15 Trendy Thanksgiving Decor Ideas That Will Surprise Everyone

Looking for ideas on how to decorate a thanksgiving table? This is all about the trendiest 15 Thanksgiving decor ideas you can’t miss!

thanksgiving decor ideas

When Thanksgiving approaches, it is easy for you to get overwhelmed with all the planning. If you are among those who are already stressed about making preparations for food and guests; you’re in the right place.

In this post, I’m showing you fifteen trendy Thanksgiving decor Ideas you can use to transform your home into something that would surprise everybody without draining you physically and financially.

Here are 15 creative Thanksgiving decorations you can use to create the perfect tablescape!


1. Pumpkin Containers and Fairy Lights

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Recreate this Thanksgiving decor:

Decorating with fairy lights gives your home a dreamy feel and helps to create a cozy atmosphere. They can help create a visually delightful and magical atmosphere when you hang them around the house in pumpkin containers. They can be casually placed on tables or in the kitchen as well.

2. Use Decorative Pumpkins on Your Fireplace


Recreate this decor idea:

Pumpkins are the icons of Thanksgiving, and there is never too much of them, so they will always be among our Thanksgiving decor ideas. You can decorate your fireplace with as many pumpkins as you desire, and nobody will bat an eyelash.

You can create a collection of different types of pumpkins for a dynamic display.

3. Fall Themed Wreaths

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Recreate this decor idea:

thanksgiving decorations diy

Layers always add dimension and visual attention to a design. You can give your mirror a better look and liven up your front door, center tables, and even porch with a fall wreath.

To create a gorgeous fall atmosphere, you can use a wreath featuring warm and rich reds and orange tones. Traces of brown or yellow tones would be advisable for Thanksgiving decor because they are warm colors. 

4. Apple Themed Thanksgiving Table Decor

thanksgiving table decor ideas 2022

Recreate this table Thanksgiving decor:

When looking for Thanksgiving decoration ideas for table, you should also consider apple-themed Thanksgiving decor. You can go out of the normal and use an apple-shaped candle holder, or even diy an apple-themed fall garland.

Decorate your porch with all the essentials: Pumpkins, wildflowers, and apple crates. This way, you set the holiday mood before your guests step inside.

5. Use String Lights Outside


Recreate this outdoor Thanksgiving decor:

thanksgiving decor diy

There is no need to keep all the family gatherings under a roof. You can create a lovely outdoor dining experience that produces the best Thanksgiving using string lights around the house outside.

With string lights, you have a fall-loving cozy space while dining outside with your loved ones. They will effortlessly channel the sun’s warm glow to gussy up your mealtime experience.

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6. A Wooden Tray For The Cake

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Recreate this idea:

One thanksgiving decor most people cannot avoid using are wooden items, especially wooden trays for cakes. If you’re trying to accomplish coziness and comfort with your decor, you should consider adding some earthy, brown wooden pieces to your list of Thanksgiving decor ideas.

From the framing on a mirror to the decorative candlesticks and circle cut-outs, you cannot go wrong with the wood. This natural element is even more essential because it can be used to make many things.

7. Warm Colors and Velvet Pumpkins

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Recreate this Thanksgiving tablescape idea:

Warm colors like orange and velvet pumpkins create a cozy and festive mood for Thanksgiving easily. All you need is one or two touches to get it right.

With velvet pumpkins, low light, and roses, you can make your living space look better suited to thanksgiving. The dining room will also radiate a sophisticated holiday air which will come in handy when it’s time for the Thanksgiving feast.

8. Create a Pastel Colored Tablescape

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Recreate this Thanksgiving decor:

You can also create a pastel-colored tablescape and line up the gorgeous pastel-colored tablescape of your dining room table to mix some neutral fall themes with your Thanksgiving decor.

Creating a pastel-colored tablescape is one of the easiest Thanksgiving table decorations and would set up a pretty feature of the house, and everyone will enjoy the simple, well-thought-out, gorgeous table arrangement as they indulge in some home-cooked goodness.

9. Make Buckets of Flowers as Centerpieces

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Recreate this tablescape idea:

You can use decorative buckets of flowers with fresh or artificial flowers to add a nice splash of color to your center table.

The buckets would hold so much more than flowers, and you can store your favorite family memories inside or tuck a time capsule into the bottom of the basket and top with a bouquet of handmade crepe-paper flowers.

10. A Romantic Tablescape With Gold Accents and Pink Velvet

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Recreate this Thanksgiving tablescape idea:

If a romantic feel is what you’re going for, you can get gold candle holders, pink velvet, and a well-decorated table to help you add a soft feel to your home. The candle holders can be placed on the table to create an elegant air, and pink velvet strips can be wrapped around it in the form of a bow to add a nice twist.

To create this idea you only need to get a few items, which is why it’s one of the cutest and easiest Thanksgiving dinner decor ideas.

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11. Use White Candle Sticks

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Recreate this idea:

Candles are one of the most basic Thanksgiving decor ideas. They come in all shapes and sizes. White candles can help you create that trendy Thanksgiving atmosphere, so light up two or more candles if you want to create a cozy home ambiance regular bright lights can’t pull off.

12. Black Dinnerware Accents

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Recreate this tablescape idea:

Add black dinnerware accents and unique glass wares to add fun to the essentials. You can switch to noticeable black dishes in your home to surprise your guests and get them talking. How you came about such dinnerware will make for a great topic while you enjoy the company.

13. Decorate Your Fireplace With Fall Garlands

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Recreate this decor idea:

thanksgiving dinner decor ideas

Your fireplace should not be left out of the decorations. You can decorate the fireplace with fall garlands hung just out of the reach of the flames. A rug with fall colors can also be laid out; it does wonders for the aesthetics and will also be useful for those who want to cozy up to the flames.

14. Decorate The Table With Greenery and Gold Accents

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Recreate this Thanksgiving tablescape idea:

It is an unspoken rule you can not leave the table bare. Something has to occupy all that space unless it is your work table. You can decorate your tabletops with greenery and gold accents to compliment that cozy fall vibe.

Greenery and gold are among the trendiest Thanksgiving decor ideas as they create a cozy and elegant mood.

15. Get a «Thankful» Garland

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Recreate this idea:

Lastly, there is no thanksgiving without gratitude. You can enjoy the comfort and love of the ones closest and dearest to you this fall, cuddled up around the fire, with a “Thankful” garland that adds a fun and happy touch for those perfect thanksgiving photos.

This post was all about trendy Thanksgiving decor ideas!

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