20 Unique High School Graduation Gift Ideas

Haven’t found the right graduation gift yet? This post is all about 20 unique high school graduation gift ideas.

high school graduation gift ideas
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Finding the perfect gift for a high school graduate can be hard, but it’s not impossible. Graduating high school is a big milestone because most of the time it means you’re going to college, which makes it easier to find the right gift.

As a college graduate myself, I can tell you there’s a lot of stuff college students need, especially in their first year. So I’ve curated a list with the best high school graduation gift ideas I wish I received when I graduated that are actually nice and useful.

This post is all about the best high school graduation gift ideas.


1. College Survival Kit

Surviving college is not easy, that’s why a college survival kit will make the grad’s life so much easier.

I love this kind of kits because they come with all the goodies from a different variety of snacks to toothpaste, and you can even customize them with the grad’s name and a little message.

2. Money! (in a creative way)

If there’s one thing every single college student needs it’s money. There are so many things college students have to pay for like tuition, rent, food, and more that I promise you receiving money as a gift will be super helpful to them.

You can give it to them in a creative way, of course. For example, using a cake foam display!

3. Personalized Planner

Graduating high school comes with a lot of changes, and one of them is moving out of home and getting your life together in order to slowly start becoming an adult.

That’s why staying organized as a college student is a huge priority, and a planner suddenly becomes your next best friend. So why not get the grad a personalized planner to help them stay on top of their to-do lists?

4. Travel Bag

Whether it’s from home to the campus and vice versa, or simply because they are visiting their friends in another city, college students are constantly traveling.

Having a good travel bag to transport all their belongings is crucial and very much needed when you’re in college. This one from Amazon is super nice and practical.

5. Custom Graduation Portrait

If you’re looking for something unique and special, you should definitely get a custom graduation portrait.

Delane is an amazing illustrator that makes all kinds of custom portraits on Etsy.

All you need to do is send her a photo of the graduate and she will make a portrait of her, and you can even include pets or an item that represents the graduate!

6. Fuzzy Blanket

College dorms get super cold in the winter, so if your grad is an upcoming college student, she/he better be prepared for that.

A fuzzy blanket is such a great high school graduation gift idea because it’s useful and will keep you warm during the cold months, as well as remind you of home.

7. Handmade Ceramic Mug

Handmade ceramics are SUPER trendy right now. I even got myself a handmade ceramic mug recently and I’m in love with it.

The fact that this is a unique piece no one else has makes it such a special gift that feels like it was almost made just for you. Definitely of my top 10 high school graduation gift ideas.

8. Birkenstock Sandals

Sandals are a must for anyone who is moving to a dorm room. The fact that college students don’t have bathrooms in their own dorms makes it a bit more tricky to do simple things like showering and going to the bathroom.

This is why you’re going to need a pair of sandals to walk in and out of your bedroom every time you need to take a shower, so you must be prepared. These ones from Urban Outfitters are super cute and practical.

9. Moon Mirror

A lot of people tend to forget that dorm rooms don’t have any mirrors, that’s why the most convenient thing to do is to bring one from home.

This moon mirror from Amazon not only is super useful, but it’s also the perfect wall decor to put in an empty college dorm. It’s not too big, so it won’t take a lot of space in the grad’s small dorm, but it’s big enough to do your makeup in the mornings.

10. Personalized Makeup Bag

Since your grad is going to be living with other girls that also have their own makeup, having a personalized makeup bag is really helpful to avoid any confusion.

Personalized gifts are always the best high school graduation gift ideas, and this one from Etsy it’s just cute and affordable.

11. Custom Neon Sign

If you’re looking for a really unique graduation gift your grad will absolutely love, a custom neon sign is the one!

I promise neon signs are super trendy right now, and almost every girl I know has one in her room. This one from Etsy is 100% customizable, which is even better because you can get the grad’s name.

12. Mini Fan

Just like dorms get super cold in the winter, they also get super warm during the summer. So if your grad starts college in August or September, they better have a fan to deal with it. I remember when I started college, and it was so hot in my dorm I couldn’t even sleep.

The best way to solve this problem is by getting a mini fan. They’re affordable and don’t take a ton of space, and trust me, your grad is going to use them a lot!

13. A Journal

Your grad is starting a new chapter in their life and they’re probably going to want to write everything down.

That’s why a journal is a really great place to start. They can write about their experience, how they feel and all the goals and accomplishments they want to achieve while they are in college. A journal really is the best way to reflect and start making changes in your life.

14. Yin Yang Hair Clips

These Yin Yang hair clips are also EVERYWHERE right now. Every cool girl I know has them. They’re cute to wear and they’re also the most useful thing to have around when you’re studying for finals and you don’t want your hair to fall all over your face.

15. Customized Heart-Shaped Necklace

Nothing says more «I love you» than a personalized piece of jewelry. I love how dainty and delicate this custom heart-shaped necklace is.

You can customize it with the grad’s initial and get them something they can actually wear forever. The best part is they are going to think of you every time they wear it!

16. Custom Monogrammed Laundry Bag

Carrying your laundry from your dorm to the laundry room every time you need to get your clothes cleaned is such a boomer, but it needs to be done.

A custom monogrammed laundry bag is super useful. Not only because it makes it easier to carry your laundry, but also because it will avoid any confusion with the other girls’ clothes.

17. REVLON Air Dryer and Hot Brush

The REVLON air dryer is freaking magic. It dries your hair and brushes it at the same time, which is why this is one of the best gifts you can give to a high school grad.

It’s such a time savior and, trust me, college students are all about saving time. If you can get two things done instead of one, it’s a win-win.

18. Checkered Crochet Bag

Crochet is back, especially if it’s a checkered crochet bag.

These days college students are obsessed with handmade things that are sustainable and unique, so you’ll probably see a lot of these on campus this year.

I love these crochet bags from Etsy because they are %100 handmade with organic materials.

19. Instant Pot

I mean, college. Who has time to cook, right?

Cooking is probably the last thing college students think about, that’s why you need to get them a gift that makes their lives easier while they still get to eat delicious meals. An instant pot is a life savior, that your grad will forever be grateful for.

20. Hydro Flask

College students spend their days walking from class to class, without even having time to eat and drink properly. That’s why you can’t go wrong with gifting a high school graduate a Hydro Flask.

I can assure you they’re going to use it and love it because it’s one of those things no one tells you you actually need for college, but then you realize it’s a must-have.

This post was all about high school graduation gift ideas!

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