15 Dorm Room Ideas For Guys They Can Easily Recreate

Are you looking for dorm ideas guys can easily recreate? Here are the best 15 dorm room ideas for guys they can copy!

dorm room ideas for guys

Going off to college comes in with an entire list of challenges- from feeling homesick and dealing with new roommates to balancing studies with extracurriculars. Between managing classes and making new friends, setting up your dorm room shouldn’t have to be a major hassle.

The right dorm room ideas for guys can help you make your space feel cozier and cool. Below is a list of practical and fun ideas to turn the college dorm room into your own space for the upcoming semesters.


1. Keep it Minimalistic

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Recreate this dorm idea:

Keeping the interior decor minimalistic is a go-to choice if you’re someone who doesn’t prefer room décor. Many college boys despise the idea of decorating their dorm room completely. But, simply moving in with your essentials is never a good idea. 

So, opting for minimal décor and furniture will do the job perfectly if you’re looking for simple dorm room ideas guys will love.

2. Use Neutral Colors

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Recreate this idea:

This dorm room decor for guys never disappoints as boys prefer to go for something easier and more simple. For college students who don’t like color, going with neutral tones like shades of grey and white is a perfect choice.

Neutral tones also help keep a space feel fresher, cleaner, and less cluttered.

3. Decorate Your Walls

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Recreate this dorm decor:

If you want to decorate your dorm room, starting with the walls is one of the best dorm room ideas for guys. Adding shelves for decorative ornaments, trophies, or sports paraphernalia is a great way to make conversation with visitors.

When decorating the walls, use items that reflect your personality, preferences, and interests. For instance, you can hang CDs and posters if you’re a music lover. Or, the classic picture frame idea never goes wrong.

4. Use a Black Color Palette

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Recreate this idea:

Do you want an Avant-Garde look for your dorm room? In that case, a black color palette is the perfect choice. Not to mention, using paintwork and decor in shades of black will give your space a modern look.

It is a fantastic dorm room idea and you don’t have to worry about messing it up. Unlike other bold colors, you can’t overdo black-colored dorm room decor. 

5. Get Your Favorite Music Posters

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Copy this dorm decor idea:

Cool dorm room ideas for guys can be extremely costly at times. And if you don’t want to spend a lot of your coins, choosing cheap wall décor will help.

Music posters are an excellent wall decor idea for many reasons. It is inexpensive, looks fantastic, and you can customize it just the way you like. So, take along all your favorite music posters when moving into your college dorm. 

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6. Use a Rolling Cart

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When it comes to your college dorm room, you must learn creative ways to store your essentials. A rolling cart is an effective way to increase storage in your dorm room.

Find one with multiple shelves to maximize functionality and get more room to store things. You can use it to store stationery, books, your phone charger, etc. 

7. Organize Your Desk Area

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Recreate this organization idea:

A cluttered desk area can decrease your productivity, so try to keep things back in their respective places once you’re done using them. Using desk organizers and shelves can help.

Usually, study desks in dorm rooms are always cluttered with stationery, papers, keys, and even clothes. Nevertheless, keeping the space organized will encourage you to study and get assignments done.

8. Use the Space Under Your Bed

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Recreate this idea:

dorm ideas for guys

Dorm rooms are usually tiny with limited storage space. Lofting the bed is fantastic if you’re looking for storage dorm room ideas for guys.

You can either use the under-bed space for storage or convert it into a hanging spot.

9. Get a Tufted Papasan Chair

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Recreate this decor idea:

Besides getting a comfy bed, you must consider a comfortable statement chair. It is one of the most useful dorm room furniture items.

A Papasan chair is an excellent option as these chairs are highly comfortable and durable. Not only will your chair stay intact throughout your college years, but it will also enhance the look of your dorm room. It’s also a great piece of dorm room decor guys will actually use.

10. Find the Right Bedding Set

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Recreate this dorm decor:

Finding a suitable bedding set is one of the most helpful dorm room ideas for guys. Opting for plaid and stripe prints is the best choice as the patterns help hide stains and dirt.

Besides, choose the right-sized sheets and comforter to avoid a messy look.

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11. Make a Photo Wall Collage

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Copy this decor:

If you’re someone who quickly gets homesick, you’ll love the idea of a photo wall collage. You can add photos of your family, friends, and pets to always look back at the memories and cherish them.

Not to mention, photo walls are also a cheap dorm room decor idea for guys that also look cool. 

12. Add Greenery To Your Dorm Room

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Recreate this decor idea:

This may be a lesser-known fact, but many boys love greenery and nature. If you’re one of them, adding some houseplants will keep you relaxed and connected with nature.

Not only do indoor plants look beautiful, but they will also make you feel less lonely. Watering the plants and caring for them will help you stay grounded during stressful times at college. 

13. Hang String Lights

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Recreate this decor idea:

Hanging string lights on your wall, bed, or desk is one of the more aesthetically pleasant dorm room ideas for guys. If your space is tiny and congested, the lights can make it look more spacious and much brighter.

Additionally, string lights are an easy way to personalize your dorm room and make it more fun and energetic.

14. Get Some Extra Storage Space

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Recreate this dorm organization idea:

Dorm rooms offer limited space for storing essentials like clothes, toiletries, and others. You may struggle with storage if you carry too many things.

In this case, you’ll need to buy extra storage. Most college students use these storage cubes they put under their beds to store shoes, big blankets, etc. 

15. Get a Hanging Rack

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Recreate this organization idea:

Getting a hanging rack is one of the best dorm room ideas for guys who are always on the go. If you hate deciding what to wear to college and building outfits, a hanging rack will make it much easier for you.

You can hang all your outerwear and other items like belts, etc.

This post was all about dorm room ideas for guys.

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