10 Cute Couple Halloween Costumes To Try This Year

Looking for a matching costume to wear with your partner this year? This is all about cute couple Halloween costumes you can try!

cute couple halloween costumes

Every 31st of October, people of all ages dress up as their favorite characters from pop culture. And with each year, people come up with new props and costumes to make your Halloween party a memorable one.

As trends change, many couples like to dress up as popular movie characters and couples. Looking for a special costume to wear with your special person this year? This is a list of the top ten cute couple Halloween costumes no one will expect you to wear!


1. Morticia and Gomez Addams

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Recreate this couple costume:

The Addams Family is one of the most popular fiction families. It was especially popular during the 1990s as a series and an animated movie. If you remember enjoying this popular show, you both could dress up as Morticia and Gomes Addams.

Most people still remember the show, and if you do your makeup right, you’ll certainly hear plenty of people praising you. This costume will surely hit all the right cords while being cute and creepy. 

2. La La Land Costumes

cute couple halloween costumes 2022
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Recreate these costume ideas:

This costume is very cute and very cheap to pull off. You don’t need any expensive props or makeup to get an authentic look.

There isn’t a better costume to prove your love than La La Land-inspired costumes, which is why these are among the top cute couple costumes for Halloween.

3. Steve and Robin From Stranger Things

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Copy these Halloween costumes:

Stranger Things was a smash hit on Netflix, so why not dress up as the lead couple for your next party. Steve and Robin make for a very cute pair, which the fandom has definitely fallen in love with too. These characters are co-workers and share a very love-hate relationship. 

So if you’re looking for something that people will easily recognize, Steve and Robin from Stranger Things make for a very cute couple Halloween costume.

4. Cruella de Vil Halloween Costumes

cute couple halloween outfits
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Recreate these costume ideas:

Most of us grew up watching the 101 Dalmatians movie, where we absolutely hated Cruella de Vil. Her cruelty and villainous attitude make her the perfect antagonist in the movie. But she sure had a great sense of style.

Hence why she makes the best couple Halloween outfits to wear with your loved one!

5. Festival Girls

cute couple halloween costumes ideas
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Recreate this couple costume:

The festival girl costume is another cute couple costume you can easily recreate since you can find most of the clothing items on Amazon.

For a Halloween party, this costume is just the right choice for someone who wants to wear a costume but still dress cute, and it gives you a lot of room to add variations that you like!

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6. Astronaut and Alien

cute halloween couple costumes
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Recreate this Halloween costume idea:

There is nothing creepier than a U.F.O. or a group of aliens invading our planet. No one can even think of a connection between an astronaut and an alien, let alone a love story.

That is why an Astronaut and Alien costume will be an unconventional and cute costume for the Halloween party that you are attending.

7. Tiger King

cute halloween couple costumes
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Recreate these couple costume ideas:

Dressing up as Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin is certainly something that no one will expect from you. But isn’t this one of the funniest couple Halloween costumes?

Plus, you can also include your pet as part of the group and dress him up as a tiger!

8. Cop and Angel

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Recreate these costume ideas:

A cop is always imagined as an angelic person as they fight for justice. On the other hand, who doesn’t want to dress up as a cute angel? The cop dress also gives you a variety of options and props to use with it, and so does an angel dress. 

This duo will look cute and stand out among most generic Halloween costumes. Not only is the costume relatively simple to pull off, but it will look great when you go to a party wearing it.

9. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

couple halloween costume ideas
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Recreate these cute couple Halloween costumes:

One more movie which we all saw growing up was Peter Pan. Surely there isn’t a single soul in the world who doesn’t like the chemistry that Peter Pan and Tinkerbell shared.

This is one of those iconic couples costumes you need to wear at least once in your life! Plus, it’s super cute and will look insanely good on your Insta photos.

10. Cowboy and Cow

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Recreate this couple Halloween costume:

Cowboys were some of the most daring men in the old west, but this costume makes for a funny gag. It can make for a cute costume because no one would expect it at a regular Halloween party.

This is one of the cutest ideas for couple Halloween costumes and it will certainly get you a few laughs as you meet your friends around the party.

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This post was all about cute couple Halloween costumes.

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