The Ultimate Dorm Bedding Essentials You’ll Need This Year

Looking for the best dorm bedding that matches your style? This post is all about dorm bedding ideas for every type of girl!

dorm bedding

Choosing your dorm bedding is such an important decision! Your bed is the biggest component of your dorm room, that’s why dorm bedding plays a big part in defining your college dorm’s style.

There are so many styles and options you can go with when it comes to dorm bedding since there’s a huge variety of color schemes, textures, and prices. It can even get a bit overwhelming!

So I have created the complete dorm bedding guide for every type of girl. I show you the bedding essentials that saved my life in college and the best dorm bedding sets for every style!

All-Time Dorm Bedding Essentials

1. Mattress Topper

A mattress topper is my top 1 must-have essential in a dorm room. College dorm mattresses are old and nasty, and you don’t even know who has been there, that’s why a mattress topper is the best thing in the world.

They are way cheaper than a new mattress and way more comfortable than the mattress in your dorm. I always recommend going for a memory foam mattress topper.

2. Mattress Cover

Another thing you will need is a waterproof mattress cover. You can get this one for less than $25 and it will avoid any damage or stains on your mattress.

3. Memory Foam Bed Pillow

Getting good quality sleep is always important, but especially when you are in college it should be one of your biggest concerns. Having a pillow that works for you and allows you to get a good rest is key, so a memory foam pillow is a must-have for every college student.

Boho Dorm Bedding

dorm bedding boho

Boho dorms are super popular in college. A lot of girls decorate their dorms with a boho style because it’s trendy and easy to recreate.

There are so many boho-inspired decor trends that you can’t go wrong with it. Whether you want something more simple or more rustic, here’s the best boho dorm bedding you should see.

1. Linen Bedsheets

Linen bedsheets are super comfortable and great quality. I love the natural color of this material because it’s not 100% white which makes it perfect for a boho bedding set.

2. Boho Duvet Cover

dorm bedding xl twin

I love boho dorm bedding because it’s a mix of patterns, colors and textures. That means you can get as creative as you wish and include so many different items!

Your duvet should be colorful and fun. I know it can seem like a lot, but the best part about boho dorms is that they are vibrant and rich in color.

3. Throw Pillows & Blankets

dorm bedding twin xl

Tufted pillows and blankets are the way to go. If you have a colorful duvet cover, I’d go for more neutral pillows with some texture, and vice versa. Always remember to go for warm tones that will create this cozy aesthetic.

4. Wood Headboard

dorm bedding sets

A wood headboard will give your boho dorm an extra rustic touch. The woody texture is perfect to make your space cozy and warm. This will definitely make you feel at home!

5. Boho Rug

dorm bedding twin xl sets

You can’t have a boho dorm room without a rug. This rug has the most gorgeous oriental print and will look incredibly good next to your bed.

The best part about boho bedding is you don’t have to worry about everything matching perfectly, because somehow all the decor coordinates without even trying.

Minimalist Dorm Bedding

dorm bedding & blankets

If you want something simple and practical, you should go for a minimalistic dorm room. White and neutral-colored dorm bedding will make your dorm look clean and bright.

1. White Bedsheets

A minimalist dorm style is easy to accomplish since most of the bedding items you need are basics. A white bed sheet set is a must-have and you can easily get one from Amazon.

2. Minimalist Duvet Set

college dorm bedding

A plain white duvet will make your dorm bedding super versatile. It will allow you to play with different throw pillows and patterned throw blankets.

3. Checkerboard Throw Pillows

dorm bedding at target

These checkerboard pillows are great to add more texture and depth to your bedding. They are the ultimate accessory that will complement any bedding set.

Checkered patterns are also super trendy right now!

4. White Headboard

dormify bedding

A white headboard will instantly make your dorm room look more put together. It’s the cherry on top of any minimalist dorm. It’s also nice to have something between your head and the cold wall in your dorm.

5. Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are the ultimate dorm bedding essential. Adding a variety of layers with different textures to your bed will make it more put together.

Pastel Dorm Bedding

dorm bedding twin xl

Pastel bedding has been all over Pinterest lately. This new trend is inspired by Scandinavian design, and it’s a mix of minimal and pastel colors, with a touch of 70s decor.

1. Lavender Sheet Set

Lavender is super trendy right now, so if you’re wondering what sheet set to get, this is the one.

To recreate a pastel dorm bedding all you need to do is stick to light colors and white tones.

2. Pastel Pink Duvet

dorm bedding sets twin xl

When creating a pastel-themed bedding set, I highly recommend you go for a plain duvet instead of a patterned one. This way you can get more creative with throw pillows, blankets, and rugs and still not oversaturate your bedding with too many colors and textures.

Pastel decor is all about keeping it colorful but simple.

3. Throw Pillows

dorm room bedding

My favorite part about pastel dorm bedding are throw pillows, because you can get the most colorful and fun ones, and play with a huge variety of patterns and textures.

I especially love this rainbow throw pillow from Urban Outfitters, it’s the perfect accessory that will make your bed pop!

4. Tufted Rug

This tufted rug gives me major Urban Outfitters vibes, but it’s actually from Amazon. This is fun and artsy, and perfect for you if you’re looking for something unique and different.

5. 70s Inspired Desk Lamp

dorm room bedding ideas

The 70s have a huge influence on this style, so anything that gives your dorm an extra groovy vibe is welcome. This glass lamp is perfect to keep near your bed and the warm light will look amazing with all the pastel colors.

This is the extra touch you need to create a cozy space in your dorm!

Cottagecore Dorm Bedding

dorm bedding grey

If you’re more of a romantic girl with a passion for florals and dreamy houses in the middle of the countryside, a cottagecore dorm is perfect for you.

These feminine, classy, and vintage dorm essentials will make you feel like you’re living your own fairytale.

1. Floral Duvet Set

dorm bedding ideas

A floral pattern is perfect for any feminine dorm, but especially for anything cottagecore. Because cottagecore style is all about nature with a classy touch.

2. Organic Cotton Cream Bedsheets

Warm and soft tones are essential when it comes to creating a cottagecore dorm. You want to choose pastel colors over saturated ones, that’s why cream colored bedsheets are better than plain white ones.

These bedsheets are made from organic cotton which is even better!

3. Open-Frame Headboard

dorm bedding sets

An open-frame headboard will give your room the vintage vibe every cottagecore bedroom needs to have. You don’t want it to look too tacky, so a white headboard is a perfect accessory.

4. Round Tufted Throw Pillows

No matter what your style is, playing with textures and shapes is always a yes. These velvet tufted pillows are incredibly cute and have the medieval vibe we’re looking for.

5. Butterfly Woven Throw Blanket

dorm bedding color schemes

A woven throw blanket is already great, but if it has butterflies on it, it instantly turns into the most cottagecore throw blanket ever.

This blanket from Urban Outfitters is unique and will make you feel like a fairy in a Disney tale.

6. Vintage Floral Tapestry

Anything that makes you feel like you’re in a cute cabin in the woods everytime you enter your bedroom is a great cottagecore piece.

Anything you put on your walls should also match with your dorm bedding and blend in with the rest of the decor, that’s why you should never underestimate a good floral tapestry. It’s the perfect vintage touch to create a unique cottagecore dorm room.

This post was all about dorm bedding essentials!

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