16 Things You Need For an Apartment That You Wouldn’t Think Of

Wondering what are the things you need for your apartment? Here are 16 things you need for an apartment that you probably hadn’t thought of (and are super helpful!).

Things you need for an apartment

Products that will make living in an apartment easier are easy to forget at the time you need them. Although you don’t need to get everything right away, there are some things you might be surprised to find you really don’t need at all.

Here are 16 things you need for an apartment that will make your life SO MUCH EASIER.


1. Dehumidifier

Things you need for new house

A dehumidifier helps if your apartment has quite stuffy rooms, or if there are not-so-hidden wet stains on the ceiling or walls, nasty odours around, clearly developing mould, if windows are coated in condensation, or if the moisture in the air is a little extra.

Dehumidifiers sponge this excess moisture from around and leave your apartment drier and cozy.

2. First Aid Kit

Things you need in apartment

You never know what little accidents you’ll encounter in your apartment, no matter how careful you are. So, it’s best to be ready. Medical concerns like cuts, scrapes and minor burns don’t necessarily require you to go to the hospital. You can fix it right there in your apartment if you have a first-aid kit handy. Not only do you save time, but you save money as well. I love this first aid kit because it has everything you need:

  • Cold remedies and hot packs
  • thermometer
  • Personal medicines (e.g. pain reliever) and vitamins
  • Bandages, band-aids, and antibiotic ointment. 
  • Common medications and creams

First aid kits are one of the most basic things you need for an apartment.

3. Damage-Free Hanging Hooks

You may have wall hooks in your bathroom, but really, you can never have enough. Over-the-door curves are ideal for many hanging hooks especially in the bathroom and kitchen.

You could hang wet towels or robes after showering, your jacket or hat, keys, and anything else that would have otherwise end up on the floor or counter. These hanging hooks are strong and inexpensive. 

4. A Safe

When you need to protect your most valuable assets from prying eyes or an emergency stash of cash close to hand, a safe is a good and safe option. They keep your valuables and important papers at home, well-hidden when your home is occupied and even more so when unoccupied, which is often the greater part of the day while you are at work.

While bank boxes still offer the same level of protection, many people are choosing to buy a home safe for their important papers and other valuables.

5. Magic Hangers

Magic hangers work like magic, and if you get them you’ll soon realize they are really cool things for an apartment, especially if you live in a small one.

They save you 80% of the space of the wardrobe, but they also serve as a way to very well keep clothing away, or make future selection so nicely. Not forgetting they give your wardrobe a high pass mark on neatness. Every magic hanger can hold up to 5 garments. You can hang your suit, jacket, sweater, shirt, pants, dress, or accessories.

6. Water Filter

Things you need for an apartment checklist

A water filter is an essential item in any healthy home. A water filter will make sure that the water from your tap is pure and safe to drink.

It holds roughly 10 cups of water, enough to fill 3 24-ounce reusable water bottles. It fits perfectly on refrigerator shelves and features an easy-fill locking lid.

7. Chopper

Things you need for an apartment kitchen

This chopper is one of the most underrated things in a kitchen, but I promise you it needs to be in your checklist of things you need for an apartment because it will make cooking 5x times faster.

Not only it’s uncomplicated, but it also chops, slices, and minces vegetables in one simple move and also instantly. With this chopper, you don’t have to worry about the counters getting messy or the cuts not being uniform. You could chop your vegetables for a side dish or homemade soup.

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8. A Fan

Some apartments don’t offer air conditioning, and the weather can get unbearable if you live on the top floors that heat up more in the summer.

Investing in a fan to put in the window or to sit facing you on your desk becomes a must-have. As an extra, this fan has a sleep mode and soothing airflow that will give you a restful sleep when you need it. It is both compact and easy to clean.

9. Air Fryer

What are things you need for an apartment

An air fryer is one of those apartment things you need but you didn’t know you needed them until you try them.

Air fryers help you prepare a quick meal. They cook in a way that nothing else in the kitchen does. This one can cook up to 450°F, making heating efficiency 20% faster than before. It’s compact and can hold big enough food for 1-4 people while taking up little room on your countertop. I love it because it’s inexpensive, incredibly easy to operate and clean.

10. A Bar Cart

things you need in apartment

A bar cart is pretty much a fancy, eye-catching apartment necessity. The cart’s glass racks are the ideal placements for housing spirits’ bottles and combining craft cocktails. And while on that, the four caster wheels will easily provide mobility while serving the guests.

11. A Roomba

Things need for an apartment

If you hate vacuuming on the weekends or are constantly annoyed by dust on the floor, this gadget will be your best friend! It will make your apartment smart and will literally clean itself.

This Roomba can be programmed automatically to tidy the apartment for you, navigating under & around the furniture as it gets alerted about high-traffic dirt spot areas of your home.

12. Tupperware Set

Basic things you need for an apartment

This small, inexpensive set, with different-sized containers for large and small food portions, comes in handy when organizing the fridge content. They are also useful for meal prepping – keeping your food fresh and safe for a few, and you could organize your different categories of food and leftovers.

13. Floor Mop With Washable Pads

This is a need for an apartment if you live where the floors get filthy and need to be mopped constantly.

It is perfect for deep cleaning the bathroom and used on tile floors. This mop with washable pads stands out and comes in various styles and sizes that make your work easy-breezy.

14. A Tool Kit

What do you need for an apartment

What are things you need for an apartment that you’re definitely going to use? A tool kit, for sure.

You never know what small thing will break, and if you can learn to take things apart or put them together yourself, you won’t have to pay for someone else to. That way, you’re also able to save a little bit more.

15. A Dual Step Recycling Bin

Things need for an apartment

If you care about the planet as much as I do, you need to include this dual step recycling bin in your list of things for your apartment.

Its two separate, removable inner buckets make it easy to take out the garbage and recycle. Plus, they are big enough to fit as much garbage as possible so you will have to do fewer trips to take the trash out.

16. Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

Apartment things you need

An instant pot pressure cooker is a life savior for those of us who don’t really have much time for cooking but still want to eat delicious food.

This one is the best I’ve ever tried. It can prepare food up to 70% faster than other methods and keep it warm automatically for up to 10 hours. The inner cooking pot, lid, and steam-rack are dishwasher-safe! It will earn a permanent status on your kitchen counter, and you will utilize it more times in a week than you can count.

This was all about unexpected things you need for an apartment!

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