20 Unique Christmas Wreaths That Will Transform Your Front Door

Looking for a unique way to decorate your front door for Christmas? Here are the 20 best Christmas wreaths!

Christmas wreaths

In the market for Christmas decorations to spice up the upcoming holidays? Nothing screams, «I’m ready for the festive season,» like a fantastic Christmas wreath hanging on your front door, visible to any passersby or visitor.

Wreaths have been used as decor for many long decades. The first recorded use of wreaths was in the ancient Etruscan civilization of Italy; however, they did not become popular until the ancient Greeks started using them as symbols of status.

You will find stores filled with various holiday wreaths during the festive periods. With such an overwhelming amount of wreath designs, it can be difficult to single out the one you like; let’s face it, they all look mighty awesome.

That’s why we’ve made a small list of unique wreaths that can completely transform how your front door looks. With this information, deciding which wreath you want will be easy as pie.

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How to Choose The Perfect Christmas Wreath?

Christmas wreaths are a great decorating accessory for the holidays. They are very versatile, and if you go for artificial ones, you can use them for more than a season. 

Christmas wreaths are available in various sizes and styles, but before you purchase one, you need to think about where you want it to hang. It may seem inconsequential, but that little information will help you determine what size and style you need the wreath to be.

Here are some facts to keep in mind when looking for Christmas wreaths to decorate your home: the color, the size, where it’s going to go, whether it has decorations or not, the style of your home or the room where you plan to place it, and the style of the rest of your Christmas decorations.

Considering all these factors will help you choose the perfect Christmas wreath for you, but in case you’re feeling a bit lost… Below are some Christmas wreath ideas you may consider when you’re in the market for one:



These kinds of wreaths can be made with fresh rosemary densely woven in a tight, roundabout way. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor (sheltered) use. To keep them as fresh as possible, mist them regularly and keep them away from heat, direct sunlight, moisture, and humidity. 

If you decide to keep them outdoors, the wreath will keep looking fresh for a month if the weather is not very cold and two if the climate is colder. Sometimes, people prefer to keep them indoors, but in such cases, they will only remain fresh for about two to three weeks. 

Using these kinds of wreaths will draw eyes to your door, especially if the door is painted in a color that stands out against the green.


This is another wreath that can truly liven up your entire front porch, especially at night. They are usually made with artificial materials, but not to worry, the makers try their best to ensure they look as close to nature’s design as possible. 

Their main characteristic is they have attached lights, which is why they’re perfect Christmas wreaths for windows. They are also suitable for indoor use but are a great way to announce the arrival of the festive season.

Place them on your front door or hang them on windows and entryways to add that festive touch. Most are made of fire-resistant materials, so there is no risk of an outbreak due to the lights and wreaths being so close together.


These wintry-looking wreaths look fabulous on any front door, but they are best suited for indoor use. They come in different designs, but one thing that stands as a common denominator is the overwhelming presence of the white color. 

White can be achieved on wreaths in different ways that appeal to people depending on their tastes. White wreaths are perfect for someone who is going for a minimalistic style and wants to keep their Christmas decor clean and elegant.


These wreaths attract attention to your front door because they come with many extra ornaments. 

A great example is the snowy village light-up wreath adorned with village townhouses, bottle-brush trees, and snowy bushes. This particular wreath generates a magical effect with all the ornaments because it also lights up.  

Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year, so why not keep it fun with a decorated Christmas wreath?


As the name suggests, these wreaths come in large sizes and can be heavier than other types of wreaths. This necessitates using an adequate wreath hangar, so don’t forget to pick one up, especially if you’re hanging the wreath on your front door.

The branch tips are carefully crafted and numerous enough to give it a full-bodied look that will have your family and friends’ attention when they have your front door in sight.

Large Christmas wreaths are 24 inches or more which makes them the best option to hang in big front doors or windows


Christmas wreaths are an excellent idea for Christmas decorations. They are very versatile and, as seen above, can come in various styles that complement your decor and announce the arrival of the festive season to your family and friends.

After the season pass, remember to put them away in a safe and dry place to protect them from dirt, moisture, and pests. It is recommended that you hang them even in storage to prevent them from getting crushed or damaged. If you lay them out flat, avoid placing other items on them.

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