How To Create The Most Iconic Clueless Halloween Costumes This Year

Want to wear the 90s most iconic character’s costume this year? Here’s how you can recreate the best Clueless Halloween costumes.

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We all know Clueless is one of the most iconic teen movies from the 90s. Everything from its characters to the movie plot has become an important part of pop culture. But you know what’s even more popular? The Clueless outfits.

And ever since 90s fashion popularity has increased, Clueless outfits are no longer retro or old, but a staple everyone wants in their wardrobes. Who wouldn’t want to be Cher or Dionne for a day?

Well, you can. Here are the best Clueless Halloween costumes you can easily recreate.

This post is all about Clueless costumes ideas.

The Most Iconic Clueless Halloween Costumes

Cher Clueless Halloween Costume

1. The Classic Cher Look

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Recreate this Clueless costume:

We’ve all seen this look so many times, but there’s something about it that never gets old. This yellow plaid set is such a classic, and now that 90s trends are back, it’s definitely an outfit I would wear on a regular day.

If you want to feel like Cher for a day, there’s no other look that’s more iconic than this one! Honestly, the only thing I can say when I look at this outfit is: Ugh, as if!

2. The Sporty Look

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Recreate this Clueless costume:

Another one of Cher’s most iconic looks is her sporty outfit. This is so simple, yet so well put together that it blows my mind. You can truly create the most creative outfits with a few basic black and white pieces.

3. The Party Look

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Recreate this Clueless outfit:

clueless costumes diy

The best part about Clueless costume designs is that they created such timeless outfits that they will never get outdated. Like for example this little white dress.

It’s simple and elegant, and it’s definitely something you can still wear today, even if it’s not as a costume.

4. The High School Look

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Recreate this Clueless costume:

At this point, we can all agree that Cher is a true style icon, and she’s the best at styling high knee socks. This outfit is one of my favorites from the movie. They use tartan fabric in a lot of the looks, but the way she wears this with the beret and the little backpack just blows my mind.

You can include a can of Cocacola to recreate the exact moment at the school’s cafe.

Dionne Clueless Halloween Costume

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Recreate the Dionne Clueless costume:

There’s a reason Cher is friends with Dionne: she’s also a style icon. Dionne gets it, and she also wears incredible looks throughout the movie. This is, by far, her most known look. She’s also wearing a tartan set, but hers is in black and white, combined with red accents.

The accessory you can’t miss? Obviously, her hat! If you have a bestie you can recreate these costumes with, don’t even hesitate.

Tai Clueless Costume

Even though Tai is a secondary character, she still has a huge transformation arch when it comes to her style. It isn’t until Cher’s makeover that she reaches her full potential.

I love how each character is assigned a specific color and they stick to it throughout the movie. Cher’s is yellow, Dionne’s red, and Tai’s green.

Clueless Halloween Costumes Essentials

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Recreate this Clueless outfit:

Clueless outfits have become such a classic at this point, and we will probably remember them forever. But there are also a few iconic accessories that are worth using with your Clueless Halloween costumes.

For example, her 90s cell phone. Not only this is super cute, but you can use it as a case for your actual phone. This is so smart and will put the cherry on top of your outfit.

And let’s not forget about her fur pen! Maybe you don’t want to hold a pen all the time, but you can wear a faux fur purse, that will make your outfit pop even more.

This post was all about the best Clueless Halloween costumes!

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