What To Wear On College Visits | 13 Trendy College Outfit Ideas

Wondering what to wear on college visits? Here are 15 trendy college outfits that are cute and stylish!

what to wear on college visits

While a college tour is not the same as a college interview, you should pick an outfit you feel comfortable in, but that’s also a bit classy.

College tours are the best way to experience what your college life will be like. In most cases, you can dress casually, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress appropriately. There are other scenarios like guided college tours, where you’ll have to work a bit more on your outfit.

If you’re not sure about what to wear on college visits, here are 15 trendy outfit ideas that are perfect to wear around campus.

What To Wear On College Visits: 13 Outfit Ideas

1. Backless Tops

what to wear for college interview
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Recreate this college outfit:

college outfit

Yes, college outfits can be trendy and appropriate at the same time. Colleges don’t have a dress code like most high schools, so there’s more room to experiment with your outfits and wear what you really want to.

But remember this is just a college visit, so technically you’re not in college yet. You don’t have to be super formal, but still cause a good impression. That’s why I think backless tops are the perfect type of tops.

They cover the right amount of skin but are still trendy and cute.

2. Dresses Over Turtlenecks

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Recreate this college outfit:

Dresses are perfect for any occasion because they’re easy to wear, and you don’t have to think about matching tops and bottoms. You can wear them with boots, sandals, or even sneakers if you want to be comfortable.

If you’re planning to wear a dress but it’s a bit too chilly or you want to spice up your outfit, try wearing a turtleneck underneath. It makes the dress pop up and the whole outfit looks more put together.

3. Denim and Sweatshirts

what to wear on a college visit
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Recreate this college outfit:

college outfit ideas

If you’re going on a college tour, it means you will be walking around campus all day. So if you’re wondering what to wear on a college visit that includes a tour, the answer is something comfortable.

Is there anything more comfortable than denim and a sweatshirt? If it’s still too hot to wear jeans and a long sleeve top, you can switch that for a pair of shorts and a t-shirt you feel comfortable in.

4. Classy and Feminine

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Recreate this college outfit:

If you’re a big fan of blouses and flowy skirts, you already know what to wear on college visits. A nice shirt combined with a cute skirt can be the perfect option if you’re looking for something more girly and feminine.

If you think your outfit looks too put together, you can wear a pair of sneakers to dress it down.

5. A Cute Skirt and Crop Top

college outfit
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Recreate this college outfit:

Any outfit that includes a skirt and a crop top is stylish and comfortable, that’s why this college outfit idea is perfect for you if you’re looking for something that’s cute without being «too much».

Plus, this outfit changes a lot depending on the type of shoes you wear. If you want a more casual look, sneakers will be perfect. If you want something more formal, you can go for high heel sandals.

6. Corduroy Jackets

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Recreate this outfit:

what to wear at college

I feel like corduroy jackets are such a classic trend for Fall and Winter that can never go out of style. Out outfits tend to be more basic and neutral-colored during the cold months, so adding a jacket like this is the perfect way to make your look more interesting.

7. Corset Tops

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Recreate this look:

Corsets are a HUGE trend right now. I’ve literally seen them everywhere, including college. I love corset tops because they are way more stylish than regular crop tops and instantly dress up any outfit.

You can pair them with high waisted jeans or shorts, or even a skirt.

8. Plaid Knitted Cardigan

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Recreate this look:

The plaid pattern is such a 90s basic, and lately, I’ve seen it on so much clothing. From vests to sweaters to cardigans. It reminds me a lot of the movie Clueless, and maybe that’s why I love it so much, but also because it’s super cute when combined with a dark skirt.

9. Puff Sleeve Shirts

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Recreate this college outfit:

Am I the only one who is obsessed with puffy-sleeved tops? If someone asked me what to wear on college visits right now, I would tell them to get a puff sleeve shirt right away.

They have been super popular in the last year and it seems they’re here to stay. Puffy sleeves make every shirt instantly cuter, so it’s no surprise college girls love them!

10. Plaid Skirts and Docs

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Recreate this college look:

Is there a more iconic pair of boots than the Dr. Martens boots? You can literally wear them with anything and they will instantly make your outfit ten times better.

The 90s vibes from this outfit are EVERYTHING. This is a cute outfit that I’d definitely wear at a college visit. I would wear a bra under the top to avoid any uncomfortable boobie-related situation.

11. Satin Scarves

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Copy this college look:

college outfit
college outfits

A satin hair scarf is the cherry on top to every outfit. Not only satin scarves are the best accessory to dress up your outfit, but they will also keep your hair up and out of your space, which is especially helpful during Summer.

12. Black & White

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Copy this college outfit:

college outfits for girls
college outfit for girls
first day of college outfit

This college outfit idea is for the girls who are tired of the same old basic outfits and want to try something different. Cow print pants are super popular, and they also make the best black & white looks.

Trying new trends and outfit options can be the best way to discover new aspects of your personal style you didn’t know existed! And you probably won’t know anyone at the college visit, so why not get more experimental?

13. Neutral Colors

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Copy this outfit idea:

what to wear for college interview

If you’re more of a minimalistic type of girl and want to keep things simple, this outfit idea is perfect for you. Keep it clean and simple with a neutral crop top and a pair of classic denim jeans. It’s comfortable and cute, which is perfect for a college visit.

Whatever you decide to wear, what to wear on college visits should always be something you like and feel comfortable in.

Whether it’s more formal or casual, make sure it’s an outfit that makes you feel stylish and boosts your self-confidence. In the end, that’s the best accessory any college student should have!

This post was all about what to wear on college visits!

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