22 College Care Package Ideas For Every Type Of Student

Are you looking for the perfect care packages for a college student? Here are the 22 best college care package ideas for every type of student!

college care package

Going to college is a big deal. Leaving your hometown and saying goodbye to your friends and family is not easy. There are a million things we want to say to the future college student and a college care package is the best way to do it.

A care package is basically a box filled with goodies you know the college student will love. Whether you make a themed college care package or a fun college care package, it is the best way to remind your college student how much you love them.

This post is all about college care package ideas that show how much you care!

22 Best College Care Package Ideas

1. Basic College Care Package

college care packages
@_miya.n on Instagram

Recreate this care package idea:

Snacks are one of the few things college students can eat in their dorms, so I can assure you a box full of them will make them really happy.

If you fill the box with the snacks you actually know they love it will be even better and more personal!

2. The Healthy Package

college care package ideas
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Recreate this care package idea:

Staying healthy in college is key, and eating healthy is a big part of it. A healthy care package filled with organic and nutritive food will keep your college student energized and motivated to go to class and take on the world every day.

Plus, it will show them that you actually care about their health and well-being.

3. Sunshine Box

college package to college student
@bailey_estep2 on Twitter

Recreate this care package:

Sunshine boxes are super popular right now. There are only two rules when it comes to creating a sunshine box: 1. it must only contain things that will make the person who receives it happy, and 2. all the items have to be yellow or have some yellow in them to fit in the sunshine aesthetic.

Lucky us, there are a ton of sunshine box options on Etsy that you can personalize with your favorite items like this one.

4. Ice Cream Sundae In A Box

care package ideas college

Recreate this care package:

college care package for guys

Making your own ice cream is such a fun activity any college student will love. College is stressful enough, so why not spend their free time eating delicious ice cream with their friends?

This ice cream sundae in a box package has everything they need. This is such a fun college care package idea!

5. Hot Cocoa Box

ideas for college care package

Recreate this college package:

Are you looking for a holiday-themed care package that will make your college student feel cozy and warm? This is the perfect idea for you.

Hot cocoa and marshmallows are the best combination for cold days. Add Netflix and a blanket and you get the perfect night plan. By the way, I love these vegan marshmallows you can get on Amazon.

6. Beach Day Package

college care packages for girls
Source: Etsy

Recreate this care package:

On the contrary, if Summer is coming and you don’t know what to put in your care package, let me give you a clue: beach day!

Things like scrunchies or peeling cream are a must-have to stay protected from the sun and have an incredible day at the beach with your friends. This is the kind of college care package students will actually use!

7. Dorm Essentials Care Package

college care package for guys
@grachel03 on Instagram

Recreate this care package:

When you move to your college dorm there are so many things you actually need to bring. These are basic necessities that you will need on a daily basis like toilet paper or cleaning products, and they can get quite expensive.

So why not help the college student with a dorm survival care package that has everything they need? This is one of the best college student care packages.

8. Self-Care Box

fun college care package ideas
HappyHamperBoutique on Etsy

Get this college care package:

Sometimes all you need in the middle of so many essays and exams is a self-care day to take time for yourself. Back in my college days, these little spa sessions were lifesavers for me.

Putting a facemask on, turning on a few candles, and eating your favorite chocolate bar will definitely improve your mood. If your college student has been feeling stressed lately, this self-care box from Etsy is the best option.

9. I Miss Your Face Box

college student care package ideas
@hellopopbykaycee on Instagram

Recreate this care package:

The feeling of missing someone that moved to college is the worst and sadly supper common as well. That’s why a care package is the best way to remind them how much you miss them, and that you haven’t forgotten about them.

You can totally get creative with this, but I highly recommend including a note or a cute postcard to tell them how you feel. This will make any student feel special and closer to home.

10. Thank You Care Package

ideas for care packages for college students
@katelizram on Instagram

Recreate this care package:

what to put in a college care package

I’m sure there is something you want to thank the college student for. It doesn’t even have to be something specific. You can be thankful for their love or the time you two spend together.

And I promise you a cute box filled with goodies is the best way to say it!

11. Makeup College Care Package

funny college care package ideas

Recreate this college package:

If the college student is a beauty guru, you don’t have to say anything else. A beauty care package will not only make them super happy, but they’ll also get a bunch of new products they’ll actually use.

This is the best beauty care package from Amazon and it has everything from a pearl face mask to a vegan moisturizer.

12. Relax Care Package

what to put in a college care package
LeafAndRootCo on Etsy

Sadly, feeling stressed in college is a common thing, but it shouldn’t your college student’s new normality. This relax care package will encourage them to take time for themselves and forget about homework for a bit.

13. Blue Themed Package

college care package
Source: Pinterest

Recreate this care package:

If you want to get creative, you can play with quotes and themes. For example by creating a care package «out of the blue» and filling it with only blue products.

This is smart and will definitely bring a smile to everyone’s face! You can get a premade blue-themed goodie box on Etsy.

14. Books and Treats

college care package ideas for freshman
@bailey_estep2 on Twitter

Recreate this care package:

It always makes me feel super loved and special when someone gives a book to me because I know that they picked that specific book thinking of me and what I like.

That’s why books are a great thing to include in a care package. But don’t forget the sweet treats, of course!

15. Sunshine For Your Birthday Box

college care packages for daughter
Source: Pinterest

Recreate this care package:

ideas for care packages for college students

Here’s another idea for a sunshine box. My biggest advice is to include as many things as you want, as long as they are yellow.

Don’t put yourself in a box and get creative with it! My favorite yellow box is this one from Etsy.

16. Miss You Care Package

college care package ideas for friends
@russellstoverus on Instagram

Recreate this care package:

Missing your friends, your family, and your loved ones is a big part of moving to college. I know, it sucks, but it’s also a great opportunity for growth as a person.

Luckily, a «miss you» care package full of chocolate treats will ease the pain a bit.

17. S’More Camping Box

@sararussell1616 on Pinterest

Recreate this care package idea:

This s’more box is the perfect thing to bring to a camping getaway with your friends. And it includes everything you need to make the most delicious s’mores!

This is definitely the most creative college care package idea I’ve seen.

18. Orange Themed Box

college care package ideas for boyfriend
@sasmtascp on Pinterest

Recreate this care package idea:

We’ve seen yellow and blue, why not orange too? You literally can make a care package out of any theme and color you can think of, so I definitely recommend choosing their favorite color.

Choosing colors like orange and blue is easier because there are so many products with packaging that has those colors, but you can get creative!

19. Cheesy Care Package


Recreate this care package:

Don’t be sorry, it’s okay to be cheesy! Even more, if that means putting together a box filled with cheese products.

But don’t forget to add a little note for the college student, it’s always the best part of all the college care packages.

20. Movie Night Box


Recreate this care package:

Movie nights are the BEST thing in the world. I loved creating Hollywood-themed movie nights with my roommates when I was in college. And honestly, the whole process of decorating everything and making treats was actually better than watching the movie.

I’m sure a movie night box will make any college student happy, and the best part is they can share it with their friends.

21. School Stationery Box

@thenextsemester on Instagram

Recreate this college care package idea:

fun college care package ideas

This care package is perfect for college freshmen! It includes cute stationery as well as a tumbler and a candle. Honestly, the main things every student will need to survive college.

22. Spooky Halloween Care Package

@wintercandyapplebitch on Instagram

Recreate this care package:

college care packages for girls

When it comes to themed care packages, there is nothing better than spooky Halloween boxes. You can include a good horror book, a movie, or even a charcoal face mask. Just make sure there’s a lot of black!

This is the best spooky college care package option from Etsy.

This post was all about college care package ideas!

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