20 Drunk Barbie Cakes For Your 21st Birthday

Are you looking for original birthday cake ideas for your 21st birthday? Here are 20 drunk barbie cakes that are genius!

drunk barbie cakes

Are you looking for an exciting way to celebrate your 21st birthday?

Why not indulge in some wild and quirky fun by having a drunk Barbie cake? This post features 20 creative ideas that can make your birthday bash memorable. From tipsy Barbie dolls to cupcakes that taste like cocktails, there is something for everyone. 

So, grab your friends, put on your party hats, and get ready for a boozy adventure with these insanely fun ideas!


1. Barbie in a Martini Glass

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A Barbie in a cocktail glass cake is a fun and unique cake that will definitely impress your guests.

It features a Barbie doll stuck in a glass filled with colorful cocktail-inspired cake layers. Barbie is dressed up in a fun cocktail dress and can be decorated with fun accessories, such as sunglasses or a miniature cocktail in her hand. Not only is this cake visually striking, but it is also delicious and perfect for any 21st birthday celebration.

2. Beer Barbie Cake

Barbie drunk birthday cake
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If you’re a beer lover, this beer Barbie cake is the perfect choice for your 21st birthday party. Have your Barbie doll covered in fondant beer cans and a fun beer mug-shaped cake.

Barbie can even have a miniature beer in her hand to complete the theme but drowning your Barbie’s face in a huge glass of beer is definitely the more fun way to do it! With some yellow and white frosting, this is one of the most creative drunk barbie cakes you’ll find.

3. Drunk Barbie Holding Number Candles

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Recreate this idea:

For a simple yet fun drunk Barbie cake topper, have the Barbie holding a candle number to represent your 21st birthday. The cake can be a simple two-layered cake decorated with colorful sprinkles and a fondant Barbie dressed up in a party outfit.

Add a mini bottle of alcohol next to the Barbie to complete the «drunk» theme. This cake is perfect if you want a fun and easy DIY option for your birthday celebration.

4. Silver and Black 21st Birthday Cake

Drunk barbie birthday cake
@annahfudgecakery on Instagram

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If you’re looking for a classic and elegant way to celebrate your 21st birthday, consider a Silver and Black 21st drunk barbie birthday cake. This cake features black and silver frosting and can be decorated with silver glitter, pearls, or other decorations.

The cake also features two large candles in the shape of the number 21, making it a perfect centerpiece for your birthday party. It’s a timeless option that will make your 21st birthday memorable for years to come.

5. Barbie and Ken Cake

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Recreate this idea:

For a fun and playful cake, consider adding a Ken to your Barbie. This cake features two dolls dressed up in party outfits and placed on top of a two-layered cake.

You can even decorate the cake to look like a bar or nightclub scene, complete with edible «drinks» and «food». It’s a great way to celebrate your 21st birthday with your significant other or best friend. Plus, the cake will make for some great photo opportunities.

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6. Disco Themed Drunk Barbie Cake

Drunk barbie 21st birthday cake
@chytrohlavekpece on Instagram

Recreate this idea:

If you’re in the mood for some funky and playful vibes for your 21st birthday party, disco-themed drunk barbie cakes are an option worth considering. This cake features a disco ball-inspired top tier, and the bottom tier has a Barbie doll who’s clearly had one too many drinks, with a miniature bottle in hand and her hair all over the place.

The cake will need to be decorated with colorful disco ball sprinkles and edible glitter. It’s perfect if you want a cake that screams «party» and will have your guests dancing all night long, leaving them in a disarray by the end of the night! 

7. Glitter Cake Numbers

Drunk barbie drip cake
Source: Pinterest

Recreate this idea:

For a simple yet eye-catching cake, consider using sparkly numbers. This cake features two sparkly cake numbers, «2» and «1», covered in multi-colored glitter and positioned on a plain frosted cake.

You can also add some fun accessories, such as confetti or edible pearls, to complete the look. It’s perfect for a low-key yet stylish 21st birthday celebration!

8. Tropical Themed Cake

@desserts_by_melanie_ on Instagram

For a summer birthday bash, why not try a tropical themed cake? This cake is perfect for those who want a taste of the tropics on their special day.

Use colorful flowers, edible seashells, and even a miniature beach scene as a drunk barbie cake topper. You can also add fun tropical drinks and accessories, such as mini umbrellas, to complete the theme. It’s a fun and vibrant way to celebrate your 21st birthday and feel like you’re on a tropical vacation.

9. Use a Custom Birthday Cake Topper

@ellies.cakesandbakes on Instagram

Recreate this idea:

Drunk barbie cake topper

Drunk barbie cakes are naturally funny, but if you want your birthday cake to really stand out, you need a custom cake topper.

This way, you can have your name or a special message printed on the topper to make it truly unique. The topper can be made from different materials, such as acrylic, wood, or glitter paper, and can feature various designs to match your theme. It’s a great way to make your 21st birthday cake stand out and add a touch of your personality to the celebration.

10. Puking Barbie Cake

Drunk barbie cake accessories
Source: Pinterest

For a humorous and unforgettable drunk barbie cake, consider this drip cake!

While some might consider it to be gross, it’s a fun way to express your sense of humor. The cake can be designed to look like a toilet bowl or trash can, with the Barbie doll positioned over it.

It’s certainly not a conventional cake, but it’s a hilarious way to celebrate your 21st birthday. Just be prepared for the cleanup afterwards!

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11. Vet Barbie Cake

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For a unique twist on the traditional drunk Barbie cake, consider the vet Barbie cake. This cake features a Barbie dressed up in a veterinarian outfit, with toy animal patients on the cake.

It can be decorated with paw prints, bones, and other animal-themed details. It’s perfect for those who love animals and want a fun but do not forget their career goals even on their birthday!

12. Partying Barbies Cake

@harmonys_cakes on Instagram

What’s even better than one partying Barbie? Well, two partying Barbies!

This cake features multiple Barbie dolls dressed in party outfits- much like you and your friends on the occasion. If it is a multi-layered cake, the Barbies can be placed on individual tiers.

Decorated with fondant decorations, edible glitter, and sparklers the cake will be the perfect show-stopping centerpiece of your birthday!

13. Yellow Themed Drunk Barbie Cake

Barbie drunk birthday cake
@maris.bakesx on Instagram

Recreate this idea:

If you want to go a bit further with your drunk barbie birthday cake, make sure you get a color-themed cake.

This cake can be decorated with yellow frosting and fun decorations such as mini suns and smiley faces. The Barbie can be placed on top with a miniature bottle in hand and a disheveled appearance to represent a night of heavy drinking.

14. Big Golden Birthday Number Topper

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Recreate this idea:

Your birthday cake topper is one of the most important aspects of your cake, specially when we’re talking about drunk barbie cakes!

For those of you who do not want to indulge in a specific theme, but would still like some fan and make sure your cake stands out, add the numbers 21 in a big golden font. Add a sunken miniature Barbie figure on the side to show the burden that is the big age of 21.

Along with some sprinkles and a miniature bottle on the cake, you can create a stunning and fun cake that is perfect for your 21st birthday celebration.

15. Include a Toy Toilet

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Recreate this idea:

Drunk barbie cake accessories are super important as well!

Featuring a drunk Barbie positioned in front of the toilet, with her hair all over the place and a miniature bottle in hand, this cake is definitely the most unique way to celebrate your 21st! You can add edible toilet paper and soap to make the cake extra interesting and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

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16. Drunk Birthday Ken

Drunk barbie 21st birthday cake
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Drunk Barbie cakes are not just about barbies, but Ken too! To add a twist to your 21st birthday Barbie cake, feature a drunk Ken on it. With a few sparkles and a minaiture bottle on the side, your cake is complete!

This is a perfect choice for those who prefer having a minimalist cake but do not want to leave out the fun for their 21st birthday!

17. Include Mini Alcohol Bottles

Source: Pinterest

Alcohol is what your 21st birthday is all about! So it is no surprise that your 21st birthday cake should feature mini alcohol bottles all over it. Add to the cake’s decor with edible glitter and fun decorations to complete the look.

You can also add a mini bar set up around the cake to create a boozy atmosphere. It’s a perfect way to incorporate alcohol into your birthday for the first time!

18. Pink and Red Cake

@sublimecakesandsweets on Instagram

Those of you who want to encapsulate the elegance of 21 on your drunk barbie cake should consider a pink and red cake.

It features an ombre frosting in shades of pink and red with delicate fondant roses and edible pearls. Don’t forget to add a miniature bottle on the side because 21st birthday cakes are definitely incomplete without some drinks! 

19. A Personalized Edible Doll

Drunk barbie birthday cake
@sweetbakes.byhannah on Instagram

For those of you who love being in the spotlight, consider a truly one-of-a-kind drunk Barbie cake: a personalized edible doll.

Have an image of yourself printed onto the Barbie dolls dress, or better yet, let the Barbie fondant itself be a look alike version of you! This is the perfect and ultimate way you add a personal touch to your 21st birthday cake and make the day all about you!

Decorate it with sprinkles and flowers, with colorful frosting to create a cake your guests will never forget.

20. Cowgirl Themed Drunk Barbie Cakes

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Recreate this idea:

Saving the most fun and unique way to celebrate your 21st birthday for the last- a cowgirl themed cake! The cake can be decorated with a cowgirl hat and boots, and the Barbie doll can be dressed accordingly.

Add some edible cacti and mini tequila bottles to complete the Southwestern look. Don’t forget the sparkles and a miniature bottle to complete the 21st drunk barbie birthday cake!

This was all about the best drunk barbie cakes!

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