23 Trendy 2023 Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Totally Unique

Looking for a costume to surprise your friends with this Halloween? Here are 23 trendy 2023 Halloween costume ideas no one will be expecting!

2023 halloween costume ideas

Halloween is right around the corner, and it’s time to start planning your perfect costume. But with so many people going as the same old characters, it can be tough to stand out. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 23 trendy and totally unique costume ideas for 2023. From pop culture icons to obscure references, our list has something for everyone.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the best 2023 Halloween costume ideas!


1. Katherine Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

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Get the look:

Every girl’s favorite movie should be turned into reality. This movie introduced us to the world of luxury and glamour. And it’s easy to DIY a black dress. You can utilize a mid-length black dress with full sleeves or you can easily get it from Amazon.

Being Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s is such a classic option you can never go wrong with.

2. Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland

Halloween costumes 2023 ideas
@rachleec on Pinterest

Get the look:

The title of the character explains the outfit accurately. This outfit fits the definition of Halloween as it is eccentric in all the right aspects. To nail this outfit, you need to ensure some main aspects like the hat, the dress and the jacket, but you can easily get the full costume online.

To add to the Halloween idea, you can ruffle your hair so your outfit gives an unorganized look. If you can nail this look, we can’t wait to see a redefined Mad Hatter outfit version.

3. Austin Powers

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Get the look:

2023 halloween costume ideas pop culture

The best Halloween costume ideas for 2023 are also the most unexpected!

This Austin Powers costume is the perfect definition of a sweet Halloween vibe! It’s fun and it comes with pompoms attached to the dress. This outfit can be used after Halloween as well because it’s the perfect attire for any costume party.

4. Medusa

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Get the look:

You’ll have to admit that Medusa is the coolest mythological creature ever. No wonder why you’d want to be her for Halloween!

A powerful and empowering yet classic outfit. A long gold dress gives a freeway to your curves and shows just the right amount of skin. The headpiece is giving clear messages to everyone that they should steer clear of you. Without the headpiece, this dress will be a winner at all future red-carpet and formal events.

5. Carrie Halloween Costume

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Get the look:

Maybe what you need is a sinister yet sexy outfit. A white dress and fake blood are all you need. Carrie is such an iconic character that this costume never gets old.

The purpose of the outfit is not to terrify you but to give you the chills that something sinister is bound to happen at Halloween, and also to make you look great, obviously! For that, you need to get ready and smear blood over yourself.

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6. Eleven from Stranger Things

2023 halloween costume ideas pop culture
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Get the look:

Best 2023 halloween costume ideas

The entire Stranger Things cast has become a pool of ideas when it comes to Halloween costumes. So if you’re looking for cool 2023 halloween costume ideas, this might be it.

Adding on to this, a little fake nosebleed will make you Eleven’s twin right away. People might mistake you for Millie Bobby Brown and ask for your autograph as well, you never know! However, you need to master the clothes style, that eye stare and hand gesture.

7. Winnie the Pooh

@beholdjanelle on Instagram

Get the look:

If like Winnie the Pooh, you’re a bit lazy, we got you covered!

This should be your go-to outfit right away. The teddy bear character is loved by anyone and everyone. You can make do with your existing wardrobe as well for example wear a long dress sweatshirt and a red crop top over it.

For the teddy bear ears, you can get the headband on Amazon. A little teddy bear makeup will make you look convincing as well so there’s no harm in trying. For added effects, you can wear a pillow under your sweatshirt to mimic the famous teddy bear Winnie The Pooh.

8. Velma from Scooby Doo

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Get the look:

Halloween costume ideas for 2023

A ’90s kid will want to tag along with you at the Halloween party if you dress up as Velma. Scooby Doo was and still is everyone’s favorite cartoon from back in the day. An orange shirt paired with a pink skirt and orange knee-high socks and voila, we have Velma on board!

To make everyone reminisce about their childhood days, you can buy a Scooby Doo stuffed toy that you can carry with you on Halloween. A sweet yet haunting realization that we are dressed as characters we would wait to see on the television; how time has flown by.

9. Kombucha Cup Halloween Costume

2023 halloween costume ideas reddit
@@shakti.sarah on Instagram

DIY this costume:

Wear whatever you want on the inside but just add a large bin to your outfit and we have a Kombucha cup with us. This outfit is all DIY as you would be required to cut out the bin to fit your head inside.

Furthermore, you need to prepare the artwork for the bin as well. You can dress as a Kombucha or any other drink. You don’t need to dress up and pair this bin with a pair of black jeans. This does sound easy but cutting a bin is no joke, so we hope you have the right tools for your next project.

10. Classy Skull

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Get the look:

If you’re looking for 2023 Halloween costume ideas that are simple but effective, this skull costume is perfect for you. For this, you can wear any little black dress and pair it with red pumps.

For some added effect, you can get a black dress with puffed sleeves. Getting the makeup right can be a bit difficult to master but YouTube is your friend!

11. Cupid Girl Costume

2023 halloween ideas
Source: Pinterest

Get the look:

Do you want to play matchmaking at Halloween? Well, we have just the perfect costume for you. Halloween is all about spooky things, but it can also be about love!

To nail the outfit and not look like a fairy, you need a pair of angel wings and the arrow and bow to show that you are the true Cupid girl. A red sequin short skirt will add a pop of color to your outfit and make it really stand out.

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12. Aladdin and Jasmin Costume

Source: Pinterest

Get the look:

The perfect and the most classic couples’ Halloween costume! This can be easily procured from any costume store because this is one of the most common outfits worn at Halloween. If the girl knows how to belly dance, well we are wondering why you don’t have Jasmine’s outfit in your wardrobe already.

You can make a few changes to the accessories according to your comfort but you have the blue two-piece set and the purple jacket, you should have decided on your Halloween costume ages ago.

13. The Fairily OddParents

2023 halloween costume ideas
Source: Pinterest

Get the look:

This might be the last Halloween with your before you move away for college so you want it to be memorable, and there’s nothing more memorable than dressing up as your favorite childhood characters.

All you need is a pair of white tops and matching glittery skirts but in different colors. You can get them and the other accessories, like the fairy wand and the crown tiara, from Amazon.

14. 60s Hippies

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Get the look:

Not only these are the best 2023 halloween costume ideas, but also outfits you could totally wear to a Harry Styles concert.

Wear anything eccentric and out of order and well, you will be a hippie. A wide headband with the most colorful outfits known to man and white boots and voila, you are ready for Halloween.

Anything glittery classifies as a hippie theme as well so you are not restricted to just colorful clothes. If you want to add an extra fun touch to it, you can try a hairstyle that will volumize your hairstyle.

15. The Sun and The Moon

Source: Pinterest

Get the look:

Two best friends looking for Halloween outfits? You can be the Sun and the Moon who love each other to the extent of never failing to show up for each other.

You can wear the same solid tops but for bottoms, make sure you wear yellow for the sun and silver for the moon. You can add a headpiece to identify what you are; stars for the moon and a flashing lights tiara for the sun. The funniest part will be choosing your element according to your personalities!

16. Barbie Costume

Best 2023 halloween costume ideas
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Get the look:

We know you are all as obsessed with Barbie as we are. As kids, we wanted to have those fancy houses with swings, a garden, ample rooms, and a luxurious wardrobe, and we still do!

Barbie had a peculiar style when it came to clothes. So you can opt for plain Barbie shirts and style them with pink pants or skirts. Your outfit should be as pink as it can be but pair the entire outfit with solid-colored boots. After all, we are all Barbie girls, and make sure to look for your Ken at the Halloween parties!

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17. Space Cowboys

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Get the look:

Well, don’t we all want the country lifestyle? At some point, you must have imagined yourself wearing that cowboy hat and boots and riding your horse. Well, we can’t promise you a horse but we have an idea for you to dress as a cowgirl for this year’s Halloween.

You don’t have to succumb to the usual cowboy colors; you can go as glamorous as you want from glitters to metallic to crop tops to sequined tops. If you can’t dress scary for Halloween, at least you can dress fancy. Glamorize your cowgirl hats by adding different embellishments to adjust the Halloween theme and fulfill your dream of being a cowgirl.

18. Fairies

2023 halloween costume ideas for couples
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Get the look:

Fairies are supposed to be innocent so it’s time for you to be a bittersweet fairy. You can dress like a fairy and add wings to your costume. For added effects, you can add tiaras and dainty jewelry as well.

If you are in a girl group, all girls can wear the same outfit but in different dresses to create some harmony within each other. To add a sultry look, you can wear nightgowns rather than basic dresses.

19. Silver Alien

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Get the look:

Aliens can be terrifying in movies, but they can be stylish in real life, especially in our list of Halloween costumes for 2023.

Dressing an alien is no science because you have to wear a silver metallic suit or dress and add some antennas to your head. To make it realistic, you even can do an alien makeup look that could even work as a Coachella make up look, to be honest.

20. Sparkly Cowboy Costume

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Get the look:

A sparkly cowboy outfit for Halloween? Sign us up right away. You get to achieve your lifelong dream of becoming a cowboy but a glamorized version of it. You can wear any sparkly colored top and skirt and pair them with glittery boots as well.

For the hat, you easily get the same one on Amazon. For an added touch, you shouldn’t miss the scarf. You might not be following the Halloween theme but a costume party theme but it doesn’t matter as far as you’re looking good and winging your look.

21. Dark Angel

2023 halloween costume ideas for guys
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Get the look:

Anything spooky and sexy is at the top of our 2023 Halloween costume ideas list, so we couldn’t forget about the dark angel costume.

You can show as much skin as possible because you are a devil angel after all. The dress can be short as well with sheer stockings. Add wings and an angel crown for added effect.

Considering the entire outfit is black, you can go light with the makeup and add red lipstick. For the dress, you can wear lingerie and add a tutu skirt or sheer bottoms. We guarantee you that the fairy angel will be intimidated by you and you will be the best dressed this Halloween.

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22. Beetlejuice

2023 halloween costume ideas women
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Get the look:

This might be the easiest Halloween costume but we can assure you it will make you stand out amongst the entire crowd. You can add a few cuts here and there to make it look edgy and intimidating.

For the makeup, your eyes should do the job of making it look like a Halloween outfit. Make your eyes as dark as possible but use colors of red and black. Add a few marks on the neck for a terrifying look and we will have Beetlejuice in the house.

23. 80s Barbie Costume

Source: Pinterest

Get the look:

Yes, we love Barbie in all its forms, including 80s Barbie! A monogrammed Barbie jumpsuit is all you need. Add some pink tights and knee-high socks to bring some color to your outfit.

But don’t forget to add the blue color to your outfit; after all, blue and pink are Barbie’s colors. Last but not least, don’t forget the iconic Barbie sunglasses. Keep the makeup as pink as you can because we’re all Barbie girls.

This was all about the best 2023 Halloween costume ideas!

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