15 Trendy College Graduation Party Ideas To Try This Year

Looking for graduation party ideas to celebrate the coolest graduation party ever? Here are the 15 trendiest college graduation party ideas you can easily try.

college graduation party ideas

Graduating from college is a big deal. You finally get out of college to enter something even scarier, but more exciting: the real world.

I know this chapter in life can be a bit scary and you may feel lost at first, but celebrating that you got through college is the first important thing you need to do to acknowledge all the effort you’ve put into getting your degree.

And you can’t do that without finding the best graduation party ideas, which is why I’m here to help. I’ve gathered the 15 trendiest college graduation party ideas I wish I had tried at my own grad party.

15 Trendy College Graduation Party Ideas

1. Number Balloons and College Graduation Party Decor

ideas for college graduation party
_princessrachel__ on Pinterest

Recreate this graduation party idea:

The graduation decor you choose for your college graduation party is key. It will totally determine the aesthetic and style of your party. Do you want something more casual, or are you doing a formal party?

No matter what type of graduation party you’re thinking of, I promise you that getting a decor set will save you so much time and money.

2. Cards for the Graduate

college graduation party ideas 2022

Recreate this college graduation idea:

You can make the most out of your college graduation party by creating a «card station» where each guest gets to write something for the graduate. This is a really fun thing to do that both guests and the graduate will appreciate.

3. A Hawaiian Themed Graduation Party

Cat Ma on Pinterest

Recreate this graduation idea:

Haven’t you found the right theme for your graduation party? Here’s one of my favorite college graduation party theme ideas: the Hawaiian theme.

It’s easy to make and it’s perfect for spring and summer grad parties.

4. Sweet Station

Lorena Mora on Pinterest

Recreate this idea:

Never forget about getting some sweet treats for your graduation party! This is a really fun way to display them. All you need are some buckets and mini signs that you can easily get off of Amazon.

5. Special Messages Book

Alex Stratigos on Pinterest

Recreate this graduation idea:

You can let the guests write a special message to the graduate in a book. This is even more practical than cards because you can give the book to the graduate that they are able to take with them wherever they go.

6. Memory Lane Backdrop

Missy Lynn on Pinterest

Recreate this graduation idea:

This is one of the best college graduation party decor ideas I’ve ever seen! Graduating from college is a huge milestone in the graduate’s life, so why not honor their life with different photos from their childhood and teenagehood?

7. Use Photo Props

college graduation party decorations
Gabby Thomas on Pinterest

Recreate this grad party idea:

No matter what kind of party you celebrate, don’t forget about photo props! These days everything needs to be instagrammable, and I assure you props are a huge part of that.

8. A Cocktail Bar

Source: Pinterest

Recreate this grad party idea:

Okay, so you’re finally out of college, which means you can drink now! What better way to celebrate that you’re out of college than with a cocktail bar?

9. A Custom Graduation Cake Topper

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@imperfectly_emma on Instagram

Recreate this grad idea:

This is a small detail that will make a huge difference. Custom decor always makes everything more personal and special, and this custom graduation cake topper is definitely one of the cutest I’ve ever seen.

10. A Color Themed Party

@shopparis312 on Instagram

Recreate this idea:

Aren’t you sure what theme to go for with your graduation party? Choose a few colors and stick to that.

You can pick your graduation party decor according to the graduate’s favorite colors.

11. Colorful Fruit Cones

@meanttobrieboards on Instagram

Recreate this idea:

backyard college graduation party ideas

This is such a smart way of including healthy treats in your party, while also keeping it classy and elegant. And to be honest, these fruit cones look delicious.

12. Use Big LED Letters

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@nicole_creations_houston on Instagram

Recreate this grad idea:

college graduation party decoration ideas

If you want to surprise your guests (and graduate) with a big entrance, you need to get big LED letters. If they fit in your budget, I promise you they are totally worth it.

13. A Cupcake Station

Shelby Souvannasing on Pinterest

Recreate this college grad party:

You can create a cupcake station with color-themed (or flavor-themed) cupcakes and even add a few cupcake toppers to make them more festive and fun.

14. Mojito Station


Recreate this idea:

ideas for college graduation party

Let the mojitos roll! One of the best things that have ever happened to college graduation parties, and parties in general, is this beverage dispenser from Amazon.

15. Personalized Table Centerpieces

college graduation party decorations

Recreate this college grad party idea:

college graduation party ideas

Last but not least, make sure you get something to spice up the tables where your guests will be sitting. Personalized centerpieces are one of the best college graduation party ideas!

This post was all about trendy college graduation party ideas!

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