20 Cute and Spooky Ideas For Halloween Decorations

Need some inspiration on how to decorate your home for Halloween? Here are 20 insanely cute and spooky ideas for Halloween decorations to try!

ideas for halloween decorations

It is Halloween soon, and you are wondering how to make your home decorations nicely creepy and creative to show that you are prepared for the season. You should not worry anymore because here are 20 cute and spooky ideas for Halloween decorations.

From pumpkins to spiderwebs and bats, here are the best Halloween decorations ideas!


1. Decorate Your Porch With Spooky Elements

ideas for halloween party decorations

Recreate this Halloween decor:

The porch is one crucial place you would want to decorate, and one way to do that is by decorating with spooky elements.

You can light up the patio with lanterns and pumpkins or get creative by hanging displays that would appear scary. The front porch will be the portal to all the creepy things inside your home, so you should make it as scary as possible to lure your guests.

2. Use Candles and String Lights


Recreate this Halloween decor:

Candles are essential ideas for Halloween decorations. You can light up candles in the home using empty wine bottles as candle holders and hang up String Lights to create a cozy and sweet home environment.

You can also embrace a mysterious vibe by arranging a table with masks, antique objects, and candlesticks.

3. Keep it Minimal in the Kitchen With White Spooky Decor

ideas for halloween door decorations
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Get these Halloween decorations:

As much as you want people to know it is Halloween, you should try as much as possible to keep the spooky decorations minimal in the kitchen by using Spooky white decorations. The kitchen decorations should be chic but spooky with little ornaments. You can get Halloween-themed kitchen towels and creepy table covers. You can also go ahead to get White Halloween-themed wallpapers in the kitchen.

4. Get a Ghost-Themed Doormat

ideas for halloween yard decorations
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Recreate this Halloween decor idea:

A spooky doormat is one of the best ideas for door decorations for Halloween!

A great addition to your spooky Halloween Porch is a Ghost-Themed Doormat. You can get a doormat with ghosts to welcome your visitors and add that scary feel to your porch.

5. Bats in the Porch

ideas for halloween decorations outside

Recreate this idea:

The porch is where you let your creative energy take charge. You can place as many bats as you want on the front door and even go far as placing and hanging them all over the front porch, and you can even add some extra pumpkins and spiderwebs!

6. Combine Pumpkins and Skeletons


Get these Halloween decorations:

There is no way to better create a spooky Halloween decoration without combining pumpkins and Skeletons. Create a fun display with an excellent skeleton holding a funny sign reading your house number or trick-or-treaters with a few pumpkins by the side.

The skeleton will add a nice touch to your porch, and you can carve the Pumpkins with ghoulish designs, painted black, silver, or glitter to make them spiky.

7. Get Spooky Garlands

ideas for scary halloween decorations

Recreate this decor idea:

You should get spooky garlands to hang over the walls with suspended bats from the ceiling for extra spooky vibes.

Make garlands of pumpkins or paper ghosts to hang over the fireplace, walls of the house, and the front door as this is one of the easiest ideas for Halloween decorations.

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8. Use Decorative Skulls as Centerpieces


Get these Halloween decorations:

You can use skull decorations as Centerpieces. You can even use them as candle holders. So you can consider placing skulls on the bookshelf to create a subtle alternative to over-the-top mantel Spooky decorations.

9. Get Halloween-Themed Pillows

cute halloween decorations outdoor
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Recreate this decor:

Decorating with Halloween-themed pillows is one of the easiest ways to liven up your space for this upcoming Halloween.

You can find throw pillows with virtually every kind of Halloween theme picture printed on them, ranging from witches to pumpkins to bats or ghosts and as wide as black cats. You can decorate with any color, but it is advised to opt for orange and black because these colors are mostly known as Halloween colors.

10. Hang Witch Hats!

ideas for halloween table decorations

Recreate this Halloween decor idea:

Witch hats are great ornaments that you can place on your porch to perfectly represent the spirit of Halloween without sacrificing the essence of the fall season. To create a spooky effect, hang the witch hats together with ornamental bats and let them dangle across the ceilings.

You can easily get these cute Halloween outdoor decorations on Amazon.

11. You Must Have a Spooky Season Mug

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Recreate this idea:

There is no way to avoid buying spooky mugs while preparing for Halloween. You must get those spooky season Mugs in place of plain Mugs you use regularly. These Spooky mugs go a long way to add to your Halloween decorations, and you would be able to serve your guests with those mugs.

12. Get the «Boo» Balloons

halloween decoration ideas indoor
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Get these Halloween decorations:

Next, you have to throw in some seasonal touches, and the easiest way to achieve this is by decorating your fireplace and porch with «Boo» Balloons. The «Boo» Balloons help you effortlessly create a Halloween-themed home.

This is one of my favorite indoor Halloween decoration ideas because it’s cheap and cute.

13. Decorate Your Shelves With Pumpkins


Recreate this idea:

If you love a Halloween display but you would dislike too much of the spookiness, can simply deck up your shelves with colorful Pumpkins instead of serious spooky decor.

14. Get a Spooky Season Blanket

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Get this Halloween decoration:

ideas for scary halloween decorations

You have to get a Spooky Season blanket to add that Halloween touch to the bedroom. You need spooky blankets to give your room a cozy emblem.

Not only this will be practical and useful, but it will also add an extra touch of spookiness to your ideas for Halloween decorations!

15. Spiderwebs on the Front Door

halloween decorations ideas

Try this Halloween decor idea:

Spider cut-outs and cobwebs can be on the front door to give out a charming yet spooky entry. You can add some more spiderwebs to your porch so your guests could get caught in them without knowing it.

16. Pumpkin Garlands!

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Recreate this Halloween decor:

cheap halloween decorations diy

Halloween-themed pumpkin garland is perfect for celebrating the spooky season and can be hung from a fireplace, shelf, or mirror. You can even hang them over the walls in the bedroom or kitchen.

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17. Use Cute Tombstones as Decor

halloween decorations

Recreate this decor idea:

cute halloween decorations outdoor

Here’s one of the easiest diy ideas for Halloween decorations you can make at home. You can get cute Tombstones as extras to place on your front porch and paint over them with whatever color fits your home. The Tombstones can bear words like «Trick or Treat,» «Keep Off,» or «Rest in Peace.”

18. Spooky Bedsheets and Throw Pillows

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Recreate this Halloween decor idea:

Swap out those boring bedsheets and throw pillows for spooky and cozy ones so you can add more to the Halloween season. This may seem like a pretty boring idea, but it’s one of those ideas for Halloween decorations that will completely transform your dorm.

19. Get Pumpkin Containers

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Recreate this idea:

You can place a bouquet of warm-toned blooms in pumpkin containers to give your space a feeling of autumnal, or you get pumpkin containers from stores to keep things and place them on the table.

These ones from Amazon are super affordable and cute!

20. Get a Personalized Spooky Family Drawing

halloween decorations diy

Recreate this decor idea:

ideas for halloween table decorations

Do you want to go a step further? Then you need to try one of the most creative ideas for Halloween decorations: a custom spooky portrait!

You can get a personalized spooky family drawing to hang over the fireplace to achieve a cute Halloween decoration. This is super special as no one else in the world will have one like yours, and it will totally surprise your guests!

This post was all about the best ideas for Halloween decorations!

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