20 Most Unique Gifts For A Girl In College

Looking for unique gifts for a girl in college? Here are 20 insanely cute gifts every college girl will obsess over (recommended by a college graduate!)

gifts for a girl in college

Finding the perfect gift for a college girl isn’t easy. You need to get her something that is cute and trendy, but that she will also love and use.

Coming from a recent college grad, I know how picky college girls can be, and I also know what’s popular in college that will make the perfect gift for your college girl.

From going away to college gifts, to care packages to personalized gifts, here are the 20 most unique gifts for a girl in college!


1. College Care Package

college girl christmas gifts

Get this gift idea:

college girl gifts ideas

College care packages are filled with goodies to make the college girl feel special and loved. If you’re not sure about choosing only one gift, this is the best option for you.

There are so many college care package options on Etsy, but this shop is my favorite because they fill the boxes with a lot of stuff that’s cute and useful at the same time.

2. Money Pizza

college girl gifts 2021

Recreate this gift idea:

There is something that all college students need: money.

College tuition, dorm rent, food… being a college student is expensive, this is why this pizza dough made of money is one of the best gifts for a girl in college.

3. Polaroid Camera

college girl gifts

Moving to college implies a lot of new experiences and new people. Now that she’s in college, she’ll want to capture every memorable moment.

A Polaroid Instax Mini will allow her to take photos of everything and get an instant physical picture to keep forever.

4. Fjallraven Classic Backpack

gifts for college girl birthday

A backpack is a really great gift for a college girl because you know she will use it.

Fjallraven backpacks are super popular in college right now and at least three girls in my class had this one. They are cute and practical, and they fit your iPad and laptop perfectly.

5. Hug In a Box

best college girl gifts

This «hug in a box» basket is the perfect relaxation kit every girl needs to unwind and relax after a long day at college.

College girls are stressed out most of the time so having one of these boxes will definitely help. They include everything from face masks to chocolate bars and tea bags. The best part is you can personalize it and add things you know your college girl will love!

6. Amazon Kindle

Since college dorms are small, buying a physical version of every book you want to read is not the most convenient idea.

An Amazon Kindle is the best gift for the college girl who loves reading because you can have hundreds of books in a small tablet that takes no space and can be carried in your backpack.

7. Aromatherapy Candles

trending college girl gifts

This set of aromatherapy candles is the best remedy for when you’re feeling bad or anxious, which sadly happens a lot when you’re a college student.

Each candle has a different purpose like tranquility, motivation, or happiness so you can them up depending on what your needs are at that specific moment. These candles will help your college girl stay focused and motivated during exam periods.

8. Apple Watch

Staying organized is super important in college, that’s why an Apple Watch is one of the best gifts for a girl in college.

It will allow her to track her steps and make sure she stays active, access her daily schedule, and even listen to music if she’s feeling stressed.

9. Cute Planters

gifts for college girl

If your college girl is a plant lover, you can never go wrong with a set of cute planters.

She can use them to decorate her dorm room and add a bit of color to it! These little planters will remind her of your relationship and make her feel more «at home».

10. Portable Record Player

gifts for college girls

A record player is the best gift for a college girl that loves vintage goodies. Record players are more popular than ever and there’s a huge nostalgia for everything from the 70s and 80s.

I love this record player from Urban Outfitters because it’s portable and easy to transport, so she can easily bring it to her college dorm room.

Personalized Gifts For A Girl In College

11. Gold Name Necklace

christmas gifts for college girl

I personally think the most memorable gifts are those that were made expressly for you. Personalized goodies are the best gifts for college girls because they will make them feel special and loved.

This name necklace is delicate and subtle which is why it makes the best jewelry piece, and you can totally customize it with the name of the college girl.

12. Personalized Planner

2022 gifts for college girl

Every college student needs to stay organized 24/7 because they always have so many things going on in their lives: exams, essays, presentations, etc. That’s why a planner is essential for every college girl.

I love this one from Etsy because you can personalize it however you want. You can obviously choose the name on the cover, but also the layout and the color.

13. Custom Spotify Plaque

best gift for a college girl

Spotify plaques have become more and more popular during the last year and they are one of the coolest college girl gifts.

All you need to do is create a playlist on Spotify or choose your girl’s favorite song, and then they create a beautiful glass plaque with a custom photo and a unique code. You can scan this code on your phone and it will take you directly to your playlist or chosen song!

14. Initials Matching Necklaces

best gift for college girl

You can never go wrong with a jewelry piece. These necklaces are customizable with your college girl’s initials and your favorite color: silver, gold, or rose gold.

My biggest recommendation is you get matching necklaces so it is extra special for both of you. For example, you can wear her initials, and she can wear yours. This way you will always be connected, even if you’re miles away from each other.

15. Custom Portrait Illustration

gifts for a girl going to college

If you’re looking for something truly unique that no one else in the entire world will have, this custom portrait illustration is perfect for you.

This artist on Etsy will turn your favorite photo into a cute illustration she can hang on her wall or put on her nightstand. This is definitely one of the best gifts for a girl in college.

16. Monogrammed Journal

gifts for a college student

As your girl enters the college world, she will live so many new experiences she may want to remember when she grows up. The best way to do it is with a journal. It helps you to reflect on your life and stay present

These monogrammed journals from Etsy can have your girl’s initials engraved which is even more unique and special.

17. Personalized Makeup Bag

gifts for freshman girl in college

Every girl who goes to college NEEDS a makeup bag. Since she will probably be sharing her dorm with another girl, this personalized bag will help her keep all her products in one place and avoid any confusion with her roommate’s stuff.

This is one of my most recommended products for college girls and will make the best gifts for a girl in college.

18. Coffee Mug

gifts for college students

What’s better than a personalized coffee mug to have your freshly poured cup of coffee every morning? A lot of college students have coffee machines in their dorms, hence why this is a great gift idea for students (they also tend to drink a LOT of coffee).

This cute rose gold cup with an engraved initial is the best gift for a college girl who loves coffee.

19. Customized Jewelry Case

best gifts for college students 2021

If you’re looking for gifts for a girl going to college, you should really consider getting her a customized jewelry case.

Not only is it the best way to transport all your jewelry and avoid any tangling, but it’s also the cutest personalized accessory with your name on it.

20. Vegan Leather Card Holder

going away to college gifts

A cardholder is always useful. It’s the best way to keep all your cards in the same place and make sure you don’t lose them.

College girls need to carry a ton of cards like their uni ID, driving license, personal ID, and so on. That’s why a cardholder is the best way to have them at hand and keep them safe in their backpack or bag.

Definitely one of the most purposeful gifts for a girl in college!

This post was all about the best gifts for a girl in college

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