27 Christmas Decorations For Tree To Transform Your Christmas Tree

Looking for new ideas to decorate your Christmas tree? Here are 27 unique Christmas decorations for tree you need to see!

Christmas decorations for tree

Merry, bright, chilly, angelic, red, and green are all words to describe that time of the year accompanied by feelings of nostalgia shared with friends and family. Christmas is that time of the year when gifts, memories, and emotions are shared. 

One way of making Christmas more fun and memorable is decorating a Christmas tree. So, are you thinking of a way to be more creative or to add a sense of elegance and style to Christmas tree decor?

This post is all about Christmas decorations for tree that will improve your Christmas decor game!


1. Wooden Elements and Fairy Lights

Christmas decorations for tree ideas
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Traditional Christmas «fairy» lights and wooden elements like handcrafted stars, pine cones, and birdhouses give your tree a natural yet dazzling look. It’s the perfect way to bring the outdoors into your home, giving it a not-too-woodsy and not-too-shiny vibe.

2. Sprinkled Snow and Red Accents

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If you find snow essential to your Christmas feeling, this Christmas tree decor is just for you. Giving a «white Christmas» vibe, sprinkled snow is a way of recreating a piece of the snowy outdoors into your home (minus the cold and shivering feeling). 

Complete your tree decor with the red ornaments of your choice to add a pop of color and perfect the Christmas look.

3. Copper and Gold Ornaments

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Recreate this Christmas tree decor:

Copper and gold ornaments have always been two of the most popular Christmas decorations for tree.

Combining these two colors gives your tree a warm and soft blush yet elegant feeling. They also tend to complement other colors around them, providing an «ethereal» vibe to the room.

4. Gold Beaded Pearl Garlands


Recreate this Christmas tree:

If you’re trying to step out of your comfort zone and want to try some new Christmas decorations for tree, you should get some garlands.

In this case, making use of gold metallic pearls garlands and adorning them on your tree gives a sense of luxury and shine and serves as a stunning finish to decorating your tree.

5. Add Some Dried Orange Slices


Recreate this Christmas tree decor:

Do you find yourself in the spell of a traditional Christmas? Adding some dry oranges to the season is the best way. The Christmas tradition of oranges being used as décor or placed on the foot of stockings existed since the 19th century. 

It symbolizes the bags of gold St. Nicholas once gave three maidens for dowry. Not only does this form of Christmas tree décor appeal to honoring traditions, but it is also cost-effective (as you can make them close) and stylish. Plus, they are great Christmas decorations for a small tree.

6. Blue Velvet Ribbon and Gold Ornaments

Christmas decorations dollar tree
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Recreate this Christmas tree decor:

Looking for a vintage yet «chic» look for Christmas decorations for your tree? It would help if you considered trying this out. From the blue and gold garlands to the gold balls and pine nut ornaments, you can recreate a time from the classics on your tree.

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7. Use Monochromatic Ornaments


Recreate this Christmas tree idea:

Christmas decorations for small tree

Monochromatic ornaments have the same hue (color) but have different tones, shades, and tints, giving light and dark contrast when used. 

This is for you if you love «twilight and dawn» but do not want to splurge on using different colors. Not only does it give a light contrast to your tree, but it also gives a «fairy tale» essence to your Christmas. It can also be an easier way to decorate a Christmas tree.

8. Make it Fun With Christmas Candy

Christmas decorations for mini tree
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Recreate this Christmas tree decor:

Do you want to get creative with your Christmas decorations for tree this year?

One of the ways of getting into the Christmas spirit is by looking forward to the sweets and treats the day promises. Now imagine a tree decorated with an all-you-can-eat candy buffet. Not only would it give a vibrant and colorful look to your tree, but it is also a creative and impressive way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

9. Silver Ornaments as a Garland

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Are you in the mood for a «silvery white» Christmas? Making a garland out of silver ornaments or purchasing one is the best way. Adorning your Christmas tree garlands gives it a simple yet sophisticated, elegant, and white look to your Christmas.

10. Mix Red and Green Ornaments

Christmas ornaments for outdoor tree
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Recreate this Christmas tree idea:

Everyone knows red and green to be the «classic» Christmas color. However, over time it has become a bit of a bore for some folks hence, the drift to incorporating other colors into the mix or excluding them entirely from the Christmas decor.

So how do you carry out a perfect Christmas tree decoration with these colors that seems to be falling out of time? Getting creative with your red and green Christmas tree decorations!

11. Use Red Berries To Make it Pop

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Recreate this Christmas tree idea:

The use of berries as a form of Christmas tree decor brings an air of creativity, sophistication, and texture to your tree. For this purpose, you can use artificially made berries or natural berries

12. Mini Wooden Houses

Diy christmas decorations for the tree
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Recreate this Christmas tree decor:

Are you in for that «cabin in the forest» vibe kind of Christmas? Well, say no more because this is for you. Decorating your tree with mini wood houses gives off a simple yet outdoorsy nature that excludes an air of elegance in its own right.

These are especially helpful if you want to keep things neutral and elegant, and you’re looking for some Christmas decorations for a mini tree.

13. Mix Some Fun Red and White Ornaments

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Recreate this Christmas tree:

Red and white are two colors you can’t go wrong with. When used as Christmas decorations for tree, it gives off the kind of appeal that you would not want to look away from. 

To spice things up a little, try adding some textured or striped ornament with a mixture of red and white to further project the appeal of your tree.

14. Keep it Natural With Fruits and Yellow String Lights


Recreate this Christmas tree decor:

The feeling of summer is one many people find hard to part with when winter approaches. This is the perfect Christmas decoration tree if you prefer the bright summer sun and the sweet smell of fruits and flowers. 

The yellow string light gives off the ambiance of the summer sun, and the fruits give a nostalgic feeling of sweet scents and summer sights.

15. Textured Ornaments and Red Velvet Ribbon

Decorate christmas tree professionally

Recreate this Christmas tree decor:

Textured ornaments, unlike conventional ones, give a sense of 3D realism, beauty, and sophistication that you would not want to take your eyes or hands off. The red velvet gallant gives a pop of color, making it more appealing, eye-catching, and enjoyable.

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Monogram Christmas ornaments are a nice touch to make your Christmas tree a bit more personal, and they will instantly put you into a Holiday mood the moment you set up the Christmas tree.


Christmas is a season that embraces creativity. So coming up with fun means of decorating your tree with fun and themed ornaments can be a fun way to make memories with your loved ones during Christmas.


Personalized Christmas tree ornaments are like memoirs collected over time that you used in decorating your tree. They will definitely become your most valued ornaments that you will pass through generations.


Small Christmas decorations for tree are simple, easy to set up, and also cost-effective while maintaining a sense of elegance. They’re also perfect for small rooms and apartments.

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