23 Easy Graduation Cap Designs You Can Try

Are you graduating soon and still haven’t found the perfect graduation cap idea? This post is all about the best graduation cap designs that are easy to try.

graduation cap designs

The best part about graduating is planning everything and thinking about all the details. Everything is important from your graduation party to your graduation cap!

These days it seems like everything has been invented and there are no original ideas left that we can use. Well, that’s not true at all. When it comes to graduation caps, I promise you there are a lot of graduation cap designs that are unique and easy to try. In this post, I’ll show you the best 23 of them.

This post is all about the best 23 graduation cap designs you can easily try.


1. «All Thanks To Them» Graduation Cap

graduation cap decoration ideas
Alexis Richmond on Pinterest

Your graduation is a great moment to thank your family for everything they’ve done for you during your academic years, and also remind yourself how grateful you feel to have this kind of support from your loved ones.

2. Taylor Swift Graduation Cap

Kelsey Long on Pinterest

Pop culture-inspired graduation cap designs are my favorite ones! Here’s the cutest Taylor Swift graduation cap to remember all the good memories you’ll be taking from your high school and college experience.

3. Friends Inspired

graduation cap decoration high school
@tguy15 on Pinterest

Here’s the perfect graduation cap for all the Friends fans out there! Not only this is the funniest quote to put in a graduation cap, but it’s also super easy to make.

4. High School Musical «Breaking Free»

Abby Goodridge on Pinterest

Graduating and leaving behind a chapter of your life can be a bit sad, but it definitely feels like you’re breaking free at the same time. It’s time to start chasing your dreams!

5. It’s Brutal Out Here

graduation cap decoration supplies
Sheli Yalorraine on Pinterest

Can we all agree that Olivia Rodrigo’s music is the best? This is one of the funniest graduation cap designs I’ve seen, and all you need is some cardboard and stickers to recreate it.

6. «In Memory Of» Graduation Cap

graduation cap designs 2022
Shannon Aubrie on Pinterest

When you’re achieving something in life you also think about those who aren’t with us anymore and can’t be here to see it. Your graduation is a good opportunity to honor them.

7. Dory from Nemo The Movie

@lexasaurusrex on Pinterest

Dory from Nemo will forever be one of the cutest animation characters ever. And she’s also super funny, which is great if you want to include her in your graduation cap.

8. Pirates Of The Caribbean Inspired

Shelbey Hascall on Pinterest

You can literally find graduation cap ideas for any movie, singer, or TV show that has ever existed! If you’re a big fan of Pirates of the Caribbean like me, this one is for you!

9. Scooby Doo Inspired

Bella Puso on Pinterest

Well, gang… that wraps up this mystery! And another one is coming your way: the future. So stay posted!

10. A Million Dreams

graduation captions
@mans18 on Pinterest

What better occasion to use your favorite inspirational quote than the day you graduate?

Graduating is all about the future, our hopes and dreams, and our will to make a better world. That sounds like the best graduation cap design to me.

11. Thank U, Next

Zibrya Bennett on Pinterest

Ariana Grande is such a queen and we should all thank her for her lyrics and her music. Maybe it’s time to get creative and make this amazing graduation cap!

12. I Did it For Harry Styles

how to draw graduation cap
Source: Pinterest

Harry Styles. Do I need to say anything else? We all do it for Harry Styles in this house.

13. Growing Up

graduation cap diy
Lydia Truitt on Pinterest

Graduating, closing chapters, moving, and starting from scratch. That’s all a part of life and we should embrace it. Here’s to more adventures, new experiences, and amazing graduation cap designs.

14. Like Its Hard?

graduation cap quotes
Cait Divita on Pinterest

If you have watched Legally Blonde you know what I’m talking about. This one is especially good for those who are looking for college graduation cap designs, and those who are going to Harvard…

15. Coraline Inspired

Tiffany Larsen on Pinterest

Coraline is one of the best animation movies ever made. She’s a curious person, an explorer, which are the best qualities for someone who just graduated.

16. Inspirational Quote

@ashleyg_designscaps on Instagram

You can never go wrong with an inspiring quote to graduate the best way possible. Whenever you can’t find the motivation, think about those who love you.

17. Chanel Box

@francesca.47 on Instagram

This one is for all the fashion students out there! This Chanel box is super cute and easy to make.

18. Disney Graduation Cap Design

graduation cap ideas funny
@model_kiersten on Instagram

Isn’t this the most magical and dreamy graduation cap you’ve ever seen? If you’re a Disney fan who wants to revisit her childhood memories, this is the perfect graduation cap for you.

19. Good 4 Me

@tariana_mariah on Instagram

Graduating definitely feels liberating! So why not give yourself a «good for me» moment?

20. Your Future University

graduation cap ideas college
@stoneandink_ on Instagram

This is for those who are looking for high school graduation cap desings. Sometimes you’re just too excited to go to university not to put it in your graduation cap.

21. Your Sorority House

@yass.creates on Instagram

Also, using the initials of your college or your sorority house is such a great idea! It’s super easy to recreate and you can even use glittery foam.

22. Bob Sponge Inspired

graduation cap designs high school
@yass.creates on Instagram

It’s normal to feel a bit lost after you graduate, whether it’s from high school or college. So why not keep your graduation cap a bit ironic and fun?

I love this Bob Sponge graduation cap!

23. Floral Quote

graduation cap designs college
@yass.creates on Instagram

Putting flowers on your graduation cap really adds a nice touch of color. And you can combine them with some gold foam.

This post was all about graduation cap designs!

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