, there are endless possibilities for group costumes.

In this blog post, we’ll explore 24 unique and exciting group Halloween costumes that are sure to impress. Let’s dive in and find the perfect ensemble for you and your squad!


1. Mamma Mia Costume

Group halloween costume ideas
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Get the look:

All of us know Mamma Mia as the classic musical romantic comedy film. The story has been loved by everybody which is why you should dress up as the Mamma Mia girls on Halloween.

This is a 1970s retro aesthetic that you can carry i.e., metallic wide-legged pants and a metallic halter top. You can practice a few songs with your girl gang that you can repeatedly sing so other people can guess who you have dressed up as. You never people might just join in with your group singing and Halloween might not be a scary holiday after all.

2. Colorful Bears

Group halloween costumes for 4
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Do you remember buying customized teddy bears in your childhood? You can twin with your group of friends and dress up as bears but just different colors. You can wear fuzzy and ruffled sweaters with similar shoes and bear ears.

To make Halloween more fun, you can practice a few TikTok dances as well. This costume is one of the easiest group costume ideas for 6 or more.

3. Milla Jovovich in The Fifth Element

Group halloween costumes for 5
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Want to dress up as an alien for Halloween? But let’s make it better, do you want to dress up as a hot alien? You can wear a latex dress that will show the right curves.

You need to look slightly eccentric to fit the alien costume. You should wear a colorful wig and bright makeup so that you resemble an alien but you can wear high heel booties to look sultry as well. This costume might not be the most comfortable but it will be worth it.

4. Strawberry Shortcake Cartoon Characters

Group halloween costumes for 5
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This is the perfect costume that you can opt for your girl gang. Get a bunch of colorful dresses and wear it with your group of friends on Halloween.

All the dresses need to be similar in design and the colors should be similar to that of the Strawberry Shortcake cartoon. We have grown up watching this cartoon and playing different Strawberry Shortcake games. It’s time to relive some memories and dress up as our favorite cartoon. 

5. Pink Cowboys

Group halloween costumes for 3
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Get the look:

Cowboy costumes but make them pink! So why not cowboys? Why do cowboy costumes have to serve the male gender only? These group Halloween costumes for 3 should exude glitz and glamor and can be as pink as possible.

What will make it better? If you can wear this costume with your group of friends, there could be nothing better than that. All you friends can wear different versions of pink cowboy costumes. People have over done wearing red and black at Halloween; it’s time to bring some pink to the party.

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6. Mean Girls

Group halloween costumes office
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I mean, if not Mean Girls at a Halloween party then what? This is the perfect costume option for a trio – the most popular one can be Regina, the one who is known as dumb can be Gretchen, and the sultry one can be Karen.

If you can find an Aaron and Cady at the party, we will have our Mean Girls. You can make your outfit slightly interesting by adding some fake blood to your costume. This will create all the suspense required for a Halloween party. 

7. Play-Doh Cubes

Funny group halloween costumes
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If you want to get creative with your group Halloween costumes, this is for you. A Halloween costume can’t get more interesting this – Play-Doh cubes. You can dress up as a Play-Doh bottle.

Just like us, you might have grown up playing Play-Doh’s. Even if you see a Play-Doh today, you will want to play with it. If you want to make people reminisce their childhood, you know what to do.  This could be a good last-minute option as well as you just have to wear a solid color and carry a Play-Doh bottle over your body.

8. Fictional Animation Characters

Group halloween costumes for 6
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Sometimes it’s difficult to think of one character or cartoon to dress up as and even then, some people might not agree to it. So, why don’t you dress up as your favorite cartoon?

They don’t have to be from the same show; a group of different fictional animation characters is better than just dressing up as one. You need to make everyone relive their childhoods; what if you end up finding your twin character as well?

9. Gangsters Costume

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Get the look:

Want to wear hot outfits and get your crush’s attention? Grab fake guns and batons and wear your favorite black two-piece and rock the world. An all-black outfit is everything you and your girl gang needs currently.

Wear an intimidating black outfit and be the queens of the Halloween party. This is an easy outfit to recreate as well so you don’t need to worry about buying something from scratch.

10. 60s Go-Go Dancers

Best group halloween costumes
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Get the look:

Group Halloween costume ideas hit different when you all wear the same outfit! Go-go dancers have been the ‘it dancers’ from 1960s. Their outfits in the 60s were frilly with long boots and they simply rocked the bars and clubs in their times.

Grab colorful dresses with solid-colored booties and voila, you are a Go-Go dancer. Learn a few classic dance moves so your costume can be easily recognized. Style your hair similar to the 60s hair style and you are ready to rock the dance floor at Halloween.

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11. Movie Villains

Group halloween costumes easy
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What is better than one villain? Five different villains. Why go classic and dress up just as one villain? Dress your entire friend group as different villains from horror movies.

You can dress up as the ghost from Scream, the girl from Grudge, and so on. If you want to scare people at Halloween, leave no stone unturned. You can add one accessory that can be common in all villains for example extremely long nails or fake blood. Do something unconventional and look unique and stand out in the crowd and you are ready for Halloween.

12. Alice in Wonderland

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Alice in Wonderland but make it spooky? Is that your hint for Halloween? Yes, it is! Dress up as your favorite Alice in Wonderland characters but make them look scary. Add fake blood to some characters or disheveled hair to some.

Now we can’t make Halloween seem all sweet and sugary; it has to be scary at some point. It’s time to ruin Alice in Wonderland for people and introduce them to the characters of this story if it was made in the horror genre.

13. Fairy Costumes

Group halloween costumes for teachers
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Get the look:

Indeed, Halloween is the scariest holiday of the year. But Halloween is not complete without a little fairy here and there, and fairy costumes can easily be turned into group Halloween costumes for 4. These outfits might not be available in your wardrobe but you can easily purchase this from Amazon.

If you are going for a specific fairy costume, you need to ensure you wear similar accessories. Otherwise, a basic fairy costume would just entail wings and a sweet, coloured dress.

14. Wizard of Oz

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Have to dress up as characters from Wizard of Oz? Sign us up, please. Everyone has either heard, read, or watched Wizard of Oz. Some might have dressed up as Dorothy in their school play. But dressing up as Dorothy at Halloween is our dream as well.

Ask your friend group to dress up as different characters from Wizard of Oz and recreate a scene from the favorite story of our childhood. Wizard of Oz is primarily the only story that is horror but sweet at the same time.

15. Powerpuff Girls

Group halloween costumes for three
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Do you have a Blossom and Buttercup to your Bubbles? The trio we always wished we had in our childhood. The trio that can face everything and anything and stick with each other. It’s time for your trio to dress up as the Power Puff Girls.

You can wear pink, blue, and green dresses; the dresses don’t have to be extravagant but you should follow the color theme.

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16. Spring Breakers Costume

Group costume ideas for 6
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Get the look:

Perfect costumes for college going girls who are wanting to fund their spring break vacation as well. Just wear a bikini top with cargo pants but the main accessory has to be the face cover.

You can glamorize the face cover if your group prefers that but keeping it simple is good as well. Add a few bank notes and people will know who they’re dealing with at Halloween. It is undeniably the most appropriate costume for your girl gang.

17. Spice Girls

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Spice girls group Halloween costumes will never grow old! Though, they don’t sing together anymore, but back then, there was nothing stronger than that girl group. Pick your favorite Spice Girl and dress up as them.

This will give you the perfect chance to sing ‘Wannabe’ in front of a large audience as well and you won’t be judged as well. To look the part, you should wear mics as well because then no one will question you if you stand up for an impromptu concert as well.

18. Hocus Pocus

Group halloween costumes diy
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Get the look:

The witch trio from our childhood deserves a recognition on Halloween. This story has several movie renditions and books. The makeup and the clothes have to be nailed down to perfection.

The dresses can easily be purchased from a thrift store or Amazon and you can easily do the makeup learning from a YouTube video. But this is a perfect Halloween costume for a trio that is known to be mean and cruel but also stylish!

19. Toy Story Group Costumes

Group halloween costumes guys
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The animated movie that made us cry in our childhood has to be honored at Halloween. We need an Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Mr Potato Head, and so on. It made us feel like our toys could talk and had a life of their own as well.

Dress up as your favorite character for Halloween and try to relive the spirit of the Toy Story movie series. Add your touch to your favorite characters and enjoy Halloween.

20. Disney Princessess

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A group of Disney Princesses at Halloween is everything and more we could’ve wished for. Having a Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Snow White, and Ariel is what would make Halloween perfect for us.

You don’t have to necessarily wear those extravagant gowns and hair styles to look your part. You can serve your look in mini dresses as well but only if you follow the specific color theme of each Disney princess. We can have an entire group of Disney Princesses because knowing everybody, we would have more than one of each Disney Princess at Halloween.

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21. Scooby Doo Team

Group halloween costume ideas
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Do you have a Fred, Daphne, Shaggy, and Velma in your friend group? What are you waiting for? Dress them up as their favorite Scooby Doo characters and go enjoy Halloween. After all, the Scooby Doo team is perfect when it comes to group Halloween costumes for four, because everyone has such a distinct style.

The group that always stick with each other. Scooby Doo might not be playing on our television anymore but we do quote it every now and then. You never know you might find more Velma’s and Fred’s at Halloween and what’s better than that?

22. Austin Powers

Group halloween costumes for 4
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Get the look:

An easy-find yet sultry outfit. This pink slip dress can be found at any local lingerie store. For the sleeves, if you can’t silk pink sleeves, you can DIY and cut them out from an old dress.

This costume is the perfect definition of a sweet Halloween vibe with pompoms attached to the dress.

23. Marvel and DC Heroes

Group halloween costumes for 5
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There can be nothing better than dressing up as Marvel or DC Heroes. The costumes can easily be purchased and a good Marvel vs DC clash is just important at this point. So what if there is not more than one Wonder Woman? There can be an Iron Woman, Super Woman, Bat Woman, Spider Woman because who is judging us on these titles anyway?

 This is one of the best Halloween costumes for large groups because you can add as many heroes as you want!

24. Bees Group Costume

Group halloween costumes office
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Get the look:

You have a trio and are confused what to do for Halloween? You can dress up as Bees for Halloween. You don’t have to do anything unique for this costume. Grab yellow skirts with tops and pair them with white sneakers. You can carry bees cell charts as well if you want to look like nerds but that won’t go well with your outfits.

This was all about the best group Halloween costumes!

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