20 Hottest College Halloween Costumes For 2021

Looking for the best Halloween costume to impress everyone this year? Here are the hottest college Halloween costumes for 2021.

hottest college halloween costumes

Going to a college Halloween party can be such a great experience that will make being a college student much more fun. But finding the perfect college Halloween costume can be a bit tricky.

Whether you’re looking for a solo costume, a couple costume, or a group costume to celebrate it with your friends, you should always OWN it! That’s why I have made a selection of the hottest college Halloween costumes for this year.

A vampire, a clown, and even an alien. Almost all costume ideas can become hot college Halloween costumes if you know how! Let me show you.

This post is all about the hottest college Halloween costumes for 2021

20 Hottest College Halloween Costumes

1. Space Cowgirls

hot college halloween costumes
@jorgieluke on Instagram

One of the hottest college Halloween costumes that you’ll see this year at probably almost any party is the space cowgirl costume.

The best part about this costume is that it’s super versatile, which means you can adapt it to your own personal style. You can cover more or less of your body depending on your preferences, and you don’t need to get fancy clothes to recreate it.

2. Mermaids

hot halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest

Another college Halloween costume idea that’s easy and simple to recreate is this mermaid costume. You can even get the fabric and do it yourself, as the design is pretty easy.

This proves you don’t need to break the bank or buy a fancy costume to wear the hottest college Halloween costume!

3. Cupid

hot halloween costumes for guys
Amanda Evans on Pinterest

There are a lot of versions of the Cupid costume online, but this one was by far one of my favorites.

I love how she chose to go for an all-red look and add the accessories to make it a hot Halloween costume like the fishnet tights or the wings.

4. Dark Angel

hot guy halloween costumes
@ivyadanti on VSCO

You can literally transform any regular costume into one of the hottest Halloween costumes by getting a corset and fishnet tights.

This costume would look so different without these two accessories!

5. Greek Gods

hot halloween costumes 2021
Source: Pinterest

If you’re wearing matching costumes with your partner this year you don’t need to worry, there are also tons of couples hot Halloween costumes you can recreate.

For example, these greek Gods costumes. The name already tells you everything!

6. Hogwarts Student

hot halloween costumes for couples
Source: Pinterest

Hogwarts but make it sexy. Yes, it’s possible, you can even look hot in a Hogwarts uniform if you know how to pull it off.

A simple black bodysuit and a pair of black fishnet tights can do wonders.

7. Alien and Astronaut

hot halloween costumes for girls
Source: Pinterest

You never thought an alien could be hot? Well, look at this costume idea! This is probably one of the hottest college Halloween costumes I’ve ever seen.

8. Ariana Grande

hot halloween costumes ideas
@amyoday_ on Instagram

DIY hot Halloween costumes because you have so much creative freedom and you can literally be whoever you want. I love how they used the bunny mask to recreate Ariana Grande’s look with this costume.

9. Pumpkin

womens hot halloween costumes
@jamielynn_pp on Instagram

Even the costume you would’ve never expected to be sexy can be one of the best hot college Halloween costume ideas. Like, for example, a pumpkin.

10. Gypsy

Source: Pinterest

This gypsy costume is super cute and easy to recreate. My tip is to add as much jewelry as you can and combine it with a fringey skirt.

Getting a pack of fake tattoos will be the cherry on top to complete the whole look!

11. Carrie

@iheartpinterest on VSCO

I personally think Carrie is a pretty hot character. I mean, even though she killed almost all her classmates, she wore a stunning outfit and that slipper dress was just incredible.

She’s one of my top 10 hot Halloween costumes for girls.

12. 60’s GoGo Dancers

hot halloween costumes diy
@hannahmaq on Pinterest

What’s even better than wearing the hottest college Halloween costume? Wearing matching costumes with your best friends!

These boots are killing it this year so I wouldn’t miss a great opportunity like this because you and your friends will be the hottest girls in the room.

13. Jennifer’s Body

easy hot halloween costumes
@absolutely.acosta on Instagram

Jennifer from Jennifer’s body is an icon. Not only she’s smart and terrifying, but she’s also one of the hottest horror movie characters of all time.

And since the movie turned 15 years old this year, I guess this is a good time to be her for Halloween!

14. Barbie Costume

hottest halloween costumes
@madisynujkic on Instagram

The Barbie costume is such a classic, and it became more and more popular since Kylie Jenner wore it on Halloween a few years ago.

The easiest way to create this look is with a pink Barbie bodysuit and a pair of white boots.

15. Fairies

Source: Pinterest

Has anyone noticed how the Winx fairies wore the cutest outfits? It’s impossible to not look hot in one of these outfits.

I love how each friend chose a color to go with, but still, they are pretty aesthetic when looked at as a whole.

16. Coachella Outfit

Source: Pinterest

Coachella probably has the hottest dress code than any other festival, so it’s a great theme to get inspiration for your next college Halloween costume idea!

You can forget about the glitter and the gold accents.

17. Bratz

hot college halloween costume ideas
@katelynhopeprice on Instagram

I LOVED my Bratz dolls as a kid, and mostly I loved playing with their clothes and creating the cutest outfits. So if you’d told me to be one for Halloween, I would totally be down for it!

Wearing the hottest college Halloween costume has a lot to do with clothes, but mostly with attitude.

18. Cops

hot halloween costumes college
Source: Pinterest

19. Mummies

hot halloween costumes for women
Source: Pinterest

The mummy costumes not only are easy hot Halloween costumes, but they’re also cheap to make. If you’re looking for a cute costume to make last-minute, this one is for you!

20. Spring Breakers

hot halloween costumes for best friends
Source: Pinterest

The Spring Breakers movie became iconic a few years ago, mostly because of their memorable outfits that turned out to be one of the most popular costume ideas.

These costumes scream badass, and I can see why they’re the hottest college Halloween costumes.

This post was all about the hottest college Halloween costumes!

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