20 Gifts For The Harry Potter Fan That Wants To Go To Hogwarts

Looking for Harry Potter gifts for the potterhead in your life? This post is all about the best gifts for the Harry Potter fan that would love to go to Hogwarts!

gifts for the harry potter fan
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1. Golden Snitch Lumi Clip

For that friend of yours who keeps reading the Harry Potter saga over and over again, you should get this reading light from Amazon. Not only does it look like a golden snitch, but it also has three different light settings. It is an adorable and useful gift for the Harry Potter fan in your life. 

2. Mystery Bath Bomb Gift Set

If your Harry Potter fan loves to take long and relaxing baths, this bath gift set is a great option. This bath gift set comes with a dragon egg bath bomb, three mini bath bombs, crystals, a truth bath potion, a magic charm bracelet, a face towel, and a personalized letter. You can even choose between brown or inviable ink for the message that you want to come in the set.

3. Golden Snitch Stud Earrings

If you have a friend who loves to accessorize in style, these golden snitch studs are a great gift option. These cute earrings are a subtle way to continue to pay homage to the fandom that your friend loves so much on a daily basis. These Harry Potter gift ideas are such special and unique pieces for a special person in your life.

4. Harry Potter Wine Glasses

If the Harry Potter fan in your life loves to drink a good glass of wine now and then, these wine glasses are a cute set to add to his or her home. This set of four wine glasses features gold designs themed around the franchise, including Platform 9 ¾, the Deathly Hallows, the Marauder’s Map, and Harry’s Glasses and Scars. Perfect for your friend to use in the next dinner party he or she hosts.

5. Chocolate Frog

A simpler, yet delicious gift for the Harry Potter fan in your life is Chocolate Frogs. This frog-shaped confection of solid milk chocolate comes in the infamous pentagonal box and with a wizard cart. Each box can have a card of any of the four Hogwarts House Founders. Have your friends experience this delicious treat by gifting them these Harry Potter gift ideas.

6. Gryffindor Crest Bookmark

For the avid book reader in your life, this Gryffindor bookmark makes a great gift. The bookmark is six inches long and features a diecast metal crest. Not only this is one of the most original Harry Potter gifts for fans, but this collectible is hand enameled and the perfect addition to your friend’s collection. 

7. Hogwarts Custom Tote Bag

Tote bags are one of those items that we often use since plastic bags are becoming obsolete. This Hogwarts tote bag is a cute gift option for a friend who loves to collect Harry Potter memorabilia and tote bags. There are five different size options, and each size has different colors available to customize to your friend’s liking. 

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8. Ceramic Mug

For that friend in your life who always has a mug in hand, this Harry Potter mug is a great gift. This mug features an image of the Hogwarts Crest and a sculpted branch for a handle with Hedwig perched on top. This cute mug is not only functional, but it also looks great as décor. As a Harry Potter fan myself, this is one of the best Harry Potter fan gifts I could ask for.

9. Harry Potter Table Lamp

If the Harry Potter fan in your life is looking for ways to add themed décor to his or her home, this Harry Potter table lamp is a great option. This beautiful lamp features a base with the Hogwarts crest. The lampshade features the Hogwarts castle in its true beauty. Additionally, the lamp comes with an LED light bulb, so your friend can just plug it in as soon as it is in the perfect spot. 

10. Harry Potter Themed Custom Banner

Another great décor element to adorn your friend’s apartment is this Harry Potter Custom Banner. This adorable sign features the 9 ¾ platform logo, talking hat, nimbus 2000, and HP logo. You can completely customize the writing on it. The price varies depending on how many letters you need to include. 

11. Water Bottle

If you have a friend who is in desperate need of a new water bottle to go on hikes this summer, this Harry Potter water bottle is the perfect gift for him or her. This stainless steel water bottle is lightweight, durable, and features the Hogwarts crest. The bottle is available in two different sizes and a variety of colors. 

12. Personalized Hogwarts Letter

If you want to give your friend the experience of getting a letter from Hogwarts, this is the perfect gift. This personalized Hogwarts letter comes in a custom envelope with the Hogwarts red seal. The lucky fan of the franchise will get a letter, a list of books and necessary objects, a letter from the Ministry of Magic, and a Hogwarts Express ticket. This is a great gift to bring some magic into your friend’s life. 

13. Wizard Chess Set

For a friend who loves board games, this Harry Potter chess set is a great gift. The set features pieces that look just like the ones we saw in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. This Harry Potter collectible not only is one of the best gifts for the Harry Potter fan, but it’s also a great decoration piece for that empty coffee table in your friend’s home.

14. Wizards Welcome Sign

Whether the Harry Potter fan in your life is just moving into a new place or throwing a Harry Potter-themed party, this sign is sure to win his or her heart. This cute Wizards Welcome Sign is made of sturdy and resistant PVC and features a message allowing Wizards but only tolerating those muggles. This is a great decoration for anywhere in the home. 

15. Accio Coffee Spoon

Are you looking for gifts for the Harry Potter fan he has never seen before? For the coffee lover in your life who also loves the magical world of Hogwarts, this spoon is a great gift. Made of high-quality stainless steel, the spoon features ‘Accio Coffee’ engraving. It is an adorable gift that goes well with a mug or just by itself. 

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16. Harry Potter Books Set

Sure, your friend might have all the Harry Potter books, but this boxed set is a beautiful gift as well. The set includes all seven books of the saga on hard cover, which are inside a chest just like the ones we see in the movies. It is a great gift for your friend who wants to replace those paperbacks with a brand-new set. 

17. Retro Harry Potter T-Shirt

If your friend loves graphic t-shirts, this retro t-shirt is a great gift for him or her. The graphic tee features stripes representing each house of Hogwarts along with the school’s crest. With summer coming up, this tee is a great gift since it is breathable and stylish. This is one of those Harry Potter gift ideas you can’t go wrong with.

18. Philosopher’s Stone Minimal Art Print

Another great décor item to gift your friend is this Philosopher’s Stone art print. You can choose between four different sizes and your friend can add any frame he or she wants. This is a great option if your friend is planning on doing a gallery wall in the living room, or just needs something to adorn that empty wall in the office. 

19. Butterbeer Soy Candle

Of all the gifts for the Harry Potter fan, this is the one that will truly make you feel at Hogwarts. This candle smells delightful with notes of butter, caramel, and vanilla. The scent will transport your friend back to that trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the delicious butter beers.

20. Gryffindor Pajama Set

There are many Harry Potter gifts for fans they can’t live without, and this is one of them. A summer pajama set is a great gift to give the Gryffindor in your life. The set comes with striped yellow and red shorts and a red tank featuring the Gryffindor house crest. Additionally, the material of the pajamas is breathable and lightweight, great for dealing with those warm summer nights.

This post was all about gifts for the Harry Potter fan!

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