15 Trendy College Dorm Ideas To Decorate Your Room

Do you need some inspiration for your college dorm? Here are 15 trendy college dorm ideas that will transform your room.

college dorm ideas

When I moved into my college dorm I was desperately trying to find the perfect college dorm room ideas that matched my personality and style, but sometimes it would be a bit overwhelming.

With all the inspiration you can find online, it gets a bit tricky when it comes to knowing what’s trendy and what’s going to actually look good in your dorm. That’s why I’ve decided to make it easy for you and show you exclusively the college dorm decorating ideas that are actually trendy right now (and that will totally transform your room!).


1. Add A Touch Of Greenery

college dorm room ideas
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A very easy and accessible way of decorating your space is by adding a touch of greenery. This is one of my favorite college dorm ideas because plants, whether they are real or fake, are super affordable and will instantly make your space feel cozier.

2. Decorate Your Walls

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Since dorm rooms give you limited space, the best thing you can do is take advantage of the space on your walls. When it comes to dorm room wall decor, there are A TON of options, but art prints and neon signs are definitely the trendiest ones right now!

3. Use Pillows As Decor

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When you move into your college dorm you realize everything can be used as decor, even your throw pillows! So make sure they match the rest of the decor and the aesthetic you’re going for so everything looks very put together.

4. Give Your Dorm a Boho Vibe

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A lot of girls go for a bohemian style when they decorate their dorms because it’s easy to put together and it looks so damn cool! If you get a few plants, including a macramé hanging planter, you’re already halfway there.

5. Get a Custom Neon Sign

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college dorm ideas decorating

I’ve seen A LOT of girls get neon signs for their dorms, but lately, most of them have started getting custom neon signs. They’re even better than regular neon signs because you can personalize them with your name or whatever word/phrase you wish.

And they’re super affordable as well! These are hands down among my top favorite college dorm ideas.

6. Stay Organized With a Rolling Cart

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Rolling carts are great to serve breakfast or even cocktails, but they’re also super useful in a college dorm room. You can use them for some extra storage and you can move them around which is super convenient in such a small space as a dorm room.

7. Stick To a Color Scheme

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Based on my personal experience, I will say it’s 100% easier to decorate your dorm when you’re sticking to a color scheme. You don’t need everything to be of the same color, but getting items that have a touch of the same color will make the whole space look more even.

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8. Get a Wall Mirror

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You’re likely not going to have enough space to put a big mirror in your dorm, so the best alternative is to get a small wall mirror that will allow you to do your make-up and do outfit checks.

9. String Lights and Macramé

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Let me tell you this: string lights are a game-changer and one of the college dorm decorating ideas I couldn’t live without. They are the best for reading in your bed, watching a movie, and just relaxing after a long day at college.

Recreate this college dorm:

10. Create a Wall Gallery With Framed Art Prints

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college dorm room

If you’re an artsy person and are looking for a unique way of decorating your walls, you can try this wall gallery with your favorite illustrator’s designs. This is a nice way of getting creative and inspired!

11. Get a Foldable Basket For Your Desk

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I’ve seen these baskets everywhere and even I got two of them. They’re light weighted and foldable which is super convenient to transport your stuff. I use mine to store books and makeup products.

12. Use Space Saving Hangers and Closet Organizers

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You will likely have limited closet space in your dorm since dorm closets aren’t exactly big, so you better take advantage of it as much as you can. Space-saving hangers and closet organizers were key for me and they allowed me to get the most out of every corner of my closet.

13. A Bedside Lamp is Essential!

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Dorm lighting is not the best, so one of the best college dorm ideas I can give you is to get a bedside lamp. This is super helpful especially if you share your room with someone else and you don’t want to bother them at night or in the morning.

14. Create a Minimalist Dorm Room

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One of the best tips I can give you is to keep it simple. Dorms are small, so I highly recommend you to not oversaturate your space with a lot of unnecessary things. If you keep your decor minimalistic it will be easier for you to focus on your tasks and be more efficient when working.

15. Keep Your Desk Organized

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college dorm room ideas for her

Keeping your desk organized is super important in college. I definitely worked better and felt less stressed when everything in my room was tidy, it helped a lot! And the last thing you want is to be stressed because your room is looking like a mess.

That’s why I love transparent desk organizers, they look clean and you can easily find everything.

This post was all about college dorm ideas.

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