20 Best Halloween Costumes For Friends

Eager to have a memorable Halloween this season? Here are the 20 best Halloween costumes for friends that will impress everyone!

best halloween costumes for friends

If impressing friends is on your Halloween checklist, this collection of best Halloween costumes for friends is just what you need.

Note that while some of these are available right off the shelf, others may require a little tweaking here and there, with a touch of creativity to achieve perfection.

It doesn’t matter if you crave the fairytale look of your typical Disney princesses or the gruesome appearance of a bloodied Grace Le Domas on her wedding night in the 2019 horror flick; these twenty matching Halloween costumes for best friends have got you covered. So ready or not, let’s dive right into it.

This post is all about the best Halloween costumes for friends!


1. Spice Girls

matching halloween costumes for best friends
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Recreate this group costume:

The infamous girl group Spice Girls have been stealing the show in the last two decades, becoming the embodiment of “cool” and “sassy” in pop culture. It comes as no surprise that many young adults idolize them.

If you’ve got a circle filled with Spice Girls wannabe, or simply want to rock Halloween at your hottest, step out in a Spice Girls-Inspired look and watch yourself turn heads.

2. Fairies

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Recreate this matching costume for friends:

Another matching Halloween costume idea for friends looking to impress is the fairy look. This costume has seen a resurgence even among adults in recent times, especially with numerous celebrities rocking the look.

From Nicki Minaj to Ariana Grande, famous figures have made the fairies’ costumes a big deal. Take a page out of their books this Halloween and save the thanks for later.

3. Powerpuff Girls

funny halloween costumes for best friends
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Recreate these costume ideas:

It’s been over two decades since the Power Puff Girls first swarmed the TV screens, becoming family favorites. Yet, the trio of Bubbles, Buttercup, and Blossom remain idolized characters even among millennials. Hence, if you are seeking group Halloween costumes to rock with your group of three, donning the colorful Power Puff Girls costumes is the right choice.

4. Gypsy Dancers

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Recreate this Halloween costume idea:

With a typical belly dancing skirt made of lightweight fabric, a fancy bodice made with lace, a dramatic blouse, and a bandana, you are right on track with your Gypsy dancers’ Halloween costume.

You could go solo or get your friends to imitate your style to form a gypsy dance band with the best Halloween costumes for friends that are sure to impress.

5. Space Cowgirls

best halloween costumes for two friends
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Recreate this costume idea:

Wondering if the space cowgirls costume would make you and your girls stand out this Halloween? What more convincing do you need than Kim Kardashian’s exotic space cowgirl look designed by her favorite designer Theirry Mugler for Halloween 2021. This is sure to impress just about anyone.

6. The Scooby Doo Team Costumes

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Recreate this group costume:

Unarguably one of the best friend groups in television history, the Scooby-Doo Team has redefined friendship through their monster-hunting spree.

What better way to celebrate your friend group than by showing the world just how much you care for each other by dressing up as the five Scooby-Doo characters. These are among the best funny Halloween costumes for best friends.

7. Bratz Dolls

what are good halloween costumes
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Recreate this costume:

Since actress Vanessa Hudgens debuted her spooky Bratz doll look ahead of the 2020 Halloween, the appearance has gained quite popularity. Then again, who wouldn’t want to try it out when the star made achieving it seem so effortless. This is certainly one of the best Halloween costumes for friends.

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8. Eddie and Chrissy Halloween Costumes

halloween costume ideas for friends
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Recreate this duo Halloween costume:

Slasher films and thrillers make up some of the favorite Halloween costumes that are sure to impress anyone. And for “Stranger Things” fans, nothing beats dressing up as Chrissy Cunningham and Eddie Munson this season, especially with the fourth season of the slasher flick making the rounds.

9. IT The Clown and The Purge Costumes

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Recreate this Halloween costume ideas:

If spooky is your thing, then dressing up as It the clown from “Pennywise” is your best bet. Spice things up by stepping out with your friends rocking clown-themed costumes inspired by another horror flick, “The Purge.”

The spooky look combination is sure to creep anyone out and will make unique duo Halloween costumes.

10. Daphne and Vilma

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Recreate these costumes:

Worried about not having enough people in your circle to pull off the Scooby-Doo team-inspired look? You and your girl pal can simply step out as BFFs Daphne and Velma from the 2018 sequel film of the same title.

11. Unicorn and Angel

duo halloween costumes
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Recreate these Halloween costume ideas:

Teenagers and kids yearning for a taste of the fairytale world can go all out this Halloween by pairing up as the mythical unicorn and the beautiful angel.

You can search the web for varieties of these looks and adapt them to your own style to create the best Halloween costumes for friends.

12. Stylish Witches

funny duo costumes
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Copy this costume idea:

From the three Sanderson sisters on “Hocus Pocus” to Marvel’s Scarlet Witch, several stylish witches’ costumes are available in nationwide stores. Being a witch is cool enough, but dressing up as a stylish witch is even better!

13. Kim Possible Halloween Costumes

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Try these Halloween costumes:

Kim Possible is another comic character that has become a pop culture phenomenon. With her double life, superhero adventure, and stylish black-on-green outfit, she inspires some of the best Halloween costumes for friends.

14. Mamma Mia Costumes

friends halloween costumes
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Try these Halloween costume ideas:

Channel your inner Donna with the right bellbottom pants, halter top, satiny belts, a microphone, and funky shoes. All you need to make it more perfect are two of your friends rocking Rossie and Christine’s costumes to make up the trio of Donna and the Dynamos.

15. Woody and Buzz Lightyear

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Recreate these cute Halloween costumes:

“Toy Story’s” Woody and Buzz Lightyear are the two most-renowned characters in the classic animation. Managing to pull off the looks with your buddy this Halloween would impress anyone and make two of the best matching Halloween costumes for friends.

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16. Devil and Angel

halloween costumes for teenage girl best friends
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Recreate these Halloween costume ideas:

Flaunt your creativity this Halloween by rocking custom-made Devil and Angel costumes alongside your BFF. Costumes are also available in stores, but nothing beats designing the right fit to channel your inner angel… or devil.

17. Hogwarts Students

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Recreate this group costume idea:

With items from the closet, anyone can easily pull together the perfect Harry Potter, Hermione, or Ron Weasley look from Harry Potter. All that’s left to make the Halloween extra-special is creating a DIY wand or picking one off the shelf.

18. Girl Scouts

halloween costumes for 3 best friends
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Recreate this Halloween costume:

The easiest way to pull off the girl Scout’s look is by rocking the cookie girl costume, which is easily recognizable. Rocking this appearance with a handful of friends makes for a head-turning sight.

19. Cosmo and Wanda

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Recreate this cute Halloween costume idea:

Cosmo and Wanda, from the animation series «The Fairly Oddparents», are one of the most iconic duos on TV. Recreating these costume ideas is super easy and you’ll get one of the best Halloween costumes for friends.

20. The Moon and The Sun

halloween costumes for friends
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Recreate these cute Halloween costumes:

Over the years, the world has seen two best friends, couples, or sibling pairs dress up as the moon and the sun for Halloween. Yet, there is nothing basic about this Halloween costume idea. Perhaps, this is because new variants of the costumes resurface yearly, each more stunning than the previous ones.

This post was all about the best Halloween costumes for friends!

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