22 Best 2022 Dorm Room Ideas

Are you looking for unique dorm room ideas to transform your dorm? Here are the best 2022 dorm room ideas you need to see!

2022 dorm room ideas

When I moved into my dorm room the first thing I thought about was decorating it, so I instantly started looking for cute dorm room ideas I could try. Because let’s be honest, one of the best things about moving to college is decorating your dorm!

After four years of living in a dorm, I’m giving you the trendiest 2022 dorm room ideas that you won’t hesitate to post on Instagram. Boho style, minimalistic, classy, you name it: we cover it all!

Here are the best dorm decor ideas 2022 students will love.


1. Go For a Classy Look

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@carolinecostich on Pinterest

Recreate this dorm room idea:

Sometimes it’s easier to just stick to the simple ideas and go for a classy and elegant look. Classy never goes out of style, and I bet your dorm will definitely look better with a pair of personalized pillows.

2. Blue Themed College Dorm

@marinaaast_ on VSCO

Recreate this dorm decor:

The best advice that I’d been given for my college dorm decor is to stick to one color. If you’re not exactly sure what your style is, I bet you have a favorite color! Sticking to one single color is the best way to make your dorm room look aesthetic.

3. Pastel Colors and Lights

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@naomishwartzer on Instagram

Recreate this dorm room decor:

Pastel colors are super trendy right now, I’ve seen them in so many 2022 dorm room ideas! They will add a pop of color to your dorm room without it being too much.

And you don’t even have to break the bank because you can easily add some pastel color to your dorm with a collage kit.

4. Hang Vines Over Your Bed

Source: Pinterest

Recreate this dorm idea:

Vines and string lights are by far two of the most popular dorm room ideas 2022 college students will love. Can you imagine combining both? Yes, you can.

5. Get an Aesthetic Wall Decor Set

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@bcmeade4407 on Pinterest

Recreate this dorm room idea:

Wall decor is my favorite type of dorm room decor because it’s easy to set up, it’s cheap and it completely transforms your room. Lucky for us, college kits were invented and now you can create a wall collage with every type of aesthetic.

6. A Full-Lenght Mirror

Source: Pinterest

Recreate this decor idea:

single dorm room ideas

If we’re talking about dorm room essentials, here’s one item that should be on every college girl’s checklist: a full-length mirror.

Dorms don’t tend to have any mirrors which means you will have to bring your own, that’s why I highly recommend investing in a good one so you can check your outfit and do your makeup every day.

7. Fun Art Prints and Planters

@narissaroslizam on Instagram

Recreate this dorm decor:

You can never have too many plants –and cute planters– in your dorm. They will add life to your dorm and make it look brighter. And if you combine them with a few art prints, that’s even better!

8. Go For a Bohemian Look

Source: Society6

Recreate this dorm room:

Boho dorm rooms will be super trendy in 2022. A lot of girls are going for that cozy, earth-toned look to create a space where they can relax and forget about everything college-related.

9. Create an Aesthetic Desk Space

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Kenna Marie on Youtube

Recreate this desk space:

Your desk space is as important as your bedroom area. At the end of the day, you’re going to college, so you’ll be spending a ton of hours working and studying at your desk which means you better make sure it’s a place you find comfortable and nice to be in.

I highly suggest you take advantage of the wall on your desk area and get a wall grid panel for a better organization.

10. Tapestries and Macramé Wall Decor

@kristinaarossi on Pinterest

Recreate this dorm room idea:

If you want to decorate your walls but you’re tired of seeing art prints everywhere, here are a few different options that are unique and will make your room look instantly better: macramé wall hangings and tapestries.

11. Take Advantage of The Space Under Your Bed

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@madelineselman on Pinterest

Recreate this dorm organization idea:

Let’s face it: college dorm rooms are small, so one of the best 2022 dorm room organization ideas is to use the space under your bed. It’s the best way to save space and put away those things that take up the most space in your dorm like the trash bin or all your shoes.

12. Use Earth Tones

Madison Sawyer on Pinterest

Recreate this dorm look:

Are you a fan of the bohemian look? Then earth tones will be your best friend. And if you can combine them with wooden furniture, a fuzzy throw blanket, and a woven tassel garland, that’s even better!

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13. Throw Blankets and Pink Decor

@mariellafrisinaa on Pinterest

Recreate this dorm decor:

Call me basic, but I loved using pink in my dorm room. I think using a few pink accents here and there really makes your room more colorful and stylish, so don’t be afraid to incorporate colors in your dorm, even if it’s hot pink.

14. Hanging Plants Are The New Trendy Decor


Recreate this decor idea:

Greenery is one of my favorite dorm room ideas. Whether you use fake plants or real ones, greenery always makes a big difference. If you don’t want to take up all the space on your desk, you can hang your planters with these macramé plant hangers.

15. Get a Tufted Papasan Chair For Extra Comfort

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@paigehiroko on Pinterest

Recreate this idea:

dorm room ideas for girls

After a long day of college classes, all you want to do is relax. That’s why you should create a comfy area in your room that allows you to distress and forget about work.

A lot of girls get a Papasan chair because you can use them to work, watch a movie, or to even take a nap, and they’re also the perfect piece of dorm room decor.

16. LED lights and Neon

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Source: Pinterest

Recreate this dorm decor:

When you look for cute dorm room ideas, a lot of them have some light wall decor. Whether it’s LED lights on your ceiling or neon lights, you will find a ton of options online. And they’re the best to put you in the mood for reading or watching a movie.

17. Keep it Monochromatic

@kathrynndavis on Pinterest

Recreate this decor idea:

Since college dorms tend to be small, sometimes you better keep it simple and minimalistic. You can play with a white base and add a small touch of color. This duvet from Wayfair is my favorite when it comes to quality and price.

18. Cozy Vibes and Fall Aesthetic

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Source: Pinterest

Recreate this decor idea:

I know there are a lot of girls who move to their dorm rooms during the Fall, so we must not forget about the Fall aesthetic. Candles and cozy throw blankets are perfect to add cozy vibes to your room.

19. Your New Favorite Combination: Animal Print, Pink and Gold

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@sidneymarieduke on Instagram

Recreate this dorm room idea:

I’ve seen this combination everywhere when looking for 2022 dorm room ideas. There’s something about pink, gold, and animal prints that screams «2000s», but also elegancy and good taste!

20. Color Themed Dorm Room Decor

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@tapestrygirls on Instagram

Recreate this dorm decor:

We love single dorm room ideas that stick to one color palette! It’s the smartest way to make your space look even and put together.

21. Try All Kinds of Wall Decor

@swaggythingss on VSCO

Recreate this dorm decor:

Most college girls love decorating their wall space because you don’t really have a ton of space in your room for extra bookshelves.

I love this idea because this girl used her wall in a super smart way adding different types of wall decor like a heart mirror (they’re SUPER trendy right now), greenery, and even a digital clock.

22. Get a Bedroom Bench For Extra Storage Space

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@fatmoodz on VSCO

Recreate this storage idea:

dorm room decor cheap

There are a few ways you can gain some extra space in your dorm, and one of them is getting a bedroom bench. They’re practical, they’re cute and they’re one of the best dorm room organization ideas.

This post was all about the best 2022 dorm room ideas.

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