The Best College Apartment Decor To Transform Your Space

Are you looking for ways how to decorate your college apartment? This is all about the best college apartment decor that will transform your space!

Moving from a dorm room to a college apartment is a huge change. You come from living in the tiniest space possible to suddenly having all these rooms to decorate, you probably don’t even know where to get started.

That’s why I want to help by sharing with you the best college apartment decor that’s stylish and will make you feel at home at the same time. I still use some of these college apartment decor ideas!


1. Beige and White Checkered Rug

The checkerboard print is everywhere right now! That’s why this checkered rug is the perfect accessory to make your bedroom or living room look more put together with a bohemian touch.

It will help you create a warm and cozy space while keeping it stylish.

2. Flower Market Art Print

The easiest way to start decorating your college apartment without breaking the bank is by hanging some art prints.

I always love to get mine from Society6 because they have so many options for every kind of style and aesthetic.

3. Ugh Throw Pillow

No couch or living room is complete without a few throw pillows!

Honestly, they make your living room area and overall the whole space look more put together. The best part is you can get matching throw pillows or combine them with the rest of your college apartment decor. I love this one from Urban Outfitters.

4. Sarish Bar Cart

A bar cart is always a nice thing to have because it can come in handy whenever you have a small gathering with your friends.

It’s also great to store bottles and mixing cocktails since you can move it around to serve the guests.

5. Shell Candles

You can never have too many candles in your apartment! Not only these shell candles are the cutest college apartment decor, but they will also make your space smell super good!

These ones from Etsy are my favorite because you can choose from so many colors and fragrances.

6. Lauren Wall Bookshelf

I know what it’s like to share a college apartment with more roommates: you constantly have to be super helpful about how you use your space because most of the time it is limited.

Well, that’s why this amazing bookshelf is such a great way to save some space and gain a few shelves to place stuff like books and cute plants.

7. Daisy Ceramic Photo Stan

This daisy photo stand is a nice touch to add to your desk or bedside table.

You can combine it with a few more decor accents to create your own little sanctuary with photos of your favorite memories, your favorite books, and even a planter to make every space feel more like «you».

8. Pop Wave Mirror

If you’re looking for something different that will make your space pop, you need to get a wave mirror.

They’re super trendy right now and they are the best way to brighten up your space by adding a nice 70s touch. I personally think it’s the perfect fun splash of color.

9. Mushroom Lamp

Another way to spice up your bedroom or living room is by getting a mushroom lamp. I’ve seen these all over Instagram and Pinterest lately, and I’m completely in love with them.

Mushroom lamps give the ultimate vintage vibes, and they come in so many colors.

10. Tufted Checkerboard Bath Mat

Yes, you can also make your bathroom look stylish, and you totally should!

Your bath mat is the place to start, and you want to make sure it’s practical but also cute. This checkerboard bath mat from Anthropologie is a must-have on your college apartment decor list.

11. Custom Neon Sign

You can find cute college apartment decor, or you can also create it yourself. Well, kind of.

Custom pieces are special because they are unique, and you won’t find any other one in the world like yours, literally. You can get a custom neon sign on Etsy without breaking the bank.

12. Petersen Tufted Platform Bed

Some college apartments come completely empty which means you actually have to bring your own furniture. So if you need a bed platform, I would definitely go for something elegant that will match the rest of the room.

The tufted headboard is an all-time classic you can never go wrong with.

13. Acrylic Folding Tray Table

A folding tray table is super useful and I promise you you will regret not getting one for your college apartment.

It can be used as a bedside table or a dining table, you can fold it up when you’re not using it to save space and since it is transparent it will suit any kind of room.

14. Flaviana Writing Desk

Yes, you’re moving into an apartment, but let’s not forget that you’re still going to college, so you’ll need a comfortable desk to study and do your homework.

I highly recommend you invest in a good quality desk like this one since you’ll be spending a lot of time using it.

15. Enid Frame Nesting Tables

Nesting tables are a nice touch to your living room whether you want to fill an empty space or you’re looking for some extra college apartment decor.

The best part about this set is both tables can be pulled apart or kept together to save space, which is great for college apartments!

16. Blue Nude by Henri Matisse Art Print

Prints are my favorite college apartment decor ideas because they’re inexpensive and can totally transform a space. Whether you’re looking for a bohemian, a funky, or a minimalistic look, there will be a print for it.

The Blue Nude by Henri Matisse is super popular right now and it’s the perfect decor for every room.

17. Marin Throw Blanket

Obviously, you’ll need a throw blanket. Whether you’re working or studying from your couch, watching a movie, or getting cozy on a rainy day, a throw blanket is always a nice thing to have.

I love this one from Urban Outfitters because it’s super cozy and made from %100 cotton. It should be in every college apartment living room!

This post was all about the best college apartment decor!

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