30 Best Luxury Graduation Gifts For College Graduates

Are you looking for unique graduation gifts for a college grad? Here are 30 luxury graduation gifts they will never forget.

luxury graduation gifts

Your family members or best friends are graduating college but you don’t know what to gift them because just like everybody else, they haven’t given you a list; well, here’s when we jump in.

We have created a list to help you choose the most suitable luxury graduation gift for every special member in your life in order to make their graduation the most memorable experience. 

Luxury graduation gifts are timeless and can last a lifetime, which is what makes them the best option to give a college graduate. 


1. Valentino Rockstud Earrings

The Valentino Rockstud earrings are the exact definition of grace and style. They exude luxury and are perfect for those who love to wear items from luxury in an elegant and delicate way. They have been designed with the inspiration of ancient architecture. 

These might seem like a small gift but those who value the brand will know the grandeur and significance of it. If this is your first Valentino item, then you are on the right path to owning a wardrobe full of luxurious items.

2. Celine Triomphe Oval Metal Sunglasses

Luxury graduation gift

A unique pair of luxury sunglasses can just be the most suitable graduation gift since designer sunglasses are one of the most gifted luxury graduation gifts. We love the Celine Triomphe metal sunglasses made from silver-tinted metal with gray lenses.

They give you a little peak from the past and a sneak into the future as well through their design and shape. We believe black sunglasses are overdone in today’s fashion; it’s time to explore other designs.

3. Gucci Coated-Canvas Tote

Coolest graduation gifts

A perfect gift for someone who is bound to start their job shortly. The Gucci Coated-Canvas tote has a Gucci monogram design on the front and back with the classic red and green webbing, which instantly turns it into a fashion staple. This bag has gold hardware made of brass and screams class to anyone and everyone.

This spacious bag also comes with a strap in case you want to use it as a messenger bag for work as well.

4. Michael Kors Signature Jet Set Charm Crossbody

A luxury crossbody bag is everything anyone wants to wish for currently. Available in two different colors – brown and golden, black and silver, the Michael Kors signature crossbody is perfect for the recent graduate trying to upgrade their wardrobe.

If a crossbody bag made of nylon with ample space and water-resistant isn’t the perfect gift then we don’t know what can be. This is not too heavy on your gift budget and can be easily carried around as well.

5. Pasha de Cartier Stainless Steel and 18-Karat Rose Gold Watch

Luxury graduation gifts for her

A watch is one of the best luxury graduation gifts that will last you a lifetime. On top of that, if it’s a Cartier watch, the gift will hold ample value.

The Cartier stainless steel 18-karat watch is a rose gold and silver colored watch with a contrast of blue colored hands.

A Cartier piece is the epitome of class and the quality of this luxury brand is premium. This can be worn on different occasions from a wedding to a graduation and fit very easily. 

6. Maison Margiela Silver Logo Engraved Bangle

A jewelry piece is the perfect gift for a graduation. We love this Maison Margiela cuff-shaped bracelet because it’s the perfect accessory to wear with a watch.

It has a numerical carved on the outside of the bracelet. The best part is that it gives a luxurious feel without being heavy on the budget as well.

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7. Acne Studios Vally Fringed Knitted Scarf

Expensive gifts for graduation

There’s nothing better than a fringed fuzzy scarf for Winter. This Acne Studios oversized scarf is available in three different colors and can be wrapped twice around your neck.

It is a one-size piece so you don’t need to worry if it will fit your friend or not. The best part is it allows you to dress warm without adding too many layers to your outfit and staying stylish at the same time.

8. Chloé x Mifuko Large Woven Basket Tote

The dreamy tote is what your friend wants for their graduation. Chloé is the most suitable luxury brand for everyone as it’s a little down toned than the other luxury brands.

This Chloé woven bag is the perfect accessory to any beachy dress or Summer outfit. The best part is ample storage it offers you which make it the perfect beach bag.

9. Dyptique 34 Boulevard Saint Germain Scented Candle

High end graduation gifts

Wouldn’t you want a scented candle that exudes the aroma of black currant leaves and sun-dried figs? This scented candle is one of its kind as the aroma is meant to take you to the streets of Paris and get lost in its sweet smell.

It is bound to last you a long while as the grammage is higher and there is only one size in this aroma. The carved candle structure can be later used as a storage space for pencils or makeup brushes or simply as a showpiece as well.

10. Sophie Billie Brahe Velvet Jewelry Box

A designer jewelry box is one of the most classic luxury graduation gifts.

This Sophie Billie Brahe floral-themed jewelry box is designed for the graduate that wants to keep their jewelry pieces safe in a special place. It has four pink velvet-toned compartments for rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

The velvet will protect all the accessories placed inside, while the floral theme of the box will elevate the look of your dresser or vanity.

11. Marlo Paz Pour Toujours 14-Karat Gold Diamond Anklet

University graduation gifts for her

Is it just us or graduation seems like the appropriate time to start investing in gold jewelry? Well if you agree with us, here is a simple gold-toned anklet with an innocent charm of a heart.

This is a handmade piece made from 14-karat gold and decorated with a small diamond. If you look closely, you can read the words «Pour Toujours et à Jamais» engraved on the back, which mean «Forever and Ever» in French.

12. The Medium Tote Bag by Marc Jacobs

The Marc Jacobs tote bag is what any recent graduate entering the work environment needs. This bag can be carried anywhere and will be deemed appropriate easily.

It is a simple yet classy bag so you will be checking luxury off your list. It has ample storage as well so it can be used for travelling or work. It’s available in so many colors; black, blue, green, and beige. 

13. Deny Designs Ravello Italy Floating Art Print

University graduation gift ideas

A unique art print is the perfect luxury graduation gift for the college graduate moving into their own apartment.

This colorful piece by Deny Designs is bound to bring color to your living space and the acrylic just amps up your colorful lifestyle significantly. There are several different designs available so you can purchase the one your graduate resonates the most with.

14. Shani Darden Déesse PRO LED Light Mask

If you’re looking for exclusivity, the Shani Dardeen Déesse PRO LED light mask will truly surprise any college graduate.

This LED mask is the perfect solution to all your aging issues ranging from acne, pigmentation, lack of sleep, to wrinkles. This investment is the best device in the market to prevent facial aging and help rejuvenate your skin in the comfort of your home.

15. David Yurman Initial Pendant Necklace

Expensive college graduation gifts

A personalized gift is the answer to all your questions. This David Yurman twisted cable-inspired necklace is a timeless classic from his Cable Collectible Collection.

It is formed by a 18-karat yellow gold box chain and pendant. The lenght is adjustable and the Pavé diamond initial is what makes it so special. This is a minimalistic and dainty piece you can turn into your everyday necklace.

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16. Jennifer Meyer Wishbone 18-Karat Gold Ring

If you’re looking for luxury graduation gifts for her, you can’t go wrong with a Jennifer Meyer ring.

The symbolism embodied into this handmade 18-karat gold wishbone ring will bring good fortune to the college graduate starting a new chapter. Its simplistic and minimalistic form makes it easy to pair with with other cold and colorful ring and can add an elegant touch to every outfit.

If you need a luxury graduation gift for your best friend, this can be your everyday friendship ring as well.

17. Anissa Kermichie Love Handles Ceramic Vase

Luxury gift ideas

A quite literal depiction of love handles will be found in this Anissa Kermichie vase. This can be used as a showpiece on your coffee table or the corner.

It can be left as it is because it is bound to make an impression on its own. However, you can try putting fake flowers in it to bring some contrast and nature to the room.

18. 3-Minute Peel by Le Prairie Cellular

This weekly 3-minute peel promises to instantly shrink your pores and gives you a radiant and moisturized finish.

Constant use of this product will lead to a refined version of your skin with lesser pigmentation and pores. Rather than spending money on other skin care products, this can be your one-stop solution.

19. Venus et Fleur Classic Large Round Rose Box

Graduation gifts luxury

Natural roses for an entire year? Sign us up right now.

The Venus et Fleur natural roses are delicately grown in Ecuador. If maintained well, they are bound to keep their fresh appearance for up to a year.

All you need to do is keep them away from direct sunlight and put them in a room with normal temperature (not too cold or too hot). If your graduate is not a fan of pink roses, you don’t need to worry about it, as they come in a big variety of colors.

20. Prada Eternal Gold Small Earrings

The triangle is Prada’s signature element. In these 18-karat triangle-shaped earrings made from recycled yellow gold, the brand reimagines this classic element first introduced in their 1913 collection.

That’s why the Prada Eternal earrings are for someone who doesn’t like flashy items but still prefers pieces that exude luxury. They are a timeless piece that can be worn at any occasion and event.

21. Anya Hindmarch Raffia Draughts Set

Expensive gifts for graduation

A portable draught set made from raffia may be one of the coolest graduation gifts for those who love traveling (and table games!).

It can be placed on your coffee table and add an extra touch of aesthetic to it. This blue and black woven set can be neatly packed up and stored as well.

22. Paravel + Net Sustain Aviator Carry-On Suitcase

Speaking of traveling, a hardshell carry-on suitcase should be a part of your luggage if it isn’t already.

Paravel’s Aviator carry-on suitcase is made from vegan leather and recycled-polycarbonate. It has a height of 6.9in and a width of 13.4 in. It’s easy to move around the airport thanks to its four 360-degree rotating wheels and has a sleek design that doesn’t take up ample space in the plane’s overhead cabin.

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23. Miu Miu Logo Strap Ballet Flats

High end graduation gifts

The Miu Miu ballet flats have been gaining popularity ever since celebrities from have been pairing them with different outfits to ensure that they can be worn with everything. We have seen them being worn by the top It girls, from Bella Hadid to Lily Rose Depp.

The Miu Miu logo just elevates the design significantly and the strap offers more support which makes it more comfortable eventually.

24. Saint Laurent Sunglasses

A pair of designer sunglasses will be your graduate’s summer staple which is why they make such great luxury gift ideas.

Your sunglasses don’t have to be black only and the Saint Laurent geometric-frame sunglasses in brown are here to prove it. Featuring a tortoise-shell effect and made in Italy, these sunglasses are the perfect 70s touch to any outfit.

25. Gucci Crystal Hair Clip

Luxury graduation gift

A GUCCI hair clip will instantly improve any outfit by adding a fun touch to it.

This classic hair clip features a tortoise-shell tone with a Gucci logo made from rhinestones. You can wear it with sleek and straight hair as clips go well with open hair. It is small gift that will have significant worth for anyone who receives it.

26. Missoma Initial Necklace

Missoma’s initial necklace is the classic initial necklace from your childhood but with a unique twist.

It is made from 18-karat gold and entails a curved outer area inside that contains three pearls. It’s minimalistic design can be easily worn with every outfit and is a great fit for any occasion, regardless of your graduate’s fashion style.

27. Olivia Von Halle Coco Piped Velvet Pajama Set

Expensive graduation gifts for her

This Olivia Von Halle velvet pajama set is inspired by Old Hollywood styles worn by Coco Chanel.

The Swarovski buttons on it make it fancy enough to be worn at a dinner party as well, proving that pajama sets can also be high end graduation gifts. Pair it up with diamond studs to make the most of this outfit.

28. Miu Miu Sablé Pleated Mini Skirt

The standard Miu Miu colors of red and blue contrasted with white make the best combination outfit for your next brunch with friends.

The sablé pleated design makes this Miu Miu skirt a basic and timeless piece that can easily be styled. You can wear this to dinners and parties and accessorize accordingly to look apt for the occasion.

29. Prada Bucket Hat

Luxury gift ideas

Bucket hats have become a trendy piece since Prada released their iconic bucket hat.

The Re-Nylon Prada bucket hat is made from recycled and purified plastic trash collected in the ocean.

This bucket hat is bound to make your outfits stand out a bit more than usual. With the vast variety of colors offered by Prada, it’s the perfect graduation gift for any graduate who loves fashion.

30. Chloé Penelope Denim Shoulder Bag

Chloé has once again proved that their bags are the epitome of luxury graduation gifts.

Inspired by the independent character from Greek mythology, the Chloé Penelope denim shoulder bag screams feminism with its braid-like structure. It can be used in multiple ways – as a shoulder bag, crossbody bag, and mini-tote as well.

To add to the uniqueness of it, it has tassels attached to it as well with a big clasp so you don’t need to worry about the bag being open all the time.

Luxury Graduation Gifts Q&A

1. What is Considered a Good Graduation Gift?

A good graduation gift can range from a piece of jewelry, bag, tech device, to cash. The item can be dependent on the person who’s graduating. You can ask them before purchasing anything to ensure that the gift they receive should be their favorite as well. Ideally, timeless and unique graduation gifts that your graduate will actually wear or use are the best gifts.

2. Is $500 a Good College Graduation Gift?

Cash is always a good gift if you can’t think of what to gift. It gives the other person the liberty to spend it on whatever they like. They might invest those $500 or spend it all at once.

But on the other hand, it is always better to gift something tangible as you will always be fondly remembered through that gift because money can be spent very easily and it might not hold sufficient sentimental value. 

This was all about the best luxury graduation gifts.

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