16 Creative Outdoor Halloween Decorations Ideas

Looking for unique outdoor Halloween decor that will transform your porch? Here are the 16 best outdoor Halloween decorations ideas!

outdoor halloween decorations ideas

Halloween isn’t just about finding the best costume, it’s also about decorating your house to create the perfect spooky atmosphere. This includes the outside of your house like your porch, your garden, and the surroundings.

Every little detail counts when it comes to decorating your house for Halloween, which is why I’m helping you with these 16 unique outdoor Halloween decorations ideas that will make your house stand out and will urge people to take photos as they pass by.


1. Hanging Bats On Your Porch

halloween outdoor decor ideas
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Recreate this outdoor decor idea:

Bats have been used to signify horror and thrill, making them a perfect decoration idea for Halloween night.

You can easily hang paper or cardboard bats on your porch and give it a spooky look that gives people the chills, or you can get them on Amazon. This creative outdoor Halloween idea will not take too much time and energy but will provide a dark ambiance to your entrance.

2. Create Funny Scenes With Skeletons

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Recreate this outdoor Halloween decor:

Skeletons are some of the most iconic outdoor Halloween decorations, and you can never go wrong when adding a skeleton to scare someone.

However, you can create a funny scene outside your home, i.e. a skeleton hanging from the roof, or trying to sneak into your house. Not only will this create a spooky look, but also make for a good laugh.

3. Keep it Minimal But Cute With Pastel Colors

scary outdoor halloween decoration ideas

Recreate this outdoor decor idea:

Pastel colors give the most sophisticated and decent look to any decor. If you like pastel colors, you can adorn them on the front of your home this Halloween, and add cute little details like small pumpkins in the corners and little spiders on the wall. The most subtle touch can sometimes create a big difference, especially on Halloween.

This isn’t one of the typical Halloween outdoor decor ideas which will surprise your guests!

4. Stick Bats On Your Walls

outdoor decoration ideas for halloween
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Recreate this Halloween porch decor:

Sticking bats on your outdoor wall is yet another minimalistic and creative idea, as this won’t cost you much but will create a spooky ambiance that will go with the Halloween theme. You can add stickers of bats on your wall, which are also easily removable.

5. Get The Classic Jack ‘o’ Lanterns

outdoor halloween party ideas

DIY this Halloween outdoor decor idea:

Pumpkins are the Halloween outdoor decorations ideas by excellence.

The classic Jack-o’-Lanterns are a clean shot winner when you want to leave a mark while making the minimum effort. Just place a string of Jack-o’-Lanterns outside your main door and spook everyone on Halloween night.

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6. DIY The Sanderson Sisters In Your Front Yard

best outdoor halloween decorations
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Recreate this Halloween decor idea:

The Sanderson Sisters are now more popular than ever, and they’re also great outdoor Halloween decoration ideas!

The witchy trio of the Sanderson sisters is a childhood memory for most of us, and recreating this iconic trio in your garden will bring back many memories, while also creating a unique DIY outdoor Halloween decoration idea.

7. Get Some Hanging Witch Hats

diy halloween decorations for outside

Recreate this Halloween porch decor:

Witch hats are a prop that provides a lasting impact by doing so little. If you hang witch hats on your porch or at the main entrance, it is sure to provide a dark and gloomy feel in the exterior of your house and will serve the correct purpose of Halloween.

8. A Treat or Trick Skeleton To Welcome Your Guests


Recreate this Halloween outdoor decoration:

Back in the day, children visited every doorstep for ‘Treat or Trick’ on Halloween night. You seldom see any kids doing so nowadays. Try adding a skeleton at your main entrance with the Trick-or-Treat box and welcome your guests and the neighborhood kids for a change. Your guests will certainly admire your creativity.

This is a funny and creative way of adding outdoor decoration ideas for Halloween.

9. Giant Spiders in Your Porch

scary outdoor halloween decorations ideas

Recreate this Halloween decor:

If you’re looking for something impressive, you should add «giant spiders» to your list of outdoor Halloween decorations ideas.

Adding giant spiders to your porch is the most straightforward creative idea you can opt for while still creating a spooky and creepy ambiance and feel of your outdoor. With this creative idea, your house will undoubtedly seem like a witch’s lair.

10. Greenery and Pastel Tombstones

diy halloween decorations

Recreate these porch Halloween decorations:

Converting your main entrance into a tombstone is an idea not many people have tried so far, and you can adopt it this Halloween. It will create the horror ambiance you are looking for. You can add greenery to your main door and a small pastel-colored tombstone on the floor for this year’s Halloween to make your house look like a graveyard. 

11. Get Tons of Funny Pumpkins


Recreate this porch Halloween decor idea:

Halloween without a pumpkin is incomplete, and adding lots of funny or smiley faces pumpkins to your outdoors will enhance the look of your entrance, helping you create the perfect Halloween ambiance.

Scary outdoor Halloween decoration ideas are great, but you can also keep it fun!

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12. A Spooky Skeleton in a Bush

unique outdoor halloween decorations
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Recreate this outdoor Halloween decoration:

This is one of the most iconic outdoor Halloween decorations ideas I’ve seen so far.

As skeletons serve the most significant purpose of inflicting horror, you can add one such spooky skeleton in one of your bushes, giving your guests and passersby a mini heart attack when they see it. It is a horrifying scene no one will expect.

13. Make Melted Candles

outdoor halloween decor
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Recreate this Halloween decor idea:

Candles are a pleasant and romantic ornament, but when melted and placed with some particular creepy setting, they never fail to create a horror scene. You can melt candles and place them on black or dark-colored bottles with some autumn leaves and creepy props to have a creative outdoor Halloween decoration.

14. Skeletons in a Camping Fire

outdoor halloween decorations ideas

Recreate this Halloween decor:

You can definitely add a little humor to your outdoor setting when everything around will be creepy and horrifying. Place a couple or a trio of skeletons sitting in your garden, enjoying a camping fire.

This creative outdoor Halloween decoration idea will surely make your guests and the passersby have a good laugh.

15. Get Spooky Pillows

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Recreate this outdoor Halloween decor idea:

Every detail counts when looking for the best outdoor Halloween decorations.

Pillows with ‘Spooky’ or ‘Boo’ written on them are readily available around Halloween, and they are enough to create that creepy look at the exterior of your house. However, you can still add a skeleton or some pumpkins with them at your main entrance to create a complete horror look.

16. Get a Fall Wreath For Your Door

outdoor halloween decor front yards
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Recreate this outdoor Halloween decoration:

outdoor decoration ideas for halloween

Wreaths look beautiful in the Christmas and winter seasons, but adding an autumn wreath at your entrance door will be quite attractive while, at the same time, adding to the Halloween decor.

You can complement it with small skeleton faces or pumpkins with it to give your entrance a final look and combine it with a few other outdoor Halloween decorations ideas.

This was all about outdoor Halloween decorations ideas!

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