20 Fall Decorating Ideas That Will Make Your Space Cozy

Looking for the best fall decorations to try this year? Here are 20 insanely good fall decorating ideas to make your space cozier!

fall decorating ideas

It’s finally time for fall decorating, and you are getting worried about how to transform your space into a warm cozy one. Then worry no more; here are twenty wonderful tips on how to give a room a celebratory feeling.

From porch fall decorating ideas to how to prepare your living room, office spaces, and more for the coziest season of the year! This post is all about the best fall decorating ideas you can easily recreate.


1. Set Up The Perfect Fall Porch

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Since it is the first thing guests entering the house would see, the porch is where most people think to decorate initially. Update your porch with a fall wreath, various-sized pumpkins, lanterns, and other adaptable objects you wish to use to spruce it up. You can also use rustic lanterns and vibrant wreaths for the standard fall porch decoration.

2. Stick to Orange and Brown Tones

fall decorating ideas front porch

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You first need to choose a warm color scheme that includes shades like amber, orange, and brown. The traditional fall colors are orange, brown, and amber because they convey the idea of a comfortable space inspired by nature. This means that when purchasing fall decorations you need only replace or choose warm colors to get the best cozy vibes!

3. Combine Greenery and Pumpkins

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Pumpkins and foliage are the two things that best signal the beginning of fall, and autumn would not exist without either. Pumpkins are commonly available and come in various hues, making it simple to match them to your decorating style.

Additionally, you can add some plants to the pumpkins by draping them over the home or porch and you’ll get really cool and inexpensive fall decorating ideas.

4. Make Dry Orange Garlands

fall decor ideas for porch
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Try this fall decorating idea:

To make the house joyful and encourage guests to smile, drape fall garlands like grapevines over little copper molds. You can use a finishing nail to create a dried orange garland ornament. Making a hole in the rim of each garland allows you to connect them using fine-gauge florist wire. By hanging a fall garland around the window’s frame, adding a plaid throw to a porch swing, and adorning the mailbox with garlands, you can make your home stand out.

5. Decorate Your Fireplace

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Another important place you need to decorate for fall is the fireplace. You can decorate the fireplace with faux greenery with a combination of dry elements such as eucalyptus, or you dangle Garlands across the front of your fireplace. Then style the mantel with a set of white and black fabric pumpkins as you wish.

You can also get spooky decorations to go with the Halloween vibes!

6. Woody Furniture Makes Everything Cozier

fall decor ideas for table
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It is no magic that woody Furniture makes your space cozy, so when you hope to achieve a fall-inspired decoration, you need woody furniture. Spice up your home for fall by switching out boring furniture with woody ones. Greenery and pumpkins are definitely the best fall decor ideas for table and you can easily find them online!

7. Include Some Spooky Decorations

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For the part, you can easily throw in some spooky decoration. Fall is a prime opportunity to get genuinely spooky with your outdoor decorations because it is not every time you get to decorate your space with spooky designs. To achieve the spooky aesthetic, you can hang eerie black wreaths, mysterious spiderwebs, and witch hats!

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8. Get a Fall Wreath

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fall decorating ideas for living room

A pretty faux fall wreath makes an excellent welcoming decoration that you can reuse for years. Whether you buy a wreath or create your own, adding a fall-themed wreath to your door tells your whole neighborhood that you are ready for the new season. You can make your wreaths using faux florals from the craft store. They are easy to make and last years.

Wreaths not only look super good in your home, but they’re also one of the best fall decorating ideas for outside!

9. A Kitchen Fall Inspired Tray

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When decorating the kitchen for fall, there is not much to do except design the kitchen island or change the cooking towels. The main item you have to worry about is the kitchen tray. Trays attract more interest and also help keep your space less cluttered. They will come in handy when it’s time to move things off the counter while cleaning.

10. A Fall-Themed Doormat!

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You can decorate your bare entryway with a seasonal doormat like a pumpkin-filled one or a Halloween-themed one. Then, as temperatures fall, you can let your guests know a cozy retreat is just beyond your door with a themed mat. A perfect way to welcome guests for fall is the themed doormat.

11. Stick to a Neutral Color Palette

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fall decor ideas for table

Fall decorations should predominantly be white, gray, or light blue. It would be best if you stuck to neutral fall decor because it gives a calming, relaxing, airy, and comfortable feeling. If there is a particular look you’re going for, you can mix in different elements like natural wood pieces, metallics like copper, and vintage.

12. Light Up Cinnamon Candles


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Not only should you aim to try unique fall decorating ideas but also aim to invite guests in with welcoming scents. And what better way to do that than to create a beautiful kitchen table display, dining room display, or bedroom table display with a few cinnamon candles and plenty of pinecones? Candles are the perfect way to get creative and show off your fall spirit.

13. Use Rattan and Wicker Decor

outdoor fall decorating ideas
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To achieve more fall designs, you need to get rattan and more Wicker Decor because they give a warm, inviting, organic appeal to your space, which is what fall represents. Popular rattan and wicker decor include woven baskets, lounge chairs, and dimensional wall art.

14. Use String Lights

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fall decor ideas for table

When it comes to lighting, you can use string lights to brighten your backyard or patio space to make warm nights more relaxing and festive. These lights come in various styles, bulb types, and colors. Not only they will give you this warm, cozy sensation, but they’re also super cute autumn decorating ideas.

15. Matching Fall-Themed Pillows

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When fall arrives, you need to swap your primary pillow cases for themed one that fits the season. You don’t need to buy brand-new pillows to give your home that festive fall look. You can use the ones you have that matches fall colors. Then when autumn is over, all you have to do is swap the pillowcases out again.

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16. Use Blankets and Fuzzy Rugs


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Fall brings cooler weather, so you cannot avoid using blankets. There is no way you feel cozy and do not want to use Blankets and fuzzy rugs around your space. The blanks can also be displayed in main living areas to make your home instantly feel more festive and will get you in the mood for movie time!

17. Use Warm Lighting

fall decorating ideas for the home
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fall decorating ideas for living room

Switching your current light bulbs for warmer ones can make a world of difference in the spirit of a space. For example, soft white bulbs work well with the cozy fall season with warmer or yellowish light. Getting a lamp you can easily control with your phone not only is a great way of saving money, but will also give you the perfect fall warm kind of light.

18. Fall-Themed Prints

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autumn decorating ideas

It’s all so warm and cozy, and adding a couple of fall prints to your house is no harm. They are super inexpensive and you can even print them at home to save some money. Fall-themed prints are one of the easiest fall decorating ideas for living room, office space, or even your bedroom.

19. Find Cute Fall Decor For Your Bedroom


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One thing you should not forget is decorating your bedroom with cute fall decorations. The bedroom had to be inviting and cozy enough with candles, garlands, or brown or orange colored bed linings.

20. Get a Lot of Pumpkins

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The reason is simple; you cannot go wrong with pumpkins. Buying artificial ones is your best bet as they come in various shapes and sizes and are also very budget-friendly. You could also paint artificial ones any color and mix them with the natural pumpkins you get. Pumpkins will give your space a natural look, and they are the most iconic fall decorating ideas by exelence.

This post was all about the best fall decorating ideas!

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