16 Last Minute Halloween Costumes Guys Can Copy

Have trouble finding easy Halloween costume ideas to make last minute? Here are 16 unique last minute Halloween costumes guys can easily copy!

halloween costumes guys

Halloween parties are a great event everyone looks forward to every year. Halloween sneaks up on all of us every year without prior preparations. This is why I have compiled some quick-to-wear Halloween costumes guys can copy easily.

We can all agree that guys come in different personalities and styles; hence we have come up with a list of suitable costumes for guys they can pick from.

This is all about the best Halloween costumes for guys!


1. Ken Halloween Costume

halloween costumes for guys
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Recreate this Halloween costume:

This is a simple yet classy Halloween costume for guys. The Halloween costume was derived from the famous Barbie and Ken Doll toy. Ken is the functional boyfriend of the popular Barbie doll; Ken is highly fashionable, just like Barbie.

To dress like Ken, you start with the brown wig, wear a sky blue or blue cheetah print shirt, and then a blue silk scarf around your neck. Then, put on a short–sun jade Cali with a khaki belt and complete the dressing with steel blue boat shoes. Now, you are good to go for the Halloween party.

2. Sailor

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Recreate this guys Halloween costume:

The Sailor Halloween costume is one of the easiest Halloween costumes guys can recreate last-minute. It is a complete white dressing with a touch of blue and some cool colors.

To dress like a sailor, get a white shirt and trousers, you can opt for black to navy blue trousers if you don’t have white then top it with white boat shoes. After that, wear a sailor cap and sunglasses; you’re all good.

3. Chucky

guys halloween costumes
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Recreate this Halloween costume for guy:

halloween costume ideas guy

Remember the favorite little doll toy–Chucky? This is the inspiration for this outfit. You will scare everyone with this outfit as the infamous doll did. All you need for this costume is a pair of blue or multicolored blue jeans overall with a rainbow striped shirt with red hair; you can dye or use a wig. Complete the costume with red shoes.

4. Monkey Caretaker

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Recreate this Halloween costume:

You don’t have to spend so much to copy this outfit. Halloween is a free-will party, so you can dress whichever way you want. If you have chosen the monkey caretaker, that’s cool.

This is an easy go-to option when choosing guys Halloween costumes because all you basically need is a total yellow outfit and a pair of combat boots!

5. Inspector Gadget

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Recreate this costume:

Become a career police inspector or investigator with this outfit from the popular cartoon show – inspector gadget. Both young guys and adults can play around with the outfit. All you need is an ash or gray trench coat with a button in the middle, then wear a pair of blue trousers, a white shirt, a tie, and the inspector gadget with two hands hanging and brown gloves.

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6. The End of the F***ing World

halloween costume ideas for guys
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Recreate this Halloween costume:

This Halloween costume is inspired by the end of the fucking world Netflix series. The morals of the main characters may be questionable, but their sense of style is definitely not.

To dress with this costume, get a ref multicolored vintage shirt with blue jeans and black hair with black shoes, and you are good to go. It’s one of the easiest Halloween costumes for guys you will find.

7. Convict Costume

halloween costumes male adults
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Recreate this Halloween costume:

This is a prisoner costume. It could be all-orange wear or white and orange or black and white striped cloth with a bell tied at the leg. The costume is easy to get, which is why it’s on the top 16 last minute Halloween costumes for guys.

8. Matrix Halloween Costume

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Recreate this Halloween costume:

The matrix Halloween costume was inspired by Trinity–a character in the matrix. To dress with this costume, you get a round black neck, a long black trench coat, black shoes, and half glasses.

9. Sam from Moonrise Kingdom


Recreate this Halloween costume:

Sam is one of the main characters in Anderson’s 2012 film Moonrise Kingdom. In the film, Sam is adventurous, and brave and acts without pretense. His outfit is super easy to copy because he basically wears a boy scout costume – long brown socks, yellow scout, clear glasses, brown sneakers, and a fur hat with a tail.

10. Justin Timberlake’s Iconic Denim Outfit

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@silviasmoodboard on Instagram

Recreate this guys Halloween costume idea:

One of the best parts about Halloween is you can recreate iconic outfit moments, just like this Justin Timberlake-inspired costume with Britney Spears. This is matching denim on denim with shades. Both the hat, suit, and trousers are denim.

The denim-on-denim costume is awesome and unique; it will make you stand out against others at the party and it’s one of the easiest Halloween costumes guys can easily copy!

11. Super Mario

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Recreate this Halloween costume idea:

halloween costumes guys

Super Mario Halloween is a colorful outfit inspired by one of the Nintendo brothers. To dress like Super Mario, you need a blue jumpsuit, red shirt, red cap and mustache with a white and black shoe or any shoe.

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12. Steve From Stranger Things Costume

halloween costumes tall guys
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Recreate this Halloween costume for guys:

Steve Harrington is one of the most loved characters in Stranger Things, and his Scoops Ahoy uniform is definitely one of the coolest in the show. To dress like Steve, you need a black leather watch, a walkie-talkie, fake blood, binoculars, crew Nick’s, and men’s running shoes, or you can totally buy the full costume on Amazon.

13. Classic Skeleton Costume

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Recreate this Halloween costume:

The skeleton costume is such a classic that will never grow old. You can wear a jumpsuit with a skeleton drawn or a black suit with a face skeleton mask and hat.

14. Willy Wonka

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Recreate this Halloween costume idea:

Willy Wonka is a chocolate-making genius who despises nonsense; he likes to make mischief but he’s also incredibly charismatic and stylish, and will definitely give you one of the coolest guys Halloween costumes. All you need is a black vest, black top hat, grey gloves, bottle green trousers, and velvet tailcoat.

15. Hit by The Rainstorm

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Recreate this Halloween costume:

Here is a great last-minute Halloween costume for guys. The costume is simple but bold, and will definitely surprise everyone. There is not so much of a big deal with this costume. Get a suit and jeans with a shirt and red tie, then carry a wind-blown umbrella on your shoulder, and you’re good to go.

16. Cowboy

guys halloween costume ideas
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Recreate this Halloween costume idea:

This is a cool and famous Halloween costume for guys. The outfit comprises a cowboy hat, trousers, scarf, and a fringed waistcoat. You might not have the complete costume. However, the cowboy hat and trousers are an essential part to create one of the best Halloween costumes guys will love!

This post was all about Halloween costumes guys can copy!

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