10 Christmas Dorm Decor Ideas That Will Instantly Put You In a Festive Mood

Are you a college student who isn’t feeling in a Christmas mood this year? Here are 10 Christmas dorm decor ideas that will instantly get you into the Holiday spirit!

christmas dorm decor

Moving to college and being so focused on studying, writing your next paper, and going to a ton of classes every day can make you forget about the Christmas spirit.

Luckily for you, I’ve gathered 10 Christmas dorm decor ideas that will bring back your Holiday mood, even if you’re in the middle of finals! These 10 Christmas dorm decorations will liven up your college dorm and make you feel at home.


1. Farmhouse Christmas Decor

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Recreate this Christmas dorm decor:

You can easily use farmhouse colors and decor to instantly make your living space look more festive. Examples of farmhouse colors include red, white, green, and natural colors.

To step things up a notch, you may get vintage holiday collectibles, including toys, and grain stack stockings, all of which can add nostalgic touches reminiscent of an authentic farmhouse guaranteed to provide the perfect holiday mood.

2. Mix Red, Black, and White

Christmas hall decorations
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Recreate this Christmas decor:

Red, black and white should always be among your Christmas dorm decor colors. To add that Christmas feel to your room decor without altering it too much, you can switch your duvet and pillowcases with plaid ones, as they are guaranteed to add a refreshing feel to your dorm room.

After the festive season, you can swap them for your old sheets again.

3. Get a Small Flocked Christmas Tree


Recreate this Christmas dorm decor idea:

Christmas dorm room decorations

Christmas without a tree is not Christmas, and since you can’t afford to have a real tree taking up space in your dorm room, it is best to opt for a flocked Christmas tree. It is an artificial tree that has gone through a process called flocking, making it look like it’s been covered in snow. You can decorate your small flocked trees with various things to make them look even more attractive.

A flocked tree will instantly improve your Christmas dorm decor game, even if it’s just a small one!

4. Mini Christmas Tree Figurines on Your Nightstand

Dorm Christmas decorations

Recreate this Christmas bedroom decor:

You can place dorm Christmas decorations even in the most unexpected places. There are many kinds of figurines that were made with Christmas in mind. One of them is the mini Christmas tree figurine, a portable piece that can easily fit on your nightstand, instantly beautifying the spot.

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5. Keep it Simple and Neutral


Recreate this Christmas decor:

There’s no doubt that decorating your space for the holidays is a fun experience; however, it is also easy to go overboard and over budget. It is best to keep the decor simple and as neutral as possible for a dorm room. Simple things like hanging stockings or installing fairy lights can make significant differences; after everything, they can easily be removed.

6. Pine Garlands and Fairy Lights on Your Headboard

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Recreate this Christmas decor:

To get your bed ready for the holidays, you can purchase pine garlands and pair them with fairy lights that lend a cozy ambiance to the room. You can pin the garland across your headboard, and the fairy lights can be run through them for an even more magical effect. Ensure the garlands are abundant green to give your space some holiday spirit.

As your headboard is one of the most visible parts of your dorm, adding some Christmas dorm room decorations to it will instantly transform your space!

7. Use Tartan For Your Bedding

Christmas room decorations ideas
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Recreate this Christmas dorm idea:

Christmas room decorations

Tartan prints are, by excellence, THE Christmas prints.

You can replace your plain sheets with tartan prints to add a festive feel to your room. After the festivities are over, you can switch back to your regular bedding or you can keep the tartan prints around.

8. Get Some Christmas Throw Pillows

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Recreate this Christmas bed decor:

Throw pillows can liven up your space. Purchase some online and switch them out with your regular pillows, and the change will be immediately noticeable.

This is a great decor idea because it can be used over and over again as opposed to other decorations that lose their use after one year. If you don’t want to spend money on new pillows, look into getting pillow covers.

9. Add Some Red Accents

Dorm room Christmas decorations
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Recreate this Christmas decor idea:

Red is a color that goes well with the Christmas season, so incorporating it into your dorm room can also add a festive feel. This will be most effective if the red items are surrounded by a highly contrasting color like white.

For instance, your duvet and bedspread could be all white, but you could make your pillow covers and blanket red to ensure it stands out.

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10. Hang a Christmas Wreath Over Your Bed


Recreate this Christmas dorm idea:

Dorm room Christmas decorations

Wreaths don’t just belong on doors, even though they make great door decor. They can also be hung over desks as an accent to add an aesthetic feel to the room. The wreath could be made of artificial materials, but it is advised that you opt for green ones as it is the closest color to Christmas.

If you’re trying to save money, avoid getting an already pre-made wreath, as you can make one yourself with the right tools. This will allow you to go wild with your imagination and become a fond memory, especially if you do it with friends.

This post was all about the best Christmas dorm decor!

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