25 Friendsgiving Ideas Your Friends Will Truly Appreciate

Looking for unique ideas for Friendsgiving? Here are 25 genius Friendsgiving ideas that will impress your guests!

friendsgiving ideas

Friendsgiving gives you the perfect opportunity to showcase your love, appreciation, and care towards your friends. Consider these decorative ideas, food, drinks, gaming, and gift ideas in your year’s Friendsgiving dinner, and make your friends feel over the moon.

If you’re looking for new and original ways to celebrate Friendsgiving the best way, here are the best 25 Friendsgiving ideas to cherish your friends for life that they will truly appreciate.



You can not celebrate Friendsgiving without thinking about Friendsgiving invitations first.

A proper and detailed Friendsgiving invitation sent to all your beloved friends will not only put a smile on their faces but they will surely cherish it for years to come. This official invitation for Friendsgiving will be one of its kind and a treat to remember.

Here are two customizable Friendsgiving invitation ideas from Etsy that will be a complete game changer.


1. Get «Friendsgiving» Balloons

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Recreate this Friendsgiving decor:

Friendsgiving decorations are a big part of this celebration.

Who doesn’t like personalized decoration, no one, right? You can get some custom-made balloons that indicate or represent your love for your friends and have a specially decorated Friendsgiving dinner this year.

2. A Fall Inspired Bar Cart


Recreate this Friendsgiving decor idea:

If you’re looking for Friendsgiving ideas that will truly surprise your guest, you need to include a bar cart!

Bar carts are surely cute and even cuter if they are fall inspired. You can use adorable miniatures or fall-inspired decorations and eateries on this cart to have some uniqueness in the room. 

3. Velvet Pumpkins and Blue Accents

friendsgiving gift ideas

Recreate this Friendsgiving table decor:

Pumpkins are common in fall and thanksgiving, but who can think of velvet pumpkins? Plus, adding blue accents with the velvet pumpkins will surely up your decoration game and add a little grandeur to your dinner table. 

4. Colored Candlesticks


Recreate this Friendsgiving table decor:

Candlesticks give you the ultimate royal and regal look on your dinner table and house. Get a set of distinguished colored candle sticks or, better yet, different colors for each of your friends to shower some extra love and appreciation.

If you’re looking for elegant Friendsgiving dinner ideas, candles are an important aspect you should always consider.

5. Use Greenery and Pumpkins


Greenery and pumpkins go hand in hand, especially when we’re talking about Friendsgiving ideas and they’re used for your dinner table decoration. A table setting of cute little pumpkins with a touch of green leaves or napkins will make everyone appreciate your efforts.

Recreate this Friendsgiving decor idea:

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6. Use Plaid Patterns on Your Tablescape

friendsgiving decorations

Recreate this Friendsgiving tablescape:

Plaid patterns on your tablescape can help you achieve that distinguished style and artistic look on your dinner table. Talk about impressing people, and you have everything available on your table, for sure.

7. Mini Pumpkin Place Card Holders

friendsgiving decor ideas

Recreate this Friendsgiving decor idea:

As we all know, nothing is cuter than tiny pumpkins in fall. Have some cute mini pumpkin place card holders to distinguish each friend’s sitting arrangement to make them feel special.

This is one of those unique Friendsgiving ideas your friends will definitely not expect.

8. Include Gold Accents

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Recreate this Friendsgiving idea:

Gold is the color of fall, and adding gold shades and accents to your Friendsgiving decorations and dinner preparations will leave a mark on the hearts and minds of your friends.

9. Celebrate Friendsgiving Outside With Candles and String Lights


Recreate this outdoor Friendsgiving idea:

Having a Friendsgiving dinner at the dinner table is too mainstream and common, so you can arrange a dinner setting outside this year with candles and string lights to bloom the surroundings and have a dreamy night.


1. Baked Potato Dinner Board


Recreate this Friendsgiving food idea:

After decorating your space with cute and original Friendsgiving decor ideas, it’s time to take care of the food.

Baked potatoes are something that everyone likes. You can also have a board of baked potatoes with different seasonings and sauces to up your cooking game. This is an easy and delicious recipe you can totally recreate.

2. A Sweets Board

friendsgiving games

Recreate this Friendsgiving food idea:

A sweets board with all kinds of sweets and desserts will very easily make everyone happy and satisfied after dinner.

3. Harvest Apple Cider Punch

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Recreate this Friendsgiving drink idea:

What is a friend’s night without some drinks? Have a big jar of harvested apple cider punch for all the drinks lovers. Additionally, it will add the much missing punch to your Friendsgiving night.

4. Ladyfinger Crostini Appetizers


Appetizers are the life of any evening. You can have the ladyfinger crostini appetizers on your table to start the evening with a boom and make everyone craving for more.

5. Orange Cranberry Pond Cake

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Orange and cranberry cakes are sure good deals, but not everyone has tasted this unique combination. Bake some orange cranberry pound cake to make everyone dive into your friendship’s rich taste.

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Friendsgiving is all about having fun with the ones you loved the most. So why not enjoy a fun evening together with some of the best Friendsgiving games out there?

1. Who Can Do It

After some delicious food, it’s time for some gaming now, and Who Can Do It can be the ultimate choice for a crazy bunch of friends wanting to have a fun-filled night.

2. The Voting Game

This game is yet another fun-filled game that will help you see who your true friends are. A surely amazing way to appreciate and shower love on each other this Friendsgiving with having extreme laughter and fun in between.

3. The FRIENDS Monopoly

Everyone’s a FRIENDS fan, and playing a monopoly of the famous TV series will surely provide you with a night of fun, laughter, thrill, and great enjoyment.

This is the classic Monopoly game, but with a FRIENDS twist all the fans will totally love.

4. Stir The Pot Card Game

Most people like card games instead of board games. Stir The Pot is yet another amazing and fun-filled card game you can play with your friends to make your evening something to remember and cherish for a long time. 


We all love giving and receiving gifts, especially during such special celebrations as Friendsgiving. Here are some of the best Friendsgiving gift ideas to make your friends feel extra love.

1. A Custom Care Package

Real appreciation comes from small loving gestures, such as gifting something that the other person would absolutely love.

A care package with all the necessary care items will be the ultimate form of love and appreciation for your friends.

If you’re not sure what to gift your friends, this is one of the safest Friendsgiving ideas to consider.

2. Sephora Goodie Set

For friends that love makeup, you can never go wrong with a Sephora gift.

Gift your friends a Sephora goodie set with all the makeup essentials in it, and they will love you for all their lives. This is super practical and useful because you get a bit of everything.

3. A Custom Tiny Initial Necklace

One of the most common Friendsgiving ideas for gifts is jewelry, you can never go wrong with that!

Customized gifts showcase the immense love, appreciation, and value one has for the other person. You can also gift your friends custom tiny necklaces with their initials to appreciate their support and love.

4. Custom Makeup Bag

A customized bag and makeup in it are sure to make any makeup lover explode with happiness and excitement.

Arrange custom makeup bags for your friends and let them know this Friendsgiving how much you love them. The best part is you can totally customize these makeup bags from Etsy with their initials.

5. The Happiness Journal

When we’re talking about Friendsgiving, happiness should always be on your Friendsgiving ideas list!

A journal to record every happy memory and moment in it for years and decades to cherish is not only a unique gift but a very thoughtful one. It will add great value to your friendship and the bond your share with your friends.

6. Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatherapy candles are the ultimate relaxation and soothing element everyone wants after a tiring day.

Give your friends aromatherapy candles to help them relax in these busy times. Also, appreciate how they are always with you, even after managing tough schedules.

This post was all about the best Friendsgiving ideas!

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