20 Graduation Cap Ideas 2023 Grads Will Love

Your graduation cap is an essential part of your grad ceremony and something you will treasure forever. Wondering what are the best graduation cap ideas 2023 grads will love? We tell you!

Graduation cap ideas 2023

Graduation is a time for celebration, but it’s also a time for creativity. Why settle for a boring, plain graduation cap when you can make a statement with a funny or thoughtful design? Here are 20 graduation cap ideas for 2023 that are sure to make you stand out from the crowd and give your fellow grads a good laugh. 

From pop culture references to inspirational quotes, these ideas are perfect for 2023 grads looking to add a little personality to their graduation day look. You don’t graduate high school or college every day.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you, your fellow students, and your loved ones – so grab those scissors, glue, rhinestones, and glitter cardstock and unleash your creativity to create your perfect cap.


1. «My Why» Signatures Grad Cap

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You’ve sent all your graduation party invitations and probably looked for some 2023 grad party decorations too… now it’s time for your graduation cap!

Make a powerful statement with a «My Why» themed graduation cap design. Collect signatures from your fellow graduates to represent the collective journey and purpose behind your education. This is an inspiring and meaningful way to commemorate your graduation day.

2. Glittery Movie Clapperboard

Graduation caps 2023
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2023 graduation caps can be fun and shiny!

Stand out on graduation day with a glittery, movie-clapperboard-themed graduation cap. Perfect for film studies majors or anyone with a passion for the silver screen.

Creating this masterpiece with glue and rhinestones might be a little time-consuming, but it will be a treasured reminder of your big day for years to come. A fun and unique way to showcase your love of film at your graduation ceremony.

3. Inspiring Nursing Cap Quote

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Show your dedication to the nursing profession with a DIY grad cap adorned with an inspiring quote. A powerful way to pay tribute to the challenging journey of becoming a nurse and a reminder of the impact you will make in the healthcare field

4. «Thanks Quizlet»

Cap ideas for graduation
@designsbysumia on Instagram

Some of the best graduation cap ideas 2023 grads will love are the funny ones!

Show gratitude for all the late-night study sessions with a decorated graduation cap that says «Thanks Quizlet».  This gorgeous example uses white roses and glitter cardstock and replaced the tassel with a sticker. A light-hearted and funny way to give credit to the online study tool that helped you pass your exams and graduate.

5. BTS Inspired Graduation Cap

@cloe.handpainted on Instagram

Display your personality on graduation day with a BTS-inspired graduation cap. Show your love for the K-pop band by incorporating their iconic symbols, lyrics, or images on your cap.

This decoration is a fun way to make a statement and add a little individuality to your graduation day look.

6. «I’ll be your nurse today» Personalized Cap

Grad cap ideas 2023
@lelelines_gradcaps on Instagram

If you’re becoming a nurse in 2023 this is your moment to make a statement with your graduation cap.

Personalize your graduation cap with an «I’ll be your nurse today» statement, an inspiring and meaningful way to show your dedication and passion for the nursing profession. This cap decoration elicits pride and gratitude to your future patients and colleagues.

7. Alice in Wonderland Grad Cap

Graduation cap designs 2023
@kimscustomcaps on Instagram

Make a bold statement with an Alice in Wonderland-themed graduation cap. Incorporate iconic quotes or imagery from the beloved story, such as «Every adventure requires a first step» or «We’re all mad here,» to reflect on the journey of your education.

A fun and creative cap design to add a touch of whimsy to your graduation day outfit.

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8. The Office Funny Grad Cap

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We love funny graduation cap ideas!

Add a touch of humor to your graduation day look with a «The Office» themed graduation cap idea. Incorporate a funny joke such as «It was long and hard, That’s what she said» to make your fellow graduates laugh and add a bit of levity to the occasion.

9. «On To The Next Phase»

Graduation hat ideas 2023
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Symbolize the journey of your education with a graduation cap featuring the phases of the moon. The text «On to the next phase» is written on the cap, representing the end of one chapter and the start of a new one.

This a thoughtful and meaningful way to commemorate your graduation day, and it’s also a great graduation caption to post on Instagram!

10. Taylor Swift «22» Song Lyrics

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Show your love for Taylor Swift and reflect on the emotions of your college journey with a graduation cap featuring lyrics from her song «22,» such as «We’re happy, confused, and lonely at the same time,»  but tweak “lonely» to read “ Educated”.

It’s a fun way to see who notices the change and find your fellow Tay-Tay fans!

11. Sponge Bob Funny Graduation Cap

Graduation cap ideas 2023 for guys
@lit.fashion.trends on Instagram

Add a touch of nostalgia with a SpongeBob SquarePants-themed graduation cap featuring an image of a tired-looking SpongeBob with the text «4 years later» written on it. This light-hearted grad cap reflects on the long journey of your college education and the hard work that came with it.

12. Ariana Grande’s «Thank You, Next»

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Embrace the spirit of moving forward with a graduation cap featuring Ariana Grande’s iconic lyrics «Thank U, Next!» A powerful and uplifting message that represents the end of one chapter and the start of a new one.

A creative way to add a personal touch to your graduation day look! This gorgeous grad cap really makes a statement with its bold design and feather trim.

13. «Barbie Wants To Be Me!»

Graduation cap ideas for guys
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Here is another bold statement graduation cap idea that reads, «Barbie wants to be me» A fun and playful way to show your confidence and express your individuality.

A great way to add a touch of humor to your graduation day look, and you can have a lot of fun experimenting with color, sticker lettering, and feather trim.

14. Feminist Grad Cap Quote

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Graduation cap ideas with inspirational quotes will never go out of style, especially in 2023!

Celebrate your achievements and beliefs with a graduation cap divided into four sections, featuring powerful feminist messages such as «She believed she could, so she did» and encouraging illustrations. A bold and meaningful way to express your values and inspire others.

15. Taylor Swift «Welcome To The Final Show» Lyrics

College graduation cap ideas 2023
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As you can tell, I’m a big Taylor Swift fan, and I know you will love that I’ve included her two times in this list of graduation cap ideas 2023.

Commemorate your graduation day with a cap featuring Taylor Swift’s lyrics “Welcome to the final show”, a powerful and fitting message representing the end of your college journey and the start of a new chapter. A creative decoration that adds a touch of inspiration to your graduation day look.

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16. «All Because of You» Signatures Graduation Cap

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This is for the ones looking for thoughtful 2023 graduation caps.

Show gratitude and appreciation to your teachers and classmates with a graduation cap featuring the words «It’s all because of you» on one half and signatures from your classmates and teachers on the other. A thoughtful and meaningful way to honor the people who helped you through your educational journey.

17. Cat Themed Grad Cap

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Add a touch of humor to your graduation day look with a graduation cap featuring pictures of your cat and the words «My cat thought I could, so I did.»

Explore more light-hearted and funny ways to pay tribute to your furry companions and the support and motivation they gave you through your studies.

18. Mamma Mia Inspired Grad Cap

Graduation caps 2023
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Pay tribute to your favorite musical with a Mamma Mia-inspired graduation cap featuring the words «Life is short, the world is wide, I wanna make some memories» and a fun picture related to the musical. 

Use an inspirational quote from your favorite musical or movie and create your own graduation party-worthy grad cap design.

19. Legally Blonde Themed Grad Cap

Cap ideas for graduation
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We couldn’t end this list of 2023 graduation cap ideas without including one of the most iconic college quotes ever!

A simple but fun college graduation cap idea is this pink Legally Blonde-inspired graduation cap featuring the iconic quote «What, like it’s hard?» or other funny lines from the movie. Show off your love for the iconic film and embrace the spirit of determination and resilience. A creative and personal way to express yourself on your big day.

20. Olivia Rodrigo’s «It’s Brutal Out Here» Lyrics

Graduation cap decoration ideas 2023
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I know, it’s brutal out here! But hopefully this list with the best graduation cap ideas for 2023 helped you a little bit.

This is a powerful and fitting message representing the struggles and challenges of the college journey and the resilience that comes with it.

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