21 Gifts For 21st Birthday Girls They’ll Love

Looking for the perfect ideas for 21st birthday gifts? Here are the best 21 gifts for 21st birthday girls they will obsess over.

gifts for 21st birthday
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Turning 21 is super special and such a unique experience that you only get to live once. You’re finally old enough to drink alcohol and do all the fun things!

I remember when my friends and my sister turned 21 I was super excited about getting them the best gift ever: something that they loved but would also actually use. I know it can be hard to choose the right gifts for 21st birthday girls, so I’m here to help.

From personalized jewelry to the best cocktail kits, this is all about insanely good ideas for 21st birthday gifts!


1. Cocktail Kit

We’re talking about gifts for the 21st birthday, so I had to include a cocktail kit. Most 21-year-olds are super excited about finally being legal to drink, and this is the best cocktail kit to make your own drinks at home when you have a small friend reunion and want to drink something a bit fancier.

It’s also a great way to save some money and learn how to make your own cocktails.

3. Day of Birth Stars Map

A stars map is such a unique and special gift because you can personalize it with the date, place, and time of any event.

For example, you can choose the date of the birthday girl’s birth or any other moment in your lives that is special to you. You can also customize the size and even the type of frame to create the perfect wall art.

4. Boob Heart Tassel Planter

Turning 21 years old means you’re growing up and there’s a possibility you’ll be moving out of your parents’ house anytime soon, that’s why home decorations make great gifts for 21st birthday girls!

This little planter from Urban Outfitters is the perfect decor for a girl who is moving into her new apartment but also needs something that reminds her of home. Plus, plants make any space feel cozier and brighter.

5. The Body Positive Journal

Learning to love yourself and your body as it is is super important. Most of my friends started the journey to loving their own bodies in their 20s, and they all say having a journal was super helpful to them.

This Body Positive Journal makes it even better because it’s filled with tips and actual actions you can try to feel better about your body. If you’re looking for something inspiring and empowering, this is definitely the perfect gift for you.

6. Lululemon High-Rise Leggings

Lululemon makes the best sports gear I have ever tried and their trendiest item are the high-rise leggings.

If your birthday girl is into fitness and yoga, I promise you won’t find anything better than a pair of Lululemon leggings. They are comfortable and stretchy but also soft and smooth to let you move freely without feeling too tight. It definitely feels like you’re wearing nothing which is the best when you’re moving your body.

7. Glossier Gift Set

Self-care is super important for a 21-year-old. You finally start to realize how important it is to take good care of your skin and invest in high-quality products that will help you protect it and keep it young and healthy.

This Glossier gift set includes all the products you need for the perfect daily skincare routine. I love it because it comes with all their skincare best sellers in smaller sizes which means you can easily put them in your purse or your travel bag, and you don’t even have to worry about buying each item separately.

8. White Platform Converse

Literally, all my friends have a pair of white platform converse right now. They’re probably the trendiest shoes at the moment, so let me tell you why they are one of the best gifts for 21st birthday girls: they are comfortable and of good quality, will definitely last you a lot if you take good care of them, and they’re a basic staple which means they match any kind of outfit.

If you’re looking for a casual but stylish pair of shoes that your girl will wear every day, these are the ones for you.

9. Personalized Birthday Gift Box

If you’re not sure what to get for your birthday girl, then you can go with a bit of everything.

My favorite thing about gift boxes is you can personalize them and you don’t even have to know the person that well, because they always make a good gift. This one from Etsy is super cute and it includes a bunch of goodies from a candle to an organic cotton purse, everything customized with the name you choose.

10. Fujifilm Instax Mini 11

What better way to create new memories than with an instant camera. The Fujifilm Instax Mini is such a popular camera and almost everyone I know has one and loves it.

It’s super practical because it’s small and the film packs are so inexpensive which means you can take a ton of photos for very little money. These are perfect to take on trips or when you go out.

11. Custom Handwriting Bracelet

Jewelry is such a classic but I feel like it will always be the best gift idea. Especially when you’re looking for gifts for 21st birthday girls, you want to make sure you invest a bit more in something that’s good quality and will last longer.

I love this custom bracelet because they create it with your actual handwriting and you can as for any special quote or word. All you have to do is write your message on a piece of paper and they will turn it into an actual bracelet!

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12. Hot or Cold Plant-Based Milk Maker

If your birthday girl is into veganism and really concerned about the planet, this is something she will obsess over.

Using the Hot or Cold plant-based milk maker is the BEST way to make your own natural fresh plant-based milk at home without spending all your money on coffee shops. It’s super easy to use –you just have to push a button– and definitely worth the investment.

13. Wildflower Meadow Mariposa iPhone Case

Wildflower phone cases are super trendy, and there’s nothing that 21st-year-olds want more than trendy stuff.

Plus, Wildflower cases are the best quality and they will probably last longer than your phone, and they will also keep your phone safe and cute.

14. Custom 21st Birthday Illustration

Personalized gifts are the most special ones because they’re unique and no one else in the world will have one like yours.

If you’re looking for ideas for 21st birthday gifts your girl won’t forget, a custom birthday illustration is the way to go. I love BlaBlaPrintsArt illustrations on Etsy because you can customize absolutely everything: from the skin tone to the hair to even the clothing!

15. Crosley Voyager Bluetooth Record Player

I personally got a record player for my 21st birthday and it was one of the best gifts ever.

There’s a huge trend about creating your own vinyl collection with your favorite artists’ albums. I love using my record player when my friends come over, it just adds a different vibe to that moment and it feels more special. The Crosley record players are the best quality and definitely a gift your birthday girl will remember.

16. Sustainable Bath Bomb Set

Whether your girl is in college or already working at her first job, she will need a moment to relax and unwind. This bath bomb set is sustainably made in the US and it comes with 12 different handmade bath bombs. They are scented and made with cruelty-free natural ingredients.

They can also include a card inside the box with a little message for the person you’re giving it to.

17. Daisy by MARC JACOBS

You can never go wrong with perfume, especially with the Daisy fragrance by MARC JACOBS.

It has a fruity and floral scent and it smells so good. It’s fresh and sweet, but without being too strong which makes it the perfect gift for a 21-year-old.

18. Zodiac Candle

Zodiac-related gifts are also super trendy right now. A lot of the girls I know are into astrology and they know everything about their Zodiac sign as it has become super popular on social media lately. I even read mine from time to time, not going to lie.

That’s why I think this Zodiac candle from Urban Outfitters is the perfect gift for a girl who wants to add some new decor to her room or is moving to her own apartment.

19. Urban Outfitters Floral Duvet Set

A duvet set is such a great gift because it’s the easiest way to give your dorm a facelift. And what a better way to start the 21st-year-old phase in your life than refreshing your dorm with some new decor?

This is one of the most useful ideas for 21st birthday gifts you will actually find.

20. Checker Rings by RELLERY

If there’s a print that’s popular and trendy right now, it’s definitely the checker print. It’s fun and funky while keeping it classy with a golden touch.

This is such a classic that will never go out of style, and it’s a nice way to implement something a bit more daring into your daily stack of jewelry but still look elegant and put together.

21. Free People Zodiac Necklace

You can never go wrong with jewelry. I personally think giving jewelry as a gift will never go out of style because it’s something that has a huge value and you get to keep it forever. The jewelry pieces that have the most sentimental value to me it’s definitely because someone gave them to me as a gift.

For me, this Zodiac necklace is the perfect dainty piece that you can wear every day and ends up being an essential part of all of your outfits.

This post was all about the best gifts for 21st birthday girls.

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