10 Trendy Vegan Shoes You Need To Make Your Wardrobe More Sustainable

The next time you’re thinking about adding new footwear to your wardrobe, why not consider vegan shoes? Take a look at these 10 trendy options that will elevate your wardrobe and make it more sustainable.

vegan shoes

Why Choose Vegan Shoes Over Real Leather

Vegan leather shoes have many benefits. By choosing vegan leather over real leather, you are making an ethical choice by supporting the production of cruelty-free and animal-friendly products. 

Vegan footwear is also sustainable. Nowadays, vegan leather can be as durable as real leather, and many companies use recycled and sustainable materials like corn and cactus. On top of that, it’s a well-known fact that the livestock industry contributes greatly to the climate crisis, and since cowhide is the most popular leather type used in shoe production, a lowered demand for leather shoes could also help the environment significantly. 

Another benefit not to be overlooked is on-demand production. More and more companies are embracing on-demand production which means only producing what is actually ordered. This means that there is no overproduction. For a while, on-demand production was only centered around clothing production, but it’s great to see footwear companies doing it, too.


1. East Apple Alli Vegan Leather Boots

Vegan shoes women

Stylish knee-high boots are some of the most iconic and timeless icons you can add to your wardrobe.

They go with everything and can be styled in so many ways. These black croc-effect vegan leather boots with a block heel look as good, if not better, than real croc leather boots, and are made in Spain. If you’ve always wanted a statement shoe, this is it!

2. Trailblazer Corn Loathers

Chunky loafers are in and they’re not going anywhere. Another timeless piece to have in your wardrobe, it’s a great shoe both for everyday wear as well as office and going out. With a classic minimalist look, these vegan loafers will easily become one of your most cherished footwear pieces.

Made from corn leather and set on cleated rubber soles, these are definitely more modern than a traditional moccasin loafer. If you’re looking for vegan shoes that can be worn on a daily basis, these are for you!

3. Tempera Black Vegan Leather Mules

Vegan shoes for women

A while back, it seemed like mules would never come back in style. The 70s-inspired shoe, as comfortable and versatile as it was, disappeared from the radar until one day it was suddenly back – and people went crazy for it!

This backless vegan leather loafer will effortlessly go with anything, and its chunky sole adds that little pzazz to your strut you’ve always been after.

4. Vegan Jadon II Vegan Platform Boots

Women’s vegan shoes

Dr. Martens are some of the most iconic boots ever made. While most of their products are leather, they were one of the first companies to trailblaze vegan leather, offering many of the well-known models in a vegan alternative.

This model, in particular, is a great addition to your wardrobe since the monochromatic style gives versatility and timelessness, and the platform not only feels modern, but will also elevate your silhouette.

5. Vegan Blaire Gladiator Sandals

Vegan shoes women’s

There’s nothing like a chunky sandal to elevate your look during the summer! These Dr. Martens Blair sandals in vegan leather are the perfect gladiator-style shoe on a slight wedge sole for a bit of height without compromising on comfort.

Wear them with or without socks to showcase your unique style. Dr. Martens do quite a few styles in vegan leather so you know you’re getting quality when ordering these sandals. These are definitely the best vegan shoes for summer.

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6. Buffalo Aspha GLD vegan-friendly platform sandals

Buffalo shoes are famous for their chunky platform soles – a shoe you can’t mistake for any other. But while it’s the 90s-style sneakers that typically are associated with the brand, they do, in fact, make great sandals too, and this chunky vegan leather gladiator-style sandal is no less their signature than their famous platform sneakers.

7. Brown Vegan Leather Boots

Vegan shoes brand

Autumn and winter months are a real playground for the fashion-savvy with the various clothing items, accessories, and footwear you can add to your wardrobe.

Ankle boots are great since you can wear them with so many different clothes and on various occasions. These brown vegan leather ankle boots with a block heel and a modern square toe are so well-made, you’ll have a hard time knowing it’s not real leather.

8. Gouache White Vegan Leather Boots

If you like the idea of combat boots but find the black ones too masculine or heavy, these white vegan leather boots are a fantastic alternative. The white vegan leather makes them more suitable for flirty looks throughout the whole year – why not pair them with a summery dress?

With the perfect slimming length above the ankle and a bouncy sole, these white combat boots will quickly become your favorite go-to piece in your wardrobe.

9. Janice Green Vegan Leather Sandals

Vegan dress shoes

This vegan leather sandal is another timeless y2k-inspired shoe that will elevate your summer or vacation look. The bright pop of colour makes it fun and playful, while the smooth faux leather material gives an expensive and luxurious feel. Since it has a slight platform, it’s so comfortable to walk in despite it being a slip on.

These are the proof that vegan shoes don’t have to be boring.

10. Crossed Linen Green Canvas Espadrilles

A must-have for anyone chasing the warm summer months all year, these vegan espadrille sandals will find a place in your heart and in your suitcase.

With traditional rope soles, these sandals have wide crossed straps made from durable cotton canvas making them the perfect vegan sandal. This really is the perfect summer and vacation style since they literally go with any outfit under the sun. 

This post was all about the best vegan shoes!

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